How to deal with Hormonal Acne – Causes and Treatment

Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne often associated with hormonal fluctuations, is the most irritating and hard to handle acne type. Since the presence of hormonal acne is not bound by any time limit, therefore, this type of acne is often referred as the untimely one.


hormonal acne


Hormonal acne is common in women because they tend to get more exposed to hormonal changes during the time of menstruation and menopause.

Only menstruation is not one contributing factor, the unwanted changes in ovaries, fluctuations in body mass, and certain underlying medical conditions also significantly impact the birth of hormonal acne and its presence on different parts of our face.

Most of the women start getting the acne on their face a week before the actual menses time while others get it after they are done with their menses period. Hormonal acne usually attacks our chin and jawline rather than forehead or other facial parts.

Since the skin area under our chin and eyes is extremely delicate, therefore, it starts releasing excess oil thus clogging the skin pores with the hair follicles and promoting the birth of acne.

Through this article, you would be able to find the underlying hormonal acne causes, its treatment and how it should be handled in order to prevent the adverse impacts.


hormonal acne


How do you know that your Acne is Hormonal?

As hormonal acne looks exactly like normal breakouts and pimples, it gets harder for women to recognize it and take the treatment. However, you can still recognize the hormonal acne by following the below-mentioned points


  • The occurring time of your Pimples is Fixed

Under the condition of hormonal acne, the occurring time of pimples is always the same and directly linked to your menstruation period. For instance, if your menstruation date is 20th of every month, you might start seeing the pimple on your chin or cheeks on 15th or 18. 

If the time of occurring of acne is almost the same and associated with your menstruation date, you can classify the acne as hormonal.


  • Pimples are usually painful and cyst containing

Hormonal acne usually consists of the painful, white or brown colored and cyst containing pimples. These pimples usually start changing their color after some time. For instance, during the first few days they are white with cyst structure and after 3 to 5 days, they start turning into brown and cyst-less spots.


  • Pimples occurring areas are constant

Hormonal acne usually occurs at the same location. The common places where you can easily identify the hormonal acne are chin, cheeks, under eyes and near nose areas. Sometimes people also complain about acne on the T-zone i.e. crow feet and upper lips.

If the answers to above-stated statements are yes, it means you are suffering from the hormonal acne and needs to have the proper treatments.



hormonal acne



Hormonal Acne Causes

Hormonal acne causes are commonly classified under the umbrella of bodily functions. It is important to understand that hormones are responsible for keeping the functions of our body under control however, the imbalance in hormonal level forces the body to perform its functions in reveres mode thus resulting in certain unwanted elements.

Some of the major hormonal acne causes are as follows:


  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the hormonal disease in which the women body tend to release more men hormones than a normal percentage. Under this conditions, women usually don’t get their monthly cycle on time thus resulting in the hormonal imbalance.

The lack of balance can cause the disturbance in the bodily functions and start reacting with different parts of our body. The excess release of men hormones not only impacts the fertility of the women, however, it also tends to give birth to certain kinds of disorders such urine infection, change in facial color, unwanted acne on cheeks and chin.

PCO is the major reason behind hormonal acne since many women fail to get it diagnosed on the right time, therefore, at later stages, it becomes difficult to control its impacts and take those treatments which could provide the effective results.



If you are suffering from the irregular monthly cycle and other associated problems, it is recommended to get your ultrasound done in order to understand the functions of ovaries and how they are impacting your monthly cycle.

hormonal acne

(Source: Health Planet)


  1. Increased Androgen Level

Androgen is the natural steroid hormone present in the female body, which is responsible for regulating the development of men reproductive system in the female. Increased level of androgen force the body to manipulate the working of adrenal glands thus and other reproductive function in our body.

The improper working of androgen impact the functions of our body and force the skin to release excess lubricating oil. Oil forces the sebaceous glands to clog skin pores by working of hair follicles thus giving birth to hormonal acne.


  1. Menopause

At the age of 40 to 50, most of the women start experiencing the effects of menopause. Menopause is the natural condition in which women body losses its capability of releasing the required amount of men reproductive hormones.

During this condition, our entire body starts working in a different manner. For instance. Some women suffer from excess pain in their bones and calcium deficiency while others suffer from process of osteoporosis.

Disturbance and irregularity of hormonal cycle force skin to form acne and impact the skin condition in an adverse manner.


Bottom Line:

According to the medical survey, around 50% of women, between the age of 20. 30 are suffering from the hormonal acne and around 25% of women are suffering from the menopause acne. It’s important to have proper hormonal acne treatment on time in order to prevent any skin problems in future.


hormonal acne



Hormonal Acne Treatment

Since the intensity of hormonal acne isn’t mild, therefore, most of the Over-the-counter (OTC) medications fail to produce the right result. This type of acne usually consists of deep foundations and cyst bumps and it is relatively difficult for tropical medicines to go deeper under the skin layers.

However, you can still go for those tropical medications which consist of at least 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide and almost similar amount of salicylic acid. These two ingredients can help in killing the bacteria present inside the targeted skin and can help in preventing the chances of skin dryness which could cause the irritation


Hormonal Acne Natural Treatment

The best hormonal acne natural treatment is the one which doesn’t consist of any sort of chemicals or other related factors. The natural treatment actually forces you to take excess care of your body and eliminate those factors from your life which are capable of causing fluctuations in the hormonal level.


Things to Avoid while Treating Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne natural treatment is to regulate the working of body and controlling factors which causes any sort of disturbance. Some of the ingredients which you should avoid are as follows:

  • Sugary items including (fizzy drinks, processed juices or sugary milk)
  • Carbs and all the processed food
  • Dairy products and Red meat (Take some quantity on weekly basis for better curing)


hormonal acne


  1. Increases Intake of Cleansing Tea

The cleansing tea detox the body from impurities and kill’s bacteria which are responsible for clogging the pores of skin. The fresh tea like lemon tea, spearmint tea. And apple tea also aims to clear the skin by working on the skin layers.


Consumption Pattern

  • Take the warm water and put lemon tea/spearmint teat bag in the water.
  • Now add half of the lemon juice in the warm tea.
  • Take one cup before going to bed or in evening.
  • Only one cup is recommended for a day as excess can cause dryness on the face or hair.


  1. Use of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil and its benefits are potentially free from any sort of inefficiency. Tea tree oil can be called as the best natural treatment for the hormonal acne. Not only tea tree oil. All the essential oils are capable of curing the skin and reducing the inflammation from the targeted area.


How to use:

  • Take few drops of tea tree oil and pour it on cotton ball
  • Dab the cotton on your acne and leave the oil on your face for overnight
  • Repeat the process daily for at least a month for receiving the permanent results.


  1. Increase the In-take of Omega-3-Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acid is the best supplement for body and aims to reduce all factors which are capable of manipulating the system of body. If you want to have the natural treatment for your hormonal acne. The best thing is indeed the omega 3 fatty acid.


Benefits of Omega 3, Fatty Acid

  • Omega 3 fatty acid can effectively help in regulating the working reproductive system. Thus reducing the chances of PCO’s and hormonal acne
  • Can help in reducing the bone problems such as RA and joint issues
  • Omega 3 is another best medication for the Depression.


  1. Increase the intake of Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are the ones which consist of all the green items. The green food is not only best for your skin however. It can easily be labeled as the best anti-inflammatory hormonal acne natural treatment.  Some of the benefits of alkaline foods for curing the body are as follows:

  • Help in maintaining the body weight
  • Prevent the deficiency of magnesium and Vitamins
  • Reduce the chances of developing the hypertension
  • Regulate the working of the immune


  1. Increase water In-take and do Daily Exercise

Water plays a major role in regulating the bodily mechanism and removing the toxins from the body. Even if you are suffering from the PCO’s. It is highly recommended to increase the intake of water by at least 8 cups a day. Water will help you in cutting down excess fat from your ovaries thus regulating the working of hormones

Additionally, you should focus on your body by working out once a day. Daily exercise not only boosts your metabolism, however, it enhances your well-being and regulating the underlying factors. Try to dedicate at least 20 minutes to your exercise daily.


Bottom Line:

Having hormonal acne is common because it’s impossible for to control the function of ovaries and how they react with skin. The only thing which we are capable of doing is called as ‘care’. It depends on you whether you are more comfortable with hormonal acne natural treatment or the tropical one.

Always try to check the computability of ingredients with your skin type because not all the skins are capable of absorbing the effects of different ingredients. Thus resulting in the adverse texture of the hormonal acne.

So which treatment of hormonal acne is planning to go for? Let us know by leaving your comments below.


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