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Lip Augmentation

Since the definition of beauty is continuously changing, it has become important to catch up with the latest beauty trends by undergoing relevant cosmetic treatments.The Lip Augmentation for beautifying lips with right curves not only helps in enhancing the entire facial beauty, they make it super easier to wear any lip color. From summer nudes to winter bolds. If you have augmented lips, you are free to wear your favorite hues.

So how to achieve the best lip curves? Well the answer to your problem is lip augmentation.


lip augmentation

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What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is the cosmetic procedure which helps in achieving the fully pumped lips. The process of lip augmentation is performed with the help of clinically-approved fillers which helps in adding the volume to the lips

The filling injections usually consist of the hyaluronic acid, which is found in the human body. The basic goal of this beauty substance is to enhance the entire look of the lips and help them appear volumatic.

Improvements in Research and development have drastically helped the beauty professionals in discovering different techniques which could effectively help in achieving the desired results. In the older times, the process of lip augmentation was carried out with the collagen fillers, fat injections or other implantation options.

Though those options weren’t bad due to the higher health risks and lesser effective results, the options were turned down and hyaluronic acid was introduced.


lip augmentation

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How does Hyaluronic Acid Works

Hyaluronic acid is found in the number of fillers which are readily available in the market. The common fillers used for the process of augmenting lips are Hylaform, Elevess, Belotero Balance and Restylane.

Some of these fillers also consist of the lidocaine and anesthesia which helps in making the lip augmented process a little less painful. Some of the worthwhile features of lip augmentation are as follows:


  1. Add the Required Volume to your Lips

Unlike other lip augmentation procedures such as fat injections or lip implantation. The formula of hyaluronic acid empowers the professional to control the volume of lips to be augmented by keeping a continuous check on the results.

Since augmentation is created by using the injections. The doctor can easily control the quantity of hyaluronic acid required to make the lips likable. Additionally, there is no strict need of performing this cosmetic treatment in the one go. Doctors can easily wait for a significant number of days for detecting the results.


lip augmentation

Lip Augmentation Before and After


  1. Help in Easy Dissolution of Lumps and Bumps

During the injecting phase, most of the people complain about the lumps which are created due to the lip movement. The accurate procedure of lip augmentation backed by the right amount of hyaluronic acid can effectively help in reducing the chances of bump development afterward.


  1. Long Lasting Results

According to the customer reviews, the results of lip augmentation were more satisfying and long-lasting than other lip cosmetic treatments. The results could easily be detected for straight 6 months and if properly maintained. The time could expand to 7-9 months.

Moreover, after six months, only the maintenance activities shall be performed in which only the needed amount of injections will be injected for reviving the pumped look.


lip augmentation

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  1. Fewer chances of Allergic Reaction with No downtime

Lip augmentation through hyaluronic acid is less invasive and this acid is found in our body. Therefore, It has higher compatibility thus reducing the chances of allergic reaction or other skin issues

Additionally, lip augmentation is highly preferred by the patients because it involves less or no downtime. After getting the treatment, you can easily get back to your work and enjoy your new beautified look.


  1. Less Discomfort

As compared to other lip augmentation procedures, the technique of injections creates less discomfort such as irritation, inflammation or brushing. Lip augmentation is especially discovered or those people who love to enhance their facial features without undergoing the horrific treatments with higher chances of manipulation.


Is it worth it?

The customer reviews and our research indicates that lip augmentation performed with the help of hyaluronic acid is worth your money because this process helps you in achieving the beautiful look in the most natural manner.

Customers believed that the procedure of lip augmentation is better than other surgical treatment because it carries the less risk and more benefits. Additionally, after lip augmentation. You can confidently wear any lip color and look ecstatically beautiful without getting worried about your lip look unsymmetrical.

But before deciding, don’t forget that every treatment has certain disadvantages and side effects.


lip augmentation


Cost of Lip Augmentation?

The cost of lip augmentation is dependent on the following things.

  • Professional, you are hiring for the process,
  • the hours you are staying in the doctor’s office and
  • A number of injections needed to gain the desired results.

Most of the professionals charge on the basis of syringe injected during the lip augmentation process, however. Some have the pre-determined cost which includes the overall expenses plus charges for extra care which would be required after the final treatment

Normally, most of the people start detecting the results after one syringe and in the extreme cases. Two syringes are needed not more than that.

The estimated cost of Lip augmentation done by hyaluronic acid lies in the range of $500-$2000. If you are hiring the renowned professional with good experience then, the cost might also surge up.


Bottom Line:

Who doesn’t love to have augmented lips with amazing curves? If you are done with your flat and less volumatic lips. You should go for lip augmentation because it’s designed for you.

Before undergoing the treatment. You should properly get yourself checked by the doctor and analyze whether the ingredients used in the lip augmentation treatment are compatible with your skin or not.

So are you ready to achieve the augmented and beautiful lips? Make us aware of your views by leaving your comments below.


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