Head Lice Treatment and Remedies to Kill and Get Rid of Lice

Head Lice Treatment

Having head lice is surely a nightmare for every person. From excessive scalp itching, to head sores, head lice are capable of making your life miserable. If you are looking for effective ways which could help you in some proper head lice treatment, then you should continue to read on.


Head Lice Treatment

How to Kill and Get Rid of Head Lice Treatment and Remedies


Causes of Head Lice:

Head Lice are the tiny (sesame sized) and wingless insects which are usually found on our heads. The ultimate food source of lice is our scalp blood and they tend to suck it from time to time. Head lice are also identified with the help of a nit (tiny dandruff flakes) which are further transformed into Louse.

If you have started to see some tiny dandruff flakes on your head (different from dryness), you should start checking out some head lice treatment and remedies.

As head lice are contagious, therefore, all of us are at the risk of getting infected by these tiny creatures. If you have started to feel the insect crawling on your head then, any of the following reasons might have contributed to it.

  • Sharing accessories such as headphones, forehead accessories, towels, furniture, clothes and comb with the affected person
  • Touching the head of the affected person or staying too close to them.
  • Sharing a bed, and sitting next to the affected person can also facilitate the transfer of head lice from person to another.

According to the research, it is impossible for head lice to stay out of head for more than 24 hours. Once they have properly sucked the scalp of one person, these lice tend to find another home. However, it is relatively easy to kill and get rid of head lice with the help of multiple head lice treatment and home remedies and treatments, which we are going to discuss in a while.


Head Lice Treatment

Causes of Head Lice

Head Lice Symptoms

According to the recent data, the pre-school children between the ages of 3 to 15 are more at a risk of getting infected by head lice than young adults. Some of the common head lice symptoms are as follows:

  • Tickling in the head, feeling that something is constantly moving in hair
  • Inability to sleep properly, continuous irritation in the head. According to the research, head lice are more active in dark.
  • Irresistible itching, itching is the allergic reaction, caused by the bites of head lice.
  • Scratches on the head backed by the head sores.


It is recommended to get proper head lice treatment because extension could lead to sore infection because of the skin functioning.

In most of the situations, head lice are transferred in head-to-head contact. If any of your friends have lice, it is likely that you or someone in your family would also get affected by it. If you see some, unnecessarily scratching their head, it is better to maintain the distance or avoid head-to-head contact for reducing the chances of having the head lice.

Curious to know How Head Lice actually look Like Check in here: Pictures of Head Lice 


Head Lice Treatment

Finding the right treatment for head lice is surely a much-needed step because head lice are usually associated with the uncleanliness. If we analyze the market, you would be able to trace a number of treatments which claim to provide the ultimate solution. However, the efficiency of those head lice treatment with shampoo and home remedies have always been doubted.

Today, we will be discussing some of the relevant yet effective head lice treatment, which is suitable for every hair type and owns the vision of providing right results within short within the due time.


Prescription for Head Lice Treatment

The head lice treatment is indeed all about changing your hair care routine and paying more attention to your head. The prescription treatment is usually prescribed in the extreme cases. For instance, if head lice are not leaving your head even after the proper OTC medications then, your doctor might prescribe you to go for the following head lice treatment.


Head Lice Treatment

Prescription for Head Lice Treatment

  1. Benzyl Alcohol

The Benzyl Alcohol is the prescribed medicine for the children above of 6. Benzyl Alcohol facilitates the killing of head lice by depriving them of oxygen. This medicine is used to kill the active head lice.


  • The Benzyl Alcohol lotion is the FDA-approved treatment for killing the head lice. The lotion should have the 5% concentrated amount to be effective.
  • The treatment is performed within 14 days or more for killing all the newly hatched nits.
  • After applying the lotion for the first time, it is better to wait for the 7 days.
  • After 7 days, if you have started to experience the symptoms of head lice then, apply the lotion again and wait for another 7 days.
  • It is better to change your clothes and properly wash it once treatment is done.
  • Don’t switch between shampoos and conditioners during the treatment, as this step might decrease the efficiency
  • It is better to ask your doctor about the hair-care products which you should use during the treatment process.
  • Usually, it is recommended not to switch shampoo during after two days in order to gain the effective results.


How to Use it?
  • It is better to cover your face and keep your eyes closed because this medicine is little stronger and could lead to watery eyes
  • Take the small amount of lotion in your hand and properly massage it over your head/scalp
  • You should also apply the lotion at the back of your ears and little part of your neck
  • After application (leave the lotion for 10 minutes on your scalp, follow the time strictly).
  • After time completion, properly rinse your head with a lot of water (Avoid any shampoo or conditioner).
  • Use the sink or bath-tube technique in order to avoid the contact of lotion with your body
  • After cleansing, use the nitpicking comb for removing the dead head lice
  • Change your clothes once you are done with cleaning.
  • Check your head after one week, if there are nits then, repeat the process again.


  1. Ovide

Ovide (Malathion) is the prescribed medicated shampoo which is used to treat the head lice. The work procedure of Malathion is more effective than the Benzoyl Alcohol because it tends to permanently kill the head lice by controlling the activity of enzymes.

Enzymes in our head are responsible for promoting the birth of lice nits inside the head and regulate the neurotransmitter of lice. Ovide aims to block the activity of the neurotransmitter thus getting the full control over the lice. Once lice are under control, the high amount of acetylcholine is supplied for permanently killing the lice and removing their nits.


  • Malathion should be used with the 5% concentration level.
  • The product should be avoided by the pregnant women, as the impacts of this prescribed medicine on pregnant women are still under evaluation.
  • The product is approved by the FDA for the children above 6 years of age.
  • If not properly applied or lack of hair examination before application could lead to side effects like chemical burns due to the sensitivity of the scalp, irritation on the scalp
  • Proper safety for eyes and face should be considered before the application procedure.


Application of Ovide Shampoo
  • Properly prepare your hair by drying them. The scalp should also be dry.
  • Now take the significant amount of shampoo in your hands and massage it over the scalp, back of the neck and hair.
  • Leave the shampoo on your head for at least 8 to 12 hours.
  • The head should be left uncovered and no electric item should be used for drying the shampoo. The shampoo will dry naturally within the given period
  • After shampoo is properly dried, rinse your head with plenty of water
  • Now use the nit comb for removing the dead head lice or nits.
  • Check your hair after 7-9 days, if there are still some lice, repeat the process again.


  1. Lindane

The Lindane is the strongest lice killer shampoo, which is only recommended under the extreme conditions. It is usually prescribed to those people who have tried every other treatment and failed to gain any effective results.

This prescription medicine is only recommended to the adults and to those people who weigh more than 50 kilograms. Additionally, breastfeeding and pregnant women’s are not allowed to use the head lice treatment because it could lead to extreme growth issues, difficulty in the mental growth of to-be-born baby or the breastfeeding kid.


  • It is highly recommended to use this shampoo under severe head lice condition.
  • Before application, wash your hair with the regular shampoo, properly dry your hair and clean it properly. There should be no essence of oil or other lotion on the head
  • Proper shake the shampoo bottle and take the significant amount of shampoo in your hand so that you can massage it over your scalp, neck hair and back of ears
  • Now massage the shampoo all over your head and leave it for 4 minutes exact.
  • After 4 minutes are complete, properly rinse your head with warm water. Hot water should be avoided.
  • After washing, dry your hair and use the nit comb for removing the dead head lice and nit eggs
  • Later using it, dispose of the remaining shampoo and don’t store it for the future use.
  • Then, properly sanitize your clothes, accessories, and bathtubs in order to avoid any sort of chemical reaction.


Bottom Line:

Prescription treatment for the head lice is effective and tend to kill the lice permanently, however, it is better to go for the home remedies and OTC treatment for the head lie first for more accurate and less harming situation.


Head Lice Home Remedies


  1. Use of Olive Oil with Nit Combing

Olive is the ultimate solution for the head lice. In ancient times, olive oil was used as the only source of killing the head lice. It is better to use olive oil and comb your hair with metal nit for removing the dead bodies.


How to use it?

  • Take the small quantity of the olive oil and put it in microwave or stove for 30 seconds
  • Now massage the oil on your head at least for 10 minutes
  • Use the nit comb at least for 15 minutes for removing the lice.
  • After combing, leave the oil on your head at least for 2 hours
  • Now rinse your head with anti-lice shampoo and use the nit comb after drying your hair
  • Repeat steps after every 2 days until your head is free from lice.


Head Lice Treatment

Use of Olive Oil with Nit Combing


  1. Petroleum Jelly and coconut oil for killing Head Lice

The use and efficiency of petroleum jelly are surely free from any doubts. Petroleum jelly is used as an effective treatment for head lice because it tends to cure the head sores by moisturizing the area. Once the hair is moisturized, the jelly starts killing the lice and coconut start the nourishment of the roots.


How to use it?

  • Take a small quantity of petroleum jelly and mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in it.
  • Heat the oil on stove or microwave for 50 seconds
  • Massage the hair properly and make sure that your scalp is soaked into the oil
  • Now use the nit comb for 15 minutes
  • Wash your hair with anti-lice shampoo and repeat the process twice a week.


Head Lice Treatment

Petroleum Jelly and coconut oil for killing Head Lice

  1. Garlic and Lime Juice

The smell of garlic plays a major role in killing the head lice. The strong aroma helps in suffocating the lice and killing them with the citric properties of the lime.


How to use it?

  • Take 7-10 cloves of the garlic and grind them properly. Add 2 tbsps of lime juice for making the paste
  • Now apply the paste to your scalp and massage it properly.
  • Leave the paste on your scalp for at least 30 minutes
  • Rinse your hair with anti-lice shampoo. For best results, continue the process once a week.


Head Lice Treatment

Garlic and Lime Juice


  1. Combination of Baby Oil and Vinegar

Baby oil is naturally free from the potential chemicals because it is made from natural extracts. Baby oil aims to kill the head lice naturally by controlling the number of enzymes. The combination of vinegar and baby oil could help in cleaning the head and removing the lice without harming the growth cells.


How to use it?

  • Take the small quantity of baby oil and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar in it
  • Now apply the mixture to your scalp and properly massage it or 10 minutes.
  • Use the nit comb for cleaning the head.
  • It is better to leave the oil on your head overnight for effective results
  • Wash your head with anti-lice shampoo and use the nit comb again for removing the dead lice.


Head Lice Treatment

Combination of Baby Oil and Vinegar


Head Lice Shampoo

Head Lice shampoo plays a major role in killing the head lice and removing them without causing any side effects. There are a number of head lice shampoo which could be used for treating the lice and getting rid of nit eggs, however, the most effective shampoos are those which could help in achieving the permanent results.


  1. Head and Shoulders anti-lice shampoo

The Head and shoulders anti-lice shampoo is the best solution for those people who are planning to kill the head lice without opting for any treatment. While the head and shoulder not only kill head lice, it also aims to make your root stronger and nourish them by decreasing the chances of redevelopment


How to use it?

  • It is better to massage your head with essence oil before using the anti-lice shampoo.
  • After apply oil, use the nit comb for removing the nits or those lice which are moving at the edge of hair.
  • Now, properly wet your hair, take the small quantity of anti-lice shampoo, and dissolve it in the water properly.
  • Apply the shampoo on your head and properly massage it over.
  • Keep massaging your head at least for 3 minutes
  • Now properly rinse the shampoo with the water.
  • Repeat the steps at least 3 times a week.
  • If you are not using the combined treatment then, it is recommended to use the nit comb after washing your head.


Head Lice Treatment

Head and Shoulders anti-lice shampoo


  1. Picksan Lice Stop Shampoo

Picksan life shampoo is specially designed to kill the active lice by using the natural ingredients. As chemicalized head lice shampoos are capable of harming the hair roots thus leading to growth problems in the future.

The formula of Picksan lice shampoo is unique and tend to suffocate the head lice with Melaza extract. Melaza is the extract of neem which is further combined with active natural ingredients for killing the head lice.



  • Properly wet your hair and pat dry them with a towel before applying the shampoo.
  • Now take a small amount of shampoo and mix it with a small quantity of water. Make the form.
  • Now massage the shampoo on your head. Make sure that your hair is properly soaked in the form
  • Keeping massaging your head with shampoo for 2 minutes and let it rest for next 18 minutes.
  • Now properly rinse your hair with water and let them dry.
  • Once your hair is dried, use the metal nit comb for removing the dead lice
  • Repeat the process at least 2 times a week for effective results.


Head Lice Treatment

Picksan Lice Stop Shampoo


Bottom Line

We totally understand that lice are surely irritating however, it is quite satisfying to see that you can easily get rid of the head lice by taking help from different prescribed medication, remedies or shampoo. You can either go for the combined treatment (using anti-lice shampoo) as well as the home remedies for killing the head lice

Or you can take a suggestion from your doctor and undergo the treatment for getting rid of head lice in the limited time period. Before opting for any treatment, it is better to check its possible outcomes for reducing the chances of future problem

Any queries? You can share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.

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