Best Receding Hairline Haircuts for Men 2019 – The Complete Guide

Best Receding Hairline Haircuts for Men

Hair loss is surely a nightmare for both the genders. However, men start to witnesses the signs of balding such as thinning of hairline, and hair fall earlier than women. If you are worried about your looks and planning to go for haircut change then, this guide would help you in deciding on the latest yet trendiest receding hairline haircuts.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


Men with receding hairline haircuts usually give priority to the pricey hair treatments and so-called result oriented pills or procedures, which consists of the questionably adverse side effects. However, we often tend to forget the fact that there are several other options, which could help in treating you bad receding hairline with 0% probability of side effects.

Learn the different Receding Hairline Stages


Best Receding Hairline Haircuts for Men

Most of the men would be surprised to learn that it is better to go short rather than carrying the messy and all-alone hair strand on your head. Shorter hair not only adds up to your personality, but they also allow you to appear neater and charming than ever before. We won’t suggest you to entirely cut off your beloved hair, however, the best receding hairline haircuts suits well on those who have shorter cuts.

Short hairstyles provide a valid support for every hair type. From thin curly hairs to dead straight hair course, it is relatively easy to manage the receding hairline with shorter cuts.



Receding Hairline HaircutsReceding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Short Back and Side Classic Hairstyle

Short back and side hairstyle is the unique yet classical hairstyle which suits every man. From round face shape to, oblong curves, this receding hairline haircut is capable of boosting your entire personality. This classic hairstyle is adopted by keeping the back hair trimmed and the front part is combed over in order to cover the receding hairline.

Usually, men with thick hair structure (especially front think) tend to opt for this hairstyle. People with thin hair structure can also opt for this receding hairline hairstyle however, they might not be able to achieve the hair deepness from the front.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Widow’s Peak Receding Hairline Haircuts

Widow’s peak is the natural hair shape which consists of the ‘V’. If you have ‘V’ shape hairline then, you might start witnessing the receding of hairline earlier than other people. For hiding the receded hairline, you can either go for longer hair at the front or trim from the sides. If you are going for the widow’s peak haircut, it is better to shave the hair sides and without combing over the front hairs.

Widow’s peak is preferred by people with thin and thick hairline because you don’t need to grow a lot of hair for hiding the receded hairline. Moreover, if your hair peak is denser from one side and light from another then, you should go for part receding hairline. Widow’s peak receding hairline haircut usually sits well on every man, however, before opting for the haircut, ask your hairdresser about the style which would suit your face more.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Tapered Haircuts

People with thin hair usually struggle to find the appropriate haircut for their face. If you have thin hair and also suffering from the receding hairline then, you might need to consider the tapered haircut complimented with long fringe. This haircut helps in hiding the receding hairline from the front and trimming the sides without making the baldness visible.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Under Cut Receding Hairline Haircuts

The streamlined undercut receding hairline hairstyle looks similar to the classical look but you might need the razor trimming for achieving the perfect sides. Undercut hairstyle is the ideal options for those men who have light sides and heavy front. The deepness in the front will help in diverting the attention of viewer from the sides thus working as an amazing source for hiding the receding hairline for upper ears.

If you have oval or diamond shaped face structure then, this receding hairline haircut should be your first priority.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Faux Hawk Hair Cut

If you are suffering from the bald patches and the receding hairline. Then, Faux Hawk haircut is the ultimate solution to your problem. Faux Hawk is achieved by giving more importance to the frontal hair and trimming down the upper ear area. This look not only provides the coverage for the receding hairline. However, it also aims to cover the big forehead and divert the attention from the receding hairline in the most natural manner.

Before going for haircut don’t forget to determine the intensity of deepness which is needed for the front hair zone.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Long Bobs for Men

We believe that short hair is better but if it is hard for you to let go of your favorite long hairstyle then. You might need to consider the option of long bobs for receding hairline. The long bob is the perfect deal for people with thick hair texture. This hairstyle can be achieved by growing your hair longer than normal and then cutting them in layers form for the front part.

The layering can be done perfectly after analyzing the face shape and determining the receding part of the hairline.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Comb Over Receding HairLine Haircuts

The Comb Over receding hairline haircut is an ideal option for those who want to give artificial weight to their front hair. Yet the comb-over style is very popular amongst those people who have dense hair structure and naturally contoured face.

Even if your hair structure is not thick. You can achieve this look by shaping the hairline from the lowest point and trimming the sides. Additionally, you can easily comb over your hair by cutting them in the long fringe shape.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Buzz Haircut with Beard

If you are a beard lover and also planning to hide your receding hairline then. You should consider a buzz haircut in which the combination of hair and bread is made for achieving the perfect look.

For achieving this look, you need to grow your bread big and trim off your hair to the lowest point. This hairstyle is also called as the attention diverter. Because it allows the people to pay attention to your beard rather than your receding hairline.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1. Side Part Comb Haircut

Side part comb is unique and trendiest receding hairline haircut which can easily be achieved without losing too much hair. For this look, the middle hairline is identified by parting the hair from one side. Once the hair is sided. Remaining party is trimmed and dense part is chopped into fringe for providing long-lasting coverage to the receding hairline.

Whether you have round face orientation or the diamond. The right parting of hair can easily help you in getting the perfect look without undergoing the shaving process


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  1.  Short Pompadour receding hairline haircuts

Short Pompadour haircut is preferred by those who are facing hair fall from the sides rather than the front. For achieving this receding hairline haircut. You need to form ‘V’ shape from the forehead and trim off the sides giving more density to the front hair.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


Bottom Line:

Many people believe that a receding hairline is uncontrollable because its formation is backed by natural factors. However, the research indicates that receding hairline could easily be controlled by avoiding the following things.



How to Avoid Receding Hairline?

Most of the men start observing receding hairline during the late 20’s and this sort of receding is usually associated with the bald pattern. Which is common amongst the men. If you are not suffering from the bald pattern. You need to add and eliminate a few things from your routine to maintain the youthful look of your hair.


  • Try to Manage Stress- Add a workout to your Routine

Stress plays a very important role in defining the working mechanism of your body. The major research indicates that the people suffering from extreme stress, lack of balanced lifestyle and each habit tend to get attacked by the hair fall and other skin problems at a higher rather than those people who have a healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in reducing the chances of a receding hairline. We recommend you to stay happy and healthy by doing the workout or physical activity in your daily routine.


Receding Hairline Haircuts


  • Avoid Using Toxic Hair Products

Toxic chemicals like paraben or other harmful formula’s tend to make your hair miserable. They might help you in achieving the charming and perfect hair look for the temporary period. However when it comes to determining the long-term effects. The chemicals in non-FDA approved hair gels, sprays and creams hold the vision of destroying your hairs.

Additionally, you should try to minimize the use of electric items on your hair. Hair straightener and blower dryers consist of the electric waves. Which aim to affect the hair roots thus increasing the chances of split ends, receding hairline and untimely hair fall.

If you are not satisfied with any of the receding hairline haircut and also don’t want to waste your money on expensive hairline treatment. Then, you should decide to play with your beard.


  • Change in the beard style can help in dragging the attention of people from your hair to bread
  • Bread not only compliments the different hairstyles but, it also aims to make your face look attractive and influencing
  • If you have tried all the receding hairline haircuts and styles then, it’s time to shave off your head!


Receding Hairline Haircuts


So what are you planning to do with your receding hairline? Let us know by sharing your thoughts below in the comment section.



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