Eyebrow Tinting – Does Eyebrow Tinting Work? Before and After Results

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the first smart move towards the strong brow game strategy which ultimately leads to groomed personality.

Properly defined brows with right tint enable the person to pull off an amazing natural look without using a lot of makeup.

Unlike eyebrow threading and waxing, the process of eyebrow tinting is not at all painful because it doesn’t remove any hair from the brows.

If you are planning to achieve an all groomed look without undergoing the painful hair removal process then, eyebrow tinting should be your first priority.


eyebrow tinting


Does Eyebrow Tinting Works?

Eyebrow tinting is the method of upgrading the eyebrows by adding depth, appropriate color and defined shape using the semi-permanent vegetable dye (non-FDA approved).

In this method, the brow color is selected (in coordination with hair color plus base brow color), the tint is applied for covering the extra hair and adding deepness to the brow.

The process of eyebrow tinting can be performed by using the brow tinting kit however, there is no harm in seeing the brow professional for more accurate results.

The world of beauty has witnessed a lot of changes in the past few years and advent of eyebrow tinting is the outcome of the same changing trends. Now the problem of thin-light colored eyebrows can easily be solved by using eyebrow tinting.


How is Eyebrow Tinting Performed?

For performing the procedure of eyebrow tinting, you need two common things:


  • Brow Tinting Kit


eyebrow tinting


  • Clear-cut knowledge about Tinting Procedure

Finding and using a workable brow tinting kit isn’t a hard job, however, achieving perfection is!

The common perception says that eyebrow tinting is all about shaping the brows with the help of pencil and then, using the tint for achieving the desired look.

However, the brow pros say that tinting is more about determining the brow nature, complimenting shape, right color, and any medical sensitivity. The eyebrow tinting pro will not only guide you perfectly however, they can help you in understanding all sort of pros and cons associated with the look.


eyebrow tinting


We will be guiding you on how to do eyebrow tinting at home however, it is highly recommended to go for the right consultation before trying anything by yourself.


Tinting Steps


Purchase the Brow Tinting Kit

If you are planning to perform brow tinting at home then, you surely need to purchase the most appropriate brow tinting kit without compromising on the quality and price. According to the ranking, the Wunderbrow is the best option for the self-tinting.

Rest, you can also give a try to Godefroy eyebrow tint or RouxBeauty depending upon your pocket and interest.


Clean and Shape Your Brows

Cleaning your brows and giving it a definite shape before tinting is the important pre-requisite. If your brows are not shaped properly then, you might end up tinting your eyebrows wrongly which is indeed a worth thing.


eyebrow tinting


  • Get your eyebrows threading/cleaned properly from the expert.
  • Brush them up to see whether any tiny hairs are present or not.


eyebrow tinting


  • If you are performing eyebrow tinting at home then, draw the ‘wanted’ shape with a brow pencil for accurate results.

Prepare the Color

Usually, the eyebrow tinting kit comes with the prepared colored which you can directly apply on your brows. However, if you are using the Godefroy brow tinting kit then, you might need to do initial preparation by combining the color mixture and given a solution.

For best results, it is advised to use the one-step eyebrow tinting kits because they can be applied easily without getting worried about the tendency of the mixture or aftercare.

Additionally, the selection of color should always be made while considering the color of your hairs and present brows. Any sort of mismatching can impact your entire face, so be careful.


Perform the Procedure

Once you are done with all the pre-requisites then, next step is all about the application.

  • Make sure your eyes are free from any sort of makeup. Use a small portion of Vaseline to clean the area. Vaseline also helps in preventing the contact of tinting mixture to the skin.
  • Draw the line on your eyebrows with the help of brow pencil in order to apply the mixture.


eyebrow tinting


  • Use the wooden stick to fill the eyebrows with the tinting mixture. If you don’t have any wooden stick then, take the back of your soft eye brush and use it for application purposes. (Avoid using your fingers directly or any soft material)


eyebrow tinting


  • Now leave the mixture on your brows for at least 2 minutes. It is better to follow the instructions given on the tinting brow kit as different products have different requirements.


eyebrow tinting


  • After completion time, take a cotton swab and remove the tinting mixture from your brows completely. Clean the area for at least 2 to 3 times in order to see the exact results.


eyebrow tinting


  • Now repeat the same steps on the other brow.

Does Eyebrow Tinting Works?

In reality, it does and it can surely do wonders for those people who have extremely thin and light brows. However, if you think that you would be able to set your eyebrow makeup kit aside after going through the procedure. Then, everything single thing has certain flaws which we need to acknowledge.


· Eyebrow Tinting Gives Stronger Brow Definition

The right process of eyebrow tinting gives a unique strength to your eyebrows without any exaggeration.

Additionally, eyebrow tinting can help you in creating a coordination between your eyes and brows in the most natural manner. For instance, if you have small and light colored brows then, you can easily use the similar color for changing your entire facial appearance from pale to great.


eyebrow tinting


· Can Compliment your Hair Color

Eyebrow tinting can easily help in creating a smooth connection between your eyebrows color and newly changed hair color. People with light brown or blonde hair usually complain about no correlation between their brows. However, this problem can be solved by using the right eyebrow tinting color.

Additionally, this method can facilitate in achieving the naturally balanced look with warm colors and a definite shape.


eyebrow tinting


· It can be changed on Monthly Basis

The best and the maybe little disturbing thing about eyebrow tinting is that the color deteriorates with the passing time and tend to vanish within the period of 6 weeks. If you like to change your looks on a continuous basis. Then, eyebrow tinting is the best beauty hack for you.

Moreover, if you are getting your eyebrows tinted from any professional. Then, this procedure is surely known for its high maintenance cost which tends to vary based on the selected professional, number of sittings per treatment and the brand used for tinting purposes.


· Eyebrow Tinting doesn’t Provide 360 Coverage

Eyebrow tinting does help in providing natural coverage to the flawed eyebrows and intensifies the beauty by providing a strengthen look. However, when it comes to 360 coverage. Then, some people might still complain about the visibility of skin tissues or gaps.

The beauty experts say that after eyebrow tinting, you are still supposed to fill some unwanted tissue gaps with the help of brow pencil and related eye color for achieving the defined look.

As far as the waxing or eyebrow threading is concerned then, the need varies according to the skin type. Some people have faster hair growth while others have slower.

In case of fast hair growth, you might need to clean the eyebrow area with the help of threading because of the visible difference between the two. However, if the difference is not visible then, you can relax at least for the 4 weeks.



The argument clearly states that effectiveness of eyebrow tinting is free from any doubts. However, if you are performing the method at home then, you might not be able to get the right results because of the lack of proper information.

Research says that Eyebrow tinting isn’t a DIY thing because it involved a lot of technical underlying concepts. These could only be understood by the licensed eyebrow tinting professional.

So if you are planning to get the perfect look by using the eyebrow tinting method. Then, don’t forget to see your beauty professional soon.


Eyebrow Tinting; Before and After

The before and after results of eyebrow tinting are surely impressive in nature. They can trigger you to undergo the method of achieving the similar look.


eyebrow tinting


The perfectly arched look with filled hair is achieved by using the blonde colored eyebrow tinting kit.


eyebrow tinting


eyebrow tinting


So when are you planning to go for eyebrow tinting? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.


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