Jawline Acne: Causes – Treatment and Best Creams for Jawline Acne

Jawline Acne

No area of our skin is potentially free from the presence of red breakouts and dirt containing pimples. Acne can make its place anywhere on our body however, our facial T-zone (starting from forehead to chin) is always prone to get more acne than other parts of our body. Women are exposed to acne and its subordinate factors more often than men because of continuous changes in hormonal level, imbalanced diet, and stress. There are multiple types of acne, and the highly noticeable one is jawline acne

Acne on jawline is not only hard to handle, it also takes a lot of time to get cured. As jawline is the major and handy part of our face, therefore, unnecessary touching and exposure to germs increase the entire curing process.

Though jawline acne can be frustrating and be embarrassing at times, there are several ways of treating it. Before jumping on the treatment section, let’s understand the underlying causes behind the jawline acne and what measures should be taken to prevent it.

Acne on jawline might be highly identifiable but it is important to recognize it before it hits the maturity phase. It is relatively easier to work on the pre-mature jawline acne breakouts than the mature one.




jawline acne

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What is Jawline Acne?

Acne on jawline is formed after the collaging of sebaceous glands with hair follicles. During the initial stages, you might only notice some rashes with small breakouts. The common area which is under attack in the case of jawline acne starts from the chin and end on the jawline bones.

The major cause of the acne is always the bacteria’s which are either caused due to the malfunctioning of the skin cells and the lubricating glands or the environmental factors such as excess pollution.


jawline acne

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Jawline Acne Causes

Women and men during their twenties and thirties are more exposed to the chances of developing jawline acne because during that age period our hormones are at the changing stage. The research indicates that jawline acne causes can easily be classified into the two broader categories.


  1. Mechanica Acne on Jawline Due to Hormonal Changes

The acne on jawline is commonly classified as the Acne Mechanica because it is formed due to the excess pressure on the jawline strap. The pressure is usually caused due to the surging up of the hormonal level.

Most of the females compliant about jawline acne during the first few months of pregnancy and first few days before the menses. The research indicates that in teenage girl’s menses is one of the major jawline acne causes.

The surged up hormonal level gives birth to stress generating neutrons which aim to send malfunctioning signals to the skin cells. The terrible combination of the hormonal level with stress neutrons largely contributes to the formation of acne Mechanica on the jawline strap.




PCO commonly called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is also the major cause of the untimely formation of jawline can. If you are suffering from PCO’s, it is better to get your diet plan and treatment customized according to your bodily needs.


  1. Jawline Acne due to Cosmetic Reasons

Another major jawline acne caused is linked with the cosmetic reasons. Cosmetic reasons also include the factors like bad diet habits, use of second-hand make-up and other accessories. The cosmetic reasons allow the transfer of germs from one person to another which ultimately increases the chances of developing breakouts, pimples, and sometimes nodules also.


jawline acne

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  • Use of Second-hand Makeup


Second-hand makeup equipment’s such as beauty blenders, brushes, and foundation sticks are also capable of giving birth to jawline acne. For instance, if you are using the makeup of your friend who has acne on any part of her face, this factor increases the chances of acne on your jawline.

  • It is always recommended to keep your beauty items one-handed only in order to avoid the acne.
  • If you are using second-hand equipment’s, properly wash them with cleanser.


  • Head and Facial Accessories such as Mike or Helmet

Head and facial accessories also contribute to the formation of acne on the jawline. The helmet straps aim to put excess pressure on the chin thus deregulating the working of lubricating glands. The sebaceous glands start releasing the sweat and cause a disturbance in the hair follicles.

This entire process motivates the first skin layer to form the breakouts and later they are transformed into the shape of pimples and jawline acne.

If you are habitual of wearing helmets or other facial accessories which aims to put pressure on jawline strap, it is better to go for the precautionary measures

  • Always keep the soft tissues with you and whenever you get the chance of removing helmet, don’t forget to properly clean the sweat
  • Try to wear those accessories which allow the passing of air. The lack of proper flow of oxygen also gives birth to the jawline acne.


jawline acne


  • Unnecessary touching on Face

Excess touching on jawline can also be called as the major jawline acne cause. If you are used to of touching your chin or jawline without any reason then, you might have to stop right away because this factor might be causing the jawline acne.

The touching promotes the transfer of germs which gives birth to bacteria’s which are further responsible for collaging the pores thus forming the acne on the jawline.


Jawline Acne Treatment

Jawline acne treatment is associated with the causes of the acne. If you become successful in understanding the jawline acne causes, it would become relatively easier for opting for those medication or home remedies which could provide the effective and fast results.

Home remedies for jawline can treatment can help you in achieving the desired result in for the temporary time period because these remedies usually fail to regulate the inner working of the skin layers. The research indicates that jawlines consists of highly sensitive cells and require extra care than other parts of our face.

Some of the amazing products which can provide an effective jawline acne treatment are as follows:


Creams for Jawline Acne Treatment

The mentioned jawline acne creams are surely capable of generating favorable and fastest results, however, it is recommended to bring certain changes in your diet because if you are consuming acne-causing food items then, you might not be able to see the effective results on a rapid basis.


  1. OrganiClear Acne Treatment System

OrganiClear jawline acne treatment is the best solution for those people who have dry skin type. This acne treatment helps in killing the problem-causing bacteria and regulating the working of collaged pores for achieving the softer skin



  • Consists of the natural oil ingredients which aims to help in curing phase. The natural ingredients help in softening the skin and providing the flawless look in a lesser
  • The deep pores recovering technology of the lotion aims to properly moisturizer the face and treat the skin layers
  • Consists of the right amount of peroxide which helps in the killing of bacteria without causing the irritation or itchiness on the skin.


How to Apply?

  • Properly wash your face with cleaner and dry the area.
  • Take small amount of OrganiClear night or morning cream and apply it on the acne area
  • Slightly rub the solution without putting too much pressure
  • Repeat the steps once in a day for best results



  1. Kate Somerville Anti Bac Acne Clearing Lotion Acne Treatment

Kate Somerville Anti Bac acne clearing lotion is produced by the leading skin are expert in order to combat the acne-causing bacteria’s and work on the skin layers of the clear beautiful skin.




  • Control the Generation of Excess Oil

The Kate Somerville jawline acne lotion aims to work on the oil releasing glands by regulating the working of the oil. The first step towards reducing the jawline can is linked to reducing the oil without over drying the skin.


  • Aims to Reduce Blackheads

This acne treatment not only controls oil. However, it reduces the appearance of blackheads in order to control the chances of clogging of pores. Once blackheads are under control, it becomes relatively easier to kill the acne bacteria’s


How to Apply?

  • Free your face with dirt by using the cleaner
  • Apply the even layer of Kate Somerville cream on the affected area
  • Repeat the procedure at least 3 times a day for best results.



  1. BioClarity Acne Treatment System (30 days) 3 Step Kit

BioClarity Acne treatment is an all-rounder solution which aims to give protection to your skin against the environmental factors and work on those features which could help in effectively getting rid of the jawline acne.



  • Significantly reduce the jawline acne within 2 weeks
  • Aims to kill the bacteria and moisturize the skin in order to prevent the chances of irritation or dryness
  • The best solution for people with sensitive skin type.


How to Apply?

  • The all natural ingredients of the BioClarity aims to remove all the impurities from the skin.
  • Properly clean your skin with cleanser and apply the small amount on the affected area
  • Rotate your fingers in upward direction without putting too much pressure on the jawline
  • It recommended using the solution three times a day for best results.


Bottom Line:

The basic over-the-counter medicines which are needed to cure the jawline acne are Salicylic acid and Benzoyl peroxide. It gets harder to find and apply the required percentage of the mixture on your acne because some products have higher percentage while others offer lower ones.

The product which we have mentioned consists of an adequate amount of required ingredients. Moreover, the application directions can help in reducing the chances of irritation or inflammation during the curing stage.

It’s better to follow instructions and get your skin properly analyzed to get rid of jawline acne.

Any thoughts? Share with us by leaving your comments below.



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