Haircuts For Big Foreheads – Best Hairstyles For Men’s & Women’s

Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Men and women, both are always very conscious about their hairstyles and if you have a big forehead then, the struggle is real for sure. Finding some cool haircuts for big foreheads isn’t a hard thing, however, you are supposed to adopt certain tricks in order to implement the hairstyle in the right manner.

Today, we will be discussing some of the unique yet fashionable haircuts for big foreheads and how you can adapt them according to your face cut.

Moreover, you should remember that having a big forehead doesn’t make you less beautiful, however, it’s just a feature of your face which needs a little attention.



A big forehead is the one, which consists of wide space between the current hair line and eyebrows. Big foreheads are usually common in males because they tend to lose their hair more early than women.

However, women also have a big forehead, which can be adjusted with the help of a number of haircuts and hair styles.


Which Haircut is best for Big Foreheads?

Many hairstylists believe that bangs are not only the single haircut for the big forehead, however, having a haircut is all about transforming your personality and establishing a coordination between your facial features and your hair.

Moreover, they believe that length of a haircut has got nothing to do with the size of forehead because that’s not really the defining feature. For instance, if you have short hair that doesn’t mean you can’t go for different hairstyles.

According to the hairstylist from Hairstory studio, if you want to cover your big forehead then, you should know your angles accurately.


  • Long Hair Bangs to Eyebrows, Complimenting Cheek Bones

Long hair bangs are the perfect option for those females who are interested in having long hair while maintaining the features of their face.

The purpose of long hair bangs is to cover the wide forehead space between eye brows and hairline and make the face look more symmetrical.

This haircut is famous amongst the masses because it usually approaches to the cheek bones and aims to contour the face naturally.



  • Non-Traditional Bob For Men And Women

The non-traditional bobs are basically the deep bangs which are formed with the help of razor not cutting scissor. Non-traditional Bob doesn’t aim to cover the entire forehead, however, it provides volume to the bobs, makes them look soft on the skin and maintain the transparency of the big forehead.

These non-traditional bobs are designed for both the genders and aim to reduce the size of forehead in the most natural manner. This haircut for big foreheads is preferred by people because it is highly adjustable in nature.

For instance, you can easily adjust the separation of hair from forehead by keeping the bob on one side and transparency on the other.


Non-traditional bobs for men with transparency on left


Non-traditional bobs with low transparency


  • The Curly Middle Forehead Bangs

If you have got curly hair texture with big forehead then, you can easily go for curly bangs with the transparency of your own choice.

Curly bangs are basically the altered version of normal bangs, however, they aim to make hair look denser from outside.

The curly bags doesn’t aim to cover the entire forehead like the non-traditional, however, its aims to cover the half section with few curls. This haircut for big forehead is also designed for men with slightly wavy hair

In the case of the slight wave, the half hair section can be turned inward and half outward for smooth and assembled look on the forehead.


Curly Bangs

Wavy Bangs


  • Loose side Bob

The loose side bob is the modern form of non-traditional bobs because this haircut is designed to make the hair looks less assembled and uneven for fashionable look. This haircut is usually preferred by women because it makes the face look smaller and attractive.


Women’s Haircuts for Big Foreheads




If you are a man then, you can easily take a full advantage from your big forehead by selecting some trendy yet forehead covering haircuts.


  • Swooping Fringe


Men’s Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Swooping fringe is the full scalp yet short fringe haircut for the big foreheads. The side swooping fringe is the specialty of this haircut because it aims to shorten the length of the forehead while maintaining the simple look.


  • High Quiff with Middle Focal Point


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Different variety of high quiff haircuts for big foreheads is the part of the latest trend which helps in reducing the size of the forehead by focusing on the middle part of the head. The quiff hair cut for men is adjustable in nature.

For instance, you can swipe and set the quiff left, right or middle, according to your own choice.


  • Long Fringe For Straight Textured Hair


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Longer fringe is the best hair cut for those men who have straight textured hair and a big forehead. This haircut can simply be adopted by turning few section inward (soft touch) and few outward (assembled) for a great look.


  • Curly Top Pomp


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Curly top pomp is also referred as the messy look because it aims to cover the entire head starting a little lower from the current hair line till the ending scalp. This hair cut is recommended to those people who have slight wavy texture.


  • Brushed Up Hair


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Brushed up haircut for big forehead is famous because of its trendy yet highly professional look.

The brushed up design is created after cutting short soft fringe and then, the hair on the forehead is brushed upward for creating an assembled and professional look.




As women are known for their amazing fashion sense, therefore, they never compromise on their looks.

The women with big foreheads usually go for bangs however, there are a number of haircuts which they can go for.


  • Outward Feathers with Slight Curls


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Outward feathers with curls haircut for big forehead is the part of the hottest hair trend for females. This haircut not only covers the forehead with side transparency, however, it also aims to elevate the cheek bones by drawing a perfect contoured line.


  • Straight Baby Cut approaching to Eyebrows


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Short and long hair baby cut is the unique haircut for big forehead because it aims to maintain the current hair length,
bring volume to the front hair and cover the forehead with small fringes.

This haircut can be adjusted according to the length of hair. For instance, you can go for either the long hair baby cut or short haircut according to your face shape.


  • Full Steps with One-Sided Bangs


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Full head steps haircut is the sister of feathers because it also covers the entire scalp, however, the direction of hair is usually inward. As the steps are inclined towards the both sides, therefore, it depends on you that you what one-sided bangs or the double sided.


  • Full Head Straight Slang Cut


Haircuts for Big Foreheads


Slang is the trendiest haircut for big forehead because it gives a unique look to the face while complimenting each and every face feature, such as cheek bones, eye brows, and definitely forehead. Full head slang is also referred as short or long bob.


So which haircut are you planning to go for? Let us know by leaving your comments below.



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