5 Effective Methods to Make your Forehead Look Smaller Naturally

5 Methods to Make your Forehead Look Smaller

As forehead is known as the beauty enhancer and intelligence definer, therefore, its maintenance should be given the priority. Learn 5 best methods to make your forehead look smaller.

A big forehead has always been a major concern for all the genders because it is capable of decreasing the overall facial look, lowering the self-confidence and increase the chances of insecurity.

Though the big forehead isn’t something to be ashamed off, however, it is treated as a minor beauty flaw which can easily be adjusted with few tricks and effective beauty methods, which we will discuss in this article.


Accessories that Make your Forehead Look Smaller:

Our review isn’t for those people who are only trying to hide their big forehead however, we believe in catering to those individuals who know how to wear their flaws in the most flawless manner.

  1. eNilecor Short Bob Hair Wigs


eNilecor Short bob wig which you can grab for $14.99 is designed for those trendy ladies who love to switch their looks by wearing different styles. If you love to play with trendy styles then, you should purchase this wig,

Here’s why:

  • Adds unique charm to your personality by changing the entire hairstyle.
  • Helps in covering the forehead by enhancing the natural look.
  • Can be used on daily basis or for occasional events
  • Pair up the wig for different head accessories for adding a funky touch to your personality.


  1. l.f. Baked Highlighter, Moonlight Pearl


We believe highlighter is life and what could be better than acquiring the e.l.f baked highlighter under $6. Highlighter can significantly help in diverting the people’s attention to your naturally bright face.

We surely love elf highlighter and here’s why:

  • The pigmentation helps in achieving the incredible glow for the entire day
  • Serves the multi-purpose, can add extra beauty to your face and lower your forehead size naturally.
  • Going to the party to the beach or the night wedding, enhance your entire makeup look by adding the glow in the affordable price.



  1. Kingree 9PCS Headbands

A perfect headband can help you in making the unique yet on point beauty statement just in $13.95 and we are totally allured by the Kingree 9 Pcs headband and here’s why:

  • Comes in different colors and designs for complementing the every dress type.
  • Wear it to work or party, be ready to become the trendsetter
  • The soft, breathable material makes this headband suitable for all the seasons and occasions.


  1. theBalm Manizer


Having a bronzer is really important for all the makeup freaks because it not only helps in contouring the fatty party, however, it can also help in lowering the forehead size with zero efforts

Here’s how:

  • The shimmery shadow helps in grabbing people attention thus reducing the attention from the forehead.
  • The reflective outlook helps in achieving the glow at night and during the day work
  • A must-have makeup essential which can enhance your entire look just at $22.80.



  1. Lanzom Women Lady Wide Brim Cap


If you are looking for the head accessory which could help you in getting protection from the sun, making the style statement and can also help in making your forehead look smaller then, don’t wait for a while and grab Lanzom hat right away.

Here’s why:

  • Protect your head from heat, adds to your outfit and decreases the forehead size naturally.
  • The floral print on the hat makes it the coolest head accessory just in $12.99
  • From being the stylish travel partner to, fashion statement, this hat is the must-have accessory.

We are done with our verdict, now it’s your turn to take the step and make us aware of your choice by leaving your comments below.


Methods to Make Forehead Look Smaller

Decreasing the length of the forehead is all about playing around with few hairstyles, foundations and contour kits.


  • Change your Hairstyle

The transformed hairstyle is the cheapest yet effective way of altering the look of your forehead and make it appear smaller.


  • Trending Bangs for Men and Women

As bangs are never out of the fashion, therefore, it is easy to change your hairstyle from traditional bangs to trending one just in a matter of few minutes.

As women, you can go for long bobs, which will cover the entire forehead and touch the points of eyebrows. This look can be complimented with full layers or straight cut.


Make your Forehead Look Smaller

Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • Loose Hair up-do’s for Big forehead

The loose and messy hairstyle is the effortless way to make your forehead look smaller.

  • Women can go for loose hair style by binding the hair at back either in the form of a pony tail or doing the entire coverage.
  • The bangs or fringe should be left untouched during the binding process.
  • Once all the hair are tied up, give some volume to bangs


Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • For Men:

  • Men can go for loose up-do’sby applying the spray and brushing the hair in different direction
  • Brushing will help in achieving the messy look, which will further lead to make your forehead look smaller.


Make your Forehead Look Smaller


Change in your style might be temporary in nature however, it can surely help you in giving full coverage to your forehead and make it appear effortlessly smaller and charming at the same time.


  • Time to Look for a Contouring Kit

Contouring is the human form of photo shop which actually allows you to change the look of your forehead, jaw line, and nose in the most amazing manner.

Mechanism of contouring is all about drawing the correlating lines, blending the marked zones and applying the setting spray for long lasting looks.


  • How to Contour the Big Forehead?

  1. Tie all of your hair at the back to make the hair line or forehead prominent
  2. Use the dark foundation or bronze contouring shades for drawing a bone line on your forehead.
  3. Start from the middle of your forehead and draw a curved or half heart shape till your jaw line.
  4. Follow Step 3 for rest of the face.
  5. Take a beauty blender or contouring brush for blending the bone lines.
  6. Blending is the key to contouring success so don’t forget to blend every mark perfectly.
  7. The contouring will not only make your forehead look smaller however, it can also help in enhancing the beauty of your face and make it look symmetrical.

 Make your Forehead Look Smaller


Contouring is not only the female thing however, men can also go for it by following the similar contouring steps.

 Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • Trick with Highlighter

The highlighter is another beauty hack which can make your face look beautiful and forehead smaller at the same time. As highlighting cannot be carried without contouring, therefore, adjusting the bone lines should be the first priority before applying the highlighter.

  1. As highlighter is the ‘Attention-grabber’ therefore, you should always go for the shimmery shades.
  2. Apply the white foundation based highlighter on the ‘T’ zone of your face.
  3. ‘T’ zone is the space between the eyebrows and forehead, thepart above the jaw line and middle bone of the nose.
  4. Optional: For entire face coverage, apply highlighter on the chin bone.
  5. Once the ‘T’ zone is covered, follow the contouring steps for drawing the jaw lines
  6. Start blending the contouring lines and highlighter lines for making a perfect combination.
  7. Once the entire face is covered, apply the setting spray for long lasting results


Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • Make your Eye Look Stronger

Your eyes play a crucial role in manipulating the look of the entire forehead. People with big forehead are usually recommended to go for smokey and darker eye shadows for grabbing the attention, however, eyebrows can also be altered for faking the forehead look.


  • Smokey Eyes

  1. Puff your eyes with right foundation and apply the black eye shadow.
  2. Blend the shadow with eye brush on the major eye part and achieve the smooth look by dragging the black shadow to the eye lids
  3. Take wet golden shimmery eye shade and mix it with little quantity of silver for making a smokey shade.
  4. Apply the combined shade in an outward manner on the eyelids and focal eye point.
  5. Blend all the shades properly to avoid aharsh
  6. Apply waterproof Kajal or wet liner on the eyes (Kajal inside the eyes is optional)
  7. Apply the final touches with mascara. It is recommended to go for volumatic mascara for the entire face coverage.
  8. Clean the jaw line and cheeks with afoundation brush for aclean


Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • Eyebrow Shape

The stronger eye shadow can surely help you in achieving the charming look however, it is always a good idea to go for entire eye coverage for enhancing the facial beauty.

Once you are done with your smoky eye shades then, next step is adjusting the eyebrow arch either with the eyebrow pencil or threading.


Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  1. After threading, brush up your eyebrows for perfect shape
  2. Draw a line with the help of brown eye shadow or pencil for finishing purpose.
  3. Line should cover the entire brow (Upper eyelid and upper brow part)
  4. The shape should be according to ABC mechanism.
  5. Fill the created line with same color eye shadow and brush up for finishing.
  6. Once eyebrow is created, apply the white highlighter on the ‘C’ zone for theperfect

The entire eye coverage with perfect contouring and highlighter can help in beautifying the entire face look and make your forehead look amazingly smaller.

The eye and contouring trick basically help in decreasing the prominence of the forehead and drag the attention towards the other facial features.


Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • Trending Hair Accessories

Contouring face and eyebrows are the part of makeup tricks, which can help you in achieving the smaller forehead look for the temporary period.

Additionally, all the self-created tricks can be achieved after learning the proper mechanism, however, if you are interested in effortless style with no hair cutting or makeup then, trending hair accessories option is the right thing for you.


  • Tyra Bands for Tied HairStylish Hair Band for Party Look

Long cotton bands are treated as the winner because they are capable of enhancing the entire hair look and make your forehead look smaller without any efforts.


Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • Tyra Bands for Tied Hair

Are you planning to attend day party or any wedding? Then, you surely can’t miss the Tyra hair bands which are capable of giving overwhelming coverage to your big forehead and make your face look amazing.


Make your Forehead Look Smaller

Make your Forehead Look Smaller


  • Forehead Braid

Tied up and open hair forehead braid is the part of casual hair style which can easily be opted by making a simple braid on the one side of the head and dragging the created part on the other side.

If you are planning to look trendy during your school hours or any casual meeting then,
this look is surely designed for you.


Make your Forehead Look Smaller

Make your Forehead Look Smaller


So which method are you planning to go for? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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