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Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Should we remove forehead wrinkles with massage? Formation of wrinkles on any part of the face is not limited to any age-bracket or life style. Every individual who gets in contact with the sun is exposed to the danger of getting premature aging before actual age.

What’s the Solution?

As the world of cosmetics is loaded with jumble-words like Botox, fillers, and surgeries, therefore, many people believe that the only way of getting rid of forehead wrinkles is to opt for the mentioned treatments.

However, not every solution comes in the form of expensive labeled bottles.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


Ways of Removing Forehead Wrinkles

Wrinkles are formed due to the absence of collagen (elastic material) in our facial tissues, which further creates the tension and make the skin appear excessively drier.

When our skin gets drier then, it becomes more sensitive to the sun.

There a number of ways through which collagen can be regenerated, however, all those methods are slightly invasive in nature and might impact the overall well-being of the skin.

However, skin massage is the only way through which you can naturally get rid of the forehead wrinkles and reduce the chances of developing them again in the near future.


How Facial Massage Help in Removing Wrinkles?


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


Forehead Massage aims to strengthen the targeted facial tissues by increasing the blood circulation in the veins. Additionally, the massaging moisturizer helps in the rebirth of collagen, which helps in developing the strong shield against the harsh rays containing activities such as sun bathing, sports and excessive sun walks.

A number of techniques are used to execute the mechanism of facial massage, which we will be discussing below.


How to massage away Forehead Wrinkles?

For performing the good massage you will be needing the following things:

  • Olive Oil
  • Or Aloe Vera
  • Moisturizer or any cream for scrubbing
  • Towel or any soft cloth for cleaning


Before Massage:

  • Properly wash your face with soft cleanser or face wash. This step will help in removing dirt and makeup from the skin.
  • Sanitize your hands in order to avoid chances of infection or opening of hand pores.
  • Take two washcloths and heat them in the microwave for 60 seconds.


Forehead Preparation:

  • Take two tablespoons of olive oil (microwaved for 30 seconds) and rub the mixture on your forehead wrinkles.
  • Optional: Add 1 tablespoon of Aloe vera jell in the oil olive mixture.
  • Continue rubbing for at least 3-5 minutes for best results.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


Application of mild hot olive oil on the forehead will facilitate the opening of closed pores and tempering of stubborn wrinkle lines on the forehead.


Replacement of Olive Oil

If you are not comfortable with using olive oil then, take a mild moisturizer and apply it by following massaging guidelines. Moisturizer will help in exfoliating the skin and aims to protect the area against the potential drying out.

  • Now take the warm wash clothes and let it rest on the forehead for at least 3-5 minutes.

The preparation steps will not only help in preparing the forehead for further massage however, they aim to keep the skin exfoliate in the most natural manner thus reducing the chances of any sort of sensitivity after the treatment.


Forehead Massage Steps

There a number of ways through which you can easily relax your forehead muscles and remove the wrinkles. However, the selection of method is dependent upon your skin type, moisturizing technique and how scalp is being moved.


1. Traditional or Circulating Massage

As the name suggests, circulating massage is the one in which index, middle and ring fingers are used to regulate the circulation of blood in the forehead.

Note: If you have acne problem them, avoid using any oily ingredient during the massage. The usage might lead to excessive breakouts after treatment.

  • Follow the ‘forehead preparation’ guidelines before starting the massage.
  • Join two index finger and ring fingers, dip them in oil mixture and place on your forehead.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


  • After placement, put gentle pressure on the forehead through hands.
  • Now start rotating the fingers in circulation. Cover the middle area of the forehead by performing the same step for at least 5-7 minutes or till oil dries out.
  • Now place your index fingers on the sides of your forehead and again perform the circulation step for another 7 minutes.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


  • Once you have covered the sides, now place fingers at the galea area (distance between eyebrows and forehead) and perform circulation for 5 minutes.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


The above steps will help in relaxing the muscles and transferring the moisturizer to the skin layers for the regeneration of collagen.

  • Lastly, wrap the massage by dabbing entire forehead with gentle pressure for best results.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


Note: If you have pre-mature (slightly visible) wrinkles on your forehead then, massage the wrinkle area for more than 7 minutes. Additionally, it is recommended to repeat the massage daily for effective results.


Ideal Massage Time:

There is no time restriction for performing the massage. However, it is recommended to do it before going to bed for enhanced relaxation.


2. Thumb Massage

Thumb massage is another way of increasing the blood circulation and relaxing the forehead by using the moisturizer.

This technique is basically used to put adequate pressure on the massaging points in order to relax the muscles and remove the appearance of wrinkle lines on the forehead.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


  • Apply olive oil mixture on the forehead and place your thumbs on wrinkle lines.
  • Now apply gentle pressure to the area.
  • Start circulating the thumbs around the forehead. This step will help in stretching the weak muscles so that they can start their mechanism.
  • Repeat the above step for at least 10-12 minutes or till moisturizer has completed dried out.
  • Now place your thumbs or fingers on the pressure points and press them gently for relaxing the muscles.
  • After pressing, start rotating the thumbs in the opposite direction. Repeat this step for at least 5-10 minutes daily for effective results.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Gentle Pressing of pressure points


All the above-stated massaging methods can be executed without investing a single penny though, you might have to repeat the steps a number of times in a month, however, the effectiveness of the treatment is free from potential doubts.

Furthermore, the same massaging steps can easily be executed by using the technology called as massaging machine.


3. Forehead Massage by Massaging Machine

The working of forehead massage is similar to the manual massage however, it aims to work on the basis of the built-in machine for relaxing the muscles and regenerating the missing collagen.


Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage

Remove Forehead Wrinkles with Massage


This treatment is basically used by professionals in order to strengthen the targeted tissues so that they may become less sensitive to the sun and its adjacent factors.

  • For application purposes, a medicated jell (pre-treatment cream) is applied on the forehead.
  • It is recommended to apply toner on the forehead with cotton balls for best results.
  • After preparation steps, start the massaging machine (Galvanic) and circulate/rotate the machine head on wrinkles without putting any pressure.
  • Perform the massage for at least 10 minutes daily for effective removal of wrinkles from the forehead.

The skin massager, if properly used, can surely help in reducing the forehead wrinkles, smoothening the skin layers and lifting the integral face units, however, the efficiency of this treatment is dependent on the ability of the user to operate the machine.

If you know the exact wrinkle places and the amount of time needed to treat them then, this machine can be used for generating good results. However, lack of information might lead to disappointment.

So which method are you planning to go for? Or do you have any other option? Let us know by leaving your comment below.



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