Wart Remover: Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Warts

Wart Remover

Warts are uneven lumps that appear on the human skin and also resemble the color of the skin. They are known to appear on the human hands and feet. A wart’s look varies with its eruption on the different parts of the body and also the thickness of the human skin. They are a kind of skin infection that is typically caused by the HPV virus and is known to affect different areas of the body. They are generally painless. However, the ones appearing on the feet are exceptions to this fact. So today we’ll be learning about how to get rid of warts, wart remover, types of warts, and treatments and home remedies for wart remover

Warts are viruses living in the human skin. The blood vessels feed them and hence, the virus is kept alive. This is the reason behind the processes of wart remover being painful. They are attached to the capillaries and thus, embedded in the human skin. They spread when non-infected areas of skin come into contact with the infected area. If they come in contact with the damaged skin of a person, they will now be affected by this virus. Therefore, people must remain alert about this.


The Most Common Types of Warts

There are five main types of warts. Each of them appears on different body parts and have different appearances. They are as follows:


  • Common warts

They generally grow on the toes and fingers but are also known to appear in other places. They are grayer when compared to the surrounding skin.


Wart Remover


  • Plantar Wart

These kinds of warts grow on the feet’s sole. Different than the rest, they grow into the skin and not out of the skin.


wart remover


  • Flat Warts

They usually grow on the thighs, face or the arms. They are very small.


wart remover


  • Filiform Warts

They grow around the nose or the mouth region and sometimes on the neck or under the chin. They have the shape similar to small flap.


wart remover


  • Periungual Warts

They grow under as well as around the fingernails and toenails. They can affect the growth of the nail and are also painful.


wart remover


Some Common Wart Remover Methods

Warts are mostly seen to appear in kids. There are different kinds of warts, and they include common warts, filiform warts, flat warts, plantar warts and genital warts. They often get cleared up on their own. However, there are numerous wart remover treatments and wart removal creams available to get rid of them efficiently and in a quick span of time.

Most warts go away without the need for any such wart remover treatment. However, it may take a more extended period, say two years maximum. Many people decide to treat their wart under medical professionals because they cannot or do not know how to handle them by themselves at home. Doctors might prescribe one of the many wart remover methods based on the location of the problem, its symptoms, and the patients’ preferences.


wart remover


Such Wart remover approaches are often combined with home methods, for example, the usage of salicylic acid. Their goals are the destruction of the wart stimulation of an immune system response for fighting the virus. The procedures to Wart remover may involve a time span of weeks or even months. Let’s have a look at the methods available!


  • Salicylic acid

They are a very effective peeling medicine. The prescription medications for wart when used with salicylic acid usually work by getting rid of the various wart layers slowly with time. Multiple studies have shown that salicylic acid is most effective when it is combined with freezing. Therefore, it is one of the best prescribed and applied methods by health professionals to wart remover.


wart remover

treatment wart on a finger by salicylic acid.


  • Cryotherapy

It is also known by the name of freezing therapy. This kind of method is mostly done under the supervision of a doctor or a medical professional in their office. This process requires applying liquid nitrogen to the Wart. Cryotherapy causes the formation of a blister under as well as around the wart area. After that, the dead tissue tends to slough off normally within one week.

This particular method can also cause the immune system of the affected area to fight back against viral warts and then eventually get rid of warts. There may also be the need for repeated treatments. However, there are certain side effects of this wart removal method. They include blistering, pain as well as discolored skin in the area treated.


wart remover

portrait of a happy young woman in a whole body cryotherapy cabin with her eyes closed. Cryosauna chamber for an overall increase in muscular performance.


  • Other acids

In case the process of freezing or salicylic acid does not deliver positive and productive results, the doctors treating the affected person may try other kinds of acids. Some of the most popular ones include trichloroacetic acid or chloroacetic

Under this method, the doctor will first shave the wart’s surface and later apply acid with the help of a wooden toothpick. This process requires repeated treatments weekly or more. There are, however, different kinds of side effects involved in this method. They involve stinging and burning.


wart remover


  • Laser treatment

This is a pulsed-dye laser treatment that cauterizes or burns the tiny blood vessels. The tissue infected will eventually die and cause the wart to fall off. There are, however, fewer pieces of evidence stating the effectiveness of this specific process. It is also known to cause scarring and pain.


wart remover


Treatment of Warts at Home

Nowadays, people are seen to treat their problems of warts and remove warts at home, e.g., by a wart removal cream rather than seeking professional or expert help. The most prominent reason behind this is that there is no exception in both the places. Home treatments are also known to produce effective results, however, at a lesser expense than the prescribed medical ones.

Warts often embarrass you and lead you to get irritated and annoyed frequently. They usually go away on their own, but take a long time in doing so. So, many people, fed up with the embarrassment they face, decide to go for convenient wart removal processes but in a less expensive way like by using a wart removal cream.


wart remover


Before going for the treatments to remove warts at home, one must consider the reason behind their specific preference. There are various benefits to treating the problem of warts at home rather than seeking professional guidance. So, one must consider all their options first and decide for themselves whether they are willing to go on for the home-based remedies rather than the expensive professional ones. The various kinds of home remedies available are given below:


  • Vitamins therapy

There are many people who find it useful to utilize Vitamin A capsules for their home treatment of wart methods. Firstly, one needs to open the capsule and then apply it directly to the area affected by warts. Getting rid of warts usually involves a time span of 4 – 5 months.

However, one needs to take a critical note regarding the use of vitamin A capsule for their home treatment of warts. They need to use it externally and not take it orally. The reason behind this is the toxicity of the high dosage of Vitamin A.


wart remover


It is often seen that Vitamin C is also applied to remove a wart at home. The contents present in the capsule, after mixing with water, can be applied directly to the area affected. But, the person needs to avoid applying it to the healthier surrounding skin to prevent skin irritations.


  • Garlic application

The presence of anti-viral properties in Garlic leads to its fame as a suitable usage in the home treatment of warts and its removal. The process involves slicing a garlic clove followed by rubbing it on warts and then covering the area affected with waterproof

Then, it needs to be left alone for the night. The next morning, the affected area needs to be washed. This treatment needs to be repeated till warts fall out. However, garlic can lead to skin irritation. So, one must remember to apply it just to warts.


wart remover


  • Duct tape therapy

This type of material is not only useful for the purpose of packaging but can also be utilized for the treatment of warts. This process is made to work out by putting it on warts and leaving it there for nearly a week.

Then, the affected area needs to be soaked in water after the ducts are removed, and then pumice stone is used to rub it. This method is less painful and usually takes about one to two months to get rid of warts permanently.

This treatment requires the use of pumice stone. So, people must remember that they keep them away from the reach of other body parts and not allow anybody to touch or use them.


wart remover


Home remedies often take a longer time. But people who prefer a safer, less painful and economical home treatment for their warts’ problem should go for these methods. Home treatment methods for resolving the issue of warts have often seen to be successful and are continually used by many people throughout the globe.

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