Lines Under Eye: Causes, Treatments & Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Lines Under Eye

Imagine waking up one morning after a peaceful night’s sleep, heading for a healthy breakfast and suddenly stopping short on your way to the kitchen because you’ve seen something terrible. Are they really pesky lines under eye? Where did these ugly wrinkles come from? You’re devastated because your morning is suddenly spoiled by such a beauty spoiler. Well, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to the rescue. As common as eye wrinkles are, they’re not worth your worry.

No matter how vigorous your beauty regime is; these small wrinkles always find an idea to make their way to your face. But, not anymore! This article discusses the various ways to say goodbye to wrinkles under eyes forever. From therapeutic drugs to excellent home remedies, we’ve got everything covered in one place.


Getting Familiar With Under Eye Wrinkles

While the senior citizens are quite familiar with the concept of crow’s feet, also referred to as under eye wrinkles, it’s the younger generation that needs insight into the topic. Wrinkles under eyes are small lines or creases that develop around the ocular area as you age. They’re more prominent to the naked eye when you smile or grin hence sometimes referred to as smile lines.

As devastating as it may sound, wrinkles under the eye in the youth years are absolutely an unacceptable situation. Not only does it make you look years older than your real age but it’s also a socially embarrassing condition that might make you suffer from inferiority complex among your family and friends.


Understanding The Causes Of Lines Under Eye

Lines Under Eye

Under eye wrinkles is a common sign of aging, however, there are many other factors that can contribute towards the formation of this beauty peril.

  1. Aging:

As already mentioned, the biggest factor for the formation of lines under the eyes is aging.

  1. Dietary Impact:

As the saying goes that you are what you eat. Individuals who consume more than 2g of salt per day are more prone to develop wrinkles on their face. Excessive salt results in water retention resulting in swelling. Since the area around the eyes is really delicate, frequent swelling and shrinking can distort the architecture of the skin, resulting in the formation of creases.

  1. Inappropriate Sleeping Posture:

The habit of sleeping on your side or stomach is quite damaging in the long run. Such sleeping positions stretch the skin of the face and prolonged stretching can cause wrinkles. The ideal position is to sleep on your back so that the facial skin does not experience any friction with the pillow fabric.   

  1. Allergies:

Individuals with chronic allergies may develop eye wrinkles at an early age. How? Well, constant sneezing and coughing make excessive use of the ocular and facial muscles which might lose their tone with time and cause wrinkles. Besides, allergic individuals have increased the concentration of inflammatory mediators in their blood which again affects the overall health of the skin.

  1. Dehydration:

The skin around the eye is crammed with blood vessels with very little sebaceous glands. Because of the natural lack of sebum in that area, the delicate skin is prone to moisture imbalance. This combined with environmental pollution can drastically exacerbate the process of wrinkle formation.

  1. Personal Habits:

Some people have an inborn habit or frowning or smiling a lot. Although such expressions do not cause wrinkles in a day or two, constant contortion of the face can ultimately result in wrinkle formation even in the youth years. This is why under eye wrinkles are also called character lines.

  1. Excessive Sun Exposure:

The glare of sunlight usually causes squinting unless you’re wearing appropriate sunglasses or prescription lenses. Constant squinting combined with damaging effects of the ultraviolet light on the skin cells can lead to the appearance of eye wrinkles at a very young age.

  1. Environmental Irritants:

With increasing pollution in the atmosphere, the moisture content of the skin is highly misbalanced. Dirt, humidity, smoke and other irritants have a devastating effect on the delicate skin around the eyes and lead to wrinkle formation in the long run.

  1. Smoking

One of the biggest culprits of under eye wrinkles is smoking. Inhalation of tobacco speeds up the aging process reduces the growth potential of structural proteins in the skin and inhibits cell turnover. All these factors contribute towards dull looking, creased skin. Besides, pursing the lips to hold the cigarette further lead to facial muscle overuse and wrinkle formation.

  1. Trauma

Facial trauma like falls, surgery and muscle injuries can lead to scars which heal up to form wrinkles.


How To Get Rid Of Lines Under Eye?

There’s no doubt in the fact that eyes are considered to be the windows of our soul. They’re a reflection of our personality. Hence beautiful eyes are a symbol of confidence and charm. Dull, sagging skin around eyes is just a turn-off point for any individual. It’s imperative that you take immediate action if you’ve fallen victim to under eye wrinkles. We’ve discussed both natural remedies and medical treatments to combat this issue.


Pharmacological Remedies

Lines Under Eye

Mentioned below are a few invasive and non-invasive skin treatments that can be undertaken with a dermatologist to help relieve the signs of aging.

  1. Dermal Filler Injections:

The creases under the eyes can be temporarily filled with natural substances like hyaluronic acid and structural proteins. This treatment lasts for only a year but has become widely popular because of its immediate results and less number of visits to the doctor.

  1. LASER:

The laser beam goes deep within all layers of the skin and excites the production of collagen and elastin. The principle of LASER treatment is to ignite the formation of natural proteins that heal damaged skin and rejuvenate the texture from within.

  1. Botox:

Botox is an artificially produced botulinum toxin that causes facial muscle relaxation. Relaxing the muscles reduces the visibility of under eye wrinkles. It’s an invasive procedure that should be undertaken under the supervision of an expert because side effects like paralysis have been noted in suboptimal settings.

  1. Microdermabrasion:

This skin rejuvenating technique strips off the dead layer of skin cells using a diamond tip. Removal of impurities makes the skin appear fresh, supple and firm. Besides, this non-invasive technique also boosts the production of collagen and elastin. It’s an ideal approach for individuals who want a short recovery time.

  1. Drugs:

Many over-the-counter wrinkle creams are available to combat the issue. Individuals who do not want to opt for radical treatments can always choose this safe option for timely control of their wrinkles. High-end brands are now offering anti-wrinkle creams and eye serums for all skin types and ages.


Home Remedies

When going under the knife is not an option for you, simple herbal techniques may save you enough time and money in the long run to remove lines under eye. Some of the highly effective ones are listed here.

  1. Eye Massage:

Massage improves the circulation of blood which ultimately delivers oxygen and nutrients to the affected area for damage control. Massaging with delicate oils like coconut or olive oil is a great idea to provide essential nourishment.

  1. Eye Masks:

Application of eye masks twice a week is a good way to relax ocular muscles and calm the mind. Masks can be made up of any soothing ingredient like cucumber, brown sugar, honey, potatoes or avocado. The base of the mask can be made from rose water, yogurt or milk.

  1. Teabag Therapy:

Chamomile tea bags are enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. To get instant relief from puffy eyes and reduce the appearance of lines under eye, cool a used teabag and keep it over your eyelids for half an hour.

  1. Rose Water:

One of the most ancient beauty hacks rose water is a phenomenal way to get rid of wrinkles. A cotton ball soaked in rose water should be applied to the affected area for instant results.

  1. Facial Exercises:

Just like a full body workout at the gym, your eye muscles also need some action to stay toned. Facial yoga is a full-time work out that helps strengthen the facial muscles which in turn keeps the skin looking young and healthy and also help you to get rid of lines under eye.



It is quite evident from the above discussion that getting wrinkles is as unavoidable as aging. Skin loses its elasticity and turgidity with time but that doesn’t mean you’re bound to live with wrinkles all your life.  There are definitely solutions that you can adapt to change the way your skin looks and feels. Maintaining a good skin care routine, eating healthy, sleeping peacefully and staying hydrated are a few steps that you can take for starters.

Furthermore, there are many remedies that are mentioned above to combat this problem. A medicinal approach is also a valuable option to consider in this case. All in all, there are many options that you can choose from. So keep your hopes high and start working for a better skin from today only.


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