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Hair Transplant Forehead

Baldness or thin hair texture has become a common concern for a number of people these days and due to the same reason, now people are considering to opt for forehead hair transplant in order to look more attractive and young.

Hair transplantation is basically the cosmetic treatment performed by the dermatologist on both the genders according to their requirements and expectations.

As forehead hair transplantation is also a technique for forehead reduction, therefore, there is a little confusion between the two phenomena’s, which we will be clearing through our discussion.


Forehead Hair Transplant

Forehead Hair transplantation is the medical technique in which hair follicles are picked from the healthy part of the body known as a donor and are transplanted into the balding or thinning area called as recipient site.

In forehead hair transplant, hair is taken from the back of the scalp or side (depending on the health of hair) and are implanted either on the current hair line or below, for achieving the better results.

Normally, there are two major types of forehead hair transplant, which are performed according to the past history of the clients, hair condition, the level of baldness and thickness.


  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT is the most advantageous technique of forehead hair transplant because it aims to generate the effective results with comparatively less healing time.

In this method, the hair strip is taken from the donor site i.e. back of the head and then, tissues of that area are dissected in order to extract the maximum hair follicles, which are further transformed into grafts.

Once the healthy grafts are identified then, they are placed on the recipient site according to the need of the area. For transplantation procedure, small holes are made on the recipient site so that the hair follicles can be placed.

According to the recent study, around 2000 to 4500 healthy hair grafts can be implanted during a single transplantation session and can provide great results because this method empowers the surgeon’s to completely utilize the donor site for extracting the healthy hair follicles.


Pain Involved in FUT

As this method involves the extraction of 1mm diameter strip from the back of the head, therefore, most of the patients complain about extreme pain during the initial stages, however, it tends to go away with passing time.



The extraction of tissue from the donor site leaves a thin scar on the back of the head, which can be covered by opting for different hairstyles. Though, you won’t be able to go for short hairstyle after forehead hair transplant because it will make your scar visible.


  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE which is also referred as the manual grafting method is the best option for those individuals who don’t like scars or want to wear different hairstyles irrespective of the length.

FUE is the forehead hair transplant technique in which hair follicles are individually taken from the donor site. Since this method is manual in nature, therefore, a smaller number of hair follicles can be picked during the surgery session.

This method of forehead hair transplant is usually recommended to the candidates with thin hair issues.


Pain Involved in FUE

Since no hair strip is extracted during FUE therefore, the healing time associated with this method is relatively faster. Moreover, no pain records or complaints have been found during the session of FUE forehead hair transplant.



This method consists of no scars, however, patients would be able to notice few punctures at the donor site, which are dissolvable in nature and heals within the period of 3-7 days.


Procedure of Forehead Hair Transplant

Before starting the forehead hair transplant the donor and recipient site is prepared for the proper harvesting purposes.


Donor Site Preparation

  • Before the surgery, the donor site is trimmed and local anesthesia is provided for stripping purpose.
  • After anesthesia, the donor strip (healthy tissue) with hair follicles is extracted from the area. The healthy tissues are bald resistant in nature.
  • The donor area is closed with the help of stitches and patient’s natural hair is combed over the area.
  • The stitches from the area are removed approximately after 10 days of the forehead hair transplant


 Preparation of Graft Units

  • Before the transplant, the strip from the donor site is keenly examined and microscopic technique is used for preparing the units by using the follicular technique.
  • Once the grafts are prepared then, recipient area is prepared for transplantation purpose.


Recipient Site Preparations

  • The forehead or bald area is properly cleaned before the surgery and local anesthesia is provided.
  • After anesthesia, an incision is made in a random manner on the forehead.
  • Smaller graft units are implanted in front of the hair line while denser ones are implanted behind to ensure the natural look.
  • After implantation, the forehead hair transplant surgery is closed and patients are allowed to go back to their work.


Healing Time

As anesthesia is used during the forehead hair transplant, therefore, the chances of pain are relatively lower however, patients are still advised to take some antibiotics prescribed by the surgeon.

Patients are allowed to shampoo their hair after 4 to 5 days of surgery however, they should take proper precautions to protect the donor site from any harm.

Moreover, patients are recommended to avoid direct sunlight after the forehead hair transplant because direct contact with the sun might lead to pain or itching.

The overall healing time for forehead hair transplant is 14 days, however, after 3 to 4 months, patients would be able to identify the hair coverage from the current hairline. The coverage can also be witnessed after the falling of transplanted hair (after 3-4 weeks).


Precautionary Measures before Forehead Hair Transplant

Surgeons usually recommend the patients to stop the consumption of any blood thinning medicines at least a week prior the surgery.

Some of the medicines which should not be consumed before surgery are as follows:

  • Pain killer or aspirin
  • Medicines containing Vitamin E
  • Fish oil based medicines


Forehead Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of forehead hair transplant is determined on the basis of grafts harvested from the donor site and implanted on the recipient site.

During the forehead hair transplant surgery, almost 4000 graft units are required to lower the hairline by 2 to 3 cm. The cost associated with this treatment lies between the ranges of $15000 to $20000.

However, the estimated cost might also go up if more grafts are implanted in the targeted area.


Forehead Reduction vs Hair Transplant

Forehead Reduction surgery is the surgical treatment in which hair line is figuratively lowered by making an incision below the current hair line in order to lessen the size of the forehead.

In forehead reduction surgery, the neuroleptic is injected through intervascular, after which a slit is made inside the current hairline. The purpose of the incision is to strip the forehead skin ranging from 1.5 cm to 2 cm so that the hair line could be lowered.

Moreover, one of the purposes of forehead hair transplant is to lessen the forehead size however, this technique is also used to make the hair look denser and cure the baldness.

The effectiveness of both the treatment is free from doubts, however, the selection of treatment depends on the needs of the patients and their condition.

For instance, patients with the larger forehead, dense hair texture, and less hair fall history are recommended to go for forehead reduction surgery because this method aims to lower the hairline only.

However, patients with thin hair texture and baldness are recommended to go for hair transplant because this method will help them in getting the desired number of grafts without altering the entire hairline.



Moreover, the results generated by forehead reduction surgery are quite immediate in nature because patients are allowed to transform their look by opting for different hairstyles.

On the other hand, the healing and result process for forehead hair transplant can take up to 3-4 months.



As forehead reduction surgery is one sitting technique, which is performed by using the FROST system, therefore, the cost associated with the treatment lies between the ranges of $7000-10000 depending upon the number of inches lowered.

Moreover, the cost of forehead hair transplant is calculated on the basis of per graft and for forehead reduction purposes at least 4000 grafts are supposed to be implanted which will cost around $20000.



Forehead reduction surgery is the good option for those people who are looking for an immediate change in their forehead while staying under the budget.

On the other hand, if you are interested in increasing the growth of your hair or make them look denser then, forehead hair transplant is the right option for you.


Precautionary Note!

It is recommended to take proper consultancy from the doctor before deciding the treatment because every patient has different hair texture and the decision is supposed to be made accordingly.        


forehead hair transplant

Results of Forehead Reduction Surgery

forehead hair transplant

Growth process of Forehead Hair Transplant


Forehead Reduction Hair Transplant

In forehead reduction hair transplant around 2 to 3 (4000) hair grafts are implanted below or above the current hair line for reducing the overall size of the forehead.

The forehead reduction hair transplant is performed by using the FUT technique because forehead cannot be reduced by manually and individually harvesting the hair follicles from the donor site.

The forehead reduction hair transplant technique is a good option for those individuals who are interested in lowering their hairline naturally however, the results of this method can be seen after 3 to 4 months.

So are you in forehead hair transplant or forehead reduction surgery? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.




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