Eyebrow Transplant: Reviews – Cost , Results & Side Effects

Eyebrow Transplant

Our eyebrows play a crucial role in defining our personality and making us look like a human. The continuous changes in brow shape and filling make it very clear that it is needed to comply with latest beauty trends. So let’s discover why eyebrow transplant has become so much viral.

From ‘Instagram brow phenomenon’ to, fully defined thick brow, it is evident that bushy brows have now become the significant part of a never-ending trend. Before early 20’s thin eyebrows very highly preferred by the beauty freaks because they help in enhancing the eye beauty. But now fuller is the only option.Similarly, this trend has made ‘eyebrow transplant’ a major phenomenon. It is easy for thick eyebrow people to change the shape of their brows naturally. But thin eyebrow owners usually suffer to find the natural ways of filling their brows. Some people tend to go for eyebrow tinting which stays for temporary period while other go for eyebrow pencil kit (very short-lived)

You must be thinking, what’s the permanent solution?

Well, we believe eyebrow transplant is the permanent and most effective way of reducing the efforts and time you invest to make your eyebrows appear denser naturally.


Eyebrow transplant


Reasons for Eyebrow Transplant

Apart from beauty needs, there are some other medical reasons which ultimately increases the need for eyebrow transplant surgery.

Some of the common causes are associated with age factor or underlying health issues such as:

  • lack of proper nutrition’s
  • Spot baldness
  • Medical treatment and medicines with severe side effects could also lead to eyebrow hair loss and Thyroid issues which lead to less production of hormones which could lead to hair loss.
  • Side effects of chemotherapy or dermatitis also commonly known as eczema are likely to increase the demand for an eyebrow

Additionally, some of the cosmetic issues or maybe mistakes also contribute to the loss or thinness of eyebrow hairs.

  • Over-plucking and untimely trimming of eyebrows could lead to permanent eyebrow hair loss.
  • Continuous application of eyebrow tinting solution could also lead to hair loss.
  • Early age plucking, shaving or application of hair removal creams also reduce the eyebrow hair growth.


What is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is the invasive technique which is used to make eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. In this technique, the healthy hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head or any other donor zone for placing the follicles on eyebrows. As new hair follicles are placed on eyebrows, therefore, the traditional trimming process is required for proper hair growth.

Commonly, two techniques known as FUE and stripping techniques are used for harvesting the follicles. Both of the techniques are capable of providing the permanent solution. However, it depends on the professional that which technique they tend to perform based on the eyebrow condition and structure.

Traditionally, for making the eyebrow denser at least 50-70 hair follicles are placed while in the severe cases the number can go up to 300 follicles. This technique is the best solution for those people who are looking for the painless, permanent solution for the eyebrow baldness, thinness, and bad eyebrow texture.

The cost of the technique also varies from professional to professional, which we shall be discussing in a little while.


Eyebrow transplant



Follicular Unit Extraction is the finest way of performing eyebrow transplantation. Under this method, the natural and mimic hair follicles are selected from the desired area and processed for transforming purposes. This method is more flexible because it allows the professional to pick and choose the best hair match.

On the other hand, stripping method is all about selecting the best hair strip from the harvesting location and transforming it into grafts. Stripping is likely to generate less favorable results because at times, it becomes hard for professionals to determine the health of the hair.

While FUE is capable of 100% results with lesser downtime. Some of the features of FUE and Stripping methods are as follows:


Follicular Unit Extraction

Stripping Method

Anesthesia is used for extracting the follicles from donor site Anesthesia is used.
Healthy and hard hair follicles are picked for placement purposes Usually damaged and bisected hair follicles are extracted from the strip thus resulting in less usability
Less or no pain at donor site (neck) during movement because only needed grafts are picked Medium to High Pain complaints has been made by patients during movement.

Lasts from 2 weeks to a month

No scarring at donor site or eyebrows Scar marks are detectable due to the stitching and incision procedure
No follicles damage or discontinuation of hair growth because only right grafts are harvested Damaged follicles and damaged hair growth because stripping hinders the future hair growth at donor site
Less healing time: once the area is healed, it would be difficult to detect it again. Extended Healing time: After healing patient can still easily identify the area because of the incision.
Results: Guaranteed effective results with less downtime and long life.  Results: Probability of effective results because the placement of soft hair might lead to inefficiency.


Ideal Candidates for Eyebrow Transplant

Normally, all the people with thinned or less eyebrow hair are thought to the ideal candidates for the procedure. Moreover, the person should be physically healthy and should not have past history of excessive bleeding or blood clotting during the final process.

It is recommended to take proper consultancy from your professional before undergoing the surgery because lack of examination could lead to future complications.

Eyebrow transplant


Eyebrow Transplant Reviews

  • Ferrari from Poland: had to say this about the eyebrow transplant: I’m done with the 6-month post-procedure time and my eyebrows are looking incredible. They look extremely natural and beautiful that I have simply quit the use of eyebrow makeup.
  • Desertyogni: said ‘I did a lot of research to find out about eyebrow transplant. Before actually undergoing the procedure, I was in denial. I have tried all sort of makeup to achieve the fuller brows but I am surely astonished by the brilliant and flawless results of eyebrow transplant’.
  • Mica from LA: ‘The procedure of eyebrow transplant is surely worth it but it depends on your professional that how they plan to carry ahead. I literally have the worst experience at first place because my doctor failed to understand the grafts requirements. However, after two years I again decided to go for the surgery and now I am more than happy’.


Eyebrow Transplant Cost

The cost of eyebrow transplant is relatively higher than all the other forms of eyebrow transformation. The normal cost of the treatment ranges from $3000-5000. However, this amount is expected to fluctuate based on the following factors:

  • Experience of the professional
  • Methods which are being used
  • Number of hours stayed at the clinic
  • The treatment sessions.

If you are hiring the highly experienced professional for the job and opting for the stripping method then, you might have to spend more time in clinic thus resulting in higher cost. Additionally, the cost for FUE method also lies in the same parameter however, it tends to vary on the basis of grafts placed and hair adjusted during the process.

It is a good idea to go for highly paid professionals but payment has got nothing to do with the efficiency. Always try to get the reviews from the experienced people in order to avoid the chances of mishap or wrong implementation.


Eyebrow transplant



When it comes to surgical treatment, most of the people start expecting the brilliant results right after the treatment. However, the truth is quite contradictory. According to the eyebrow transplant specialist, the minimum time which is required to witness the natural growth of eyebrow hair is 12-18 months.

As this treatment is designed to boost the natural hair growth procedure, therefore. The treated should at least be given the right time. Normal hair tends to go through the entire hair growth cycle and same happens in the case of eyebrow transplant.


Side Effects

  • Eyebrow transplant is normally called as the less-risker treatment because of its overall procedure
  • However, patients with sensitive skin type might face minimal swelling, inflammation or reddishness on the treated area.
  • Some people also categorize the falling of grafts as side effects. But it’s actually a natural procedure which indicates the hair growth.


Eyebrow Transplant Before and After

The before and after pictures of real clients of eyebrow transplant makes it very clear that this cosmetic surgery is worth your money and a little pain.


Eyebrow transplant


Eyebrow treatment not only helps in achieving the denser eyebrow look. It also aims to enhance the eyebrow shape by adding the right amount of depth in the most natural manner.


Eyebrow transplant


If you are looking for a totally transformed facial look then, it is legit to go for eyebrow transplant treatment. This treatment can surely help you in changing your facial expression and achieving the fuller look.


Eyebrow transplant


Eyebrow transplant is also the ultimate solution for lighter and shapeless eyebrows. If you can’t go for continuous eyebrow threading and you are also done with using all the brow kits then. You must consider the option of eyebrow transplant because it can effectively help you in covering the brow flaws.


Eyebrow transplant


From beautified look to, perfect shaping. Eyebrow transplant has no doubt become the must to have treatment for those people who are looking for perfection and properly defined eyebrow features.


Bottom Line

Whether you are going to stripping method or FUE. Always make sure that the procedure you are opting for is effective or not. Eyebrows are the defining feature of our face and it is always a good to take several suggestions before deciding on the shape, texture and look of your brows.

We understand that fuller eyebrows are trending these days but don’t forget that trends always keep changing. Go for your comfort and opt for those things which suit you the most.

What are you planning to do with your thin eyebrows? Don’t forget to share your views with us by leaving your comments below. We would be highly happy to see your transformation.




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