What is Eyebrow Threading? How Does Eyebrow Threading Work

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading? Who doesn’t want to have perfectly shaped eyebrows?

As eyebrows are said to be the emotional expresses and personality recognizers, therefore, there is no harm in going extra miles for your eyebrows and enhancing their beauty by using different techniques.

Eyebrow threading which is modernly called as epilation is an ancient hair removing technique in which thin cotton reel or polyester is used for shaping the eyebrows and getting rid of extra hair above the eyelid and eyebrows.

Eyebrow threading is basically an art which involves a lot of technicalities and tricks. However, this art can easily be learned and practiced at home with the help of a proper guide, which you can find below


Eyebrow Threading


What is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is the cosmetic technique in which individual hair of eyebrows is smoothly plucked from the follicles. To execute this technique, a thin cotton reel is doubled and twisted between the thumb and index finger and properly placed on the hair rows for plucking purposes.

As hair follicles are directly plucked from the skin with pressure, therefore, many people usually complain about mild to moderate discomfort and pain during the execution process, however, the discomfort can be reduced by applying soothing lotion or mask on the eyebrows.

Plucking and shaping eyebrow hair is all about placing your hands lightly on the eyelids and putting right pressure in order to minimize the pain and discomfort. Certain lotions are applied before the threading process, however, due to the sensitivity of the area, the chances of completing eliminating the pain are low.

Eyebrow threading is the most effective and safe technique of removing the excess hair from eyebrows and shaping hair according to the face need. Since threading empowers the individuals to mold the hair structure in any form, therefore, this technique is used for wearing different fashion trends and adopting the beautifying culture.

Moreover, this technique is famous for providing shaping control to the eyebrow shaper. For instance, eyebrow threading allows you to twist the thread on the single thin row of brows and pluck them. Once all the hair are properly plucked then, it is easy to shape them.

Whereas, waxing and tweezing eyebrows limit the chances of perfect shape because of lack of control and row plucking.

Originally, eyebrow threading is performed with the help of cotton thread, however, advancement in technology has made the life of people super easier. Now a number of threading machines have been introduced for facilitating the eyebrow threading and shaping.


A Little More About Eyebrow Threading

Though threading machines are capable of performing the task in the fastest manner, however, their efficiency is still under some doubts because these machines don’t facilitate the individual plucking of hair, which further causes the shaping difficulties.

The beauty benefits of eyebrow threading are hard to avoid, however, this technique comes with only a one-way ticket. Yes! Once you have decided to enter into the world of eyebrow threading then, it is relatively impossible to step back.

This beauty technique not only enhances the potential growth of hair follicles at the near eyebrow zones, however, it also aims to alter the original texture of hair from thin to thick.


How Eyebrow Threading Works

The working of eyebrow threading is entirely dependent on the person, who is holding the thread and rolling it. If you want your eyebrows to look amazing then, you either need to learn the right technique or take help from those people who are a pro at handling the brows.

Some of the techniques, which can help you in understanding the working of eyebrow threading, are as follows.


  1. Piece of Cotton Thread


Eyebrow Threading


  • Take a cotton thread and cut it at least 11 inches long.
  • The thread should be long enough for the doubled knot.
  • If your hands are big then, take the big piece of the thread


  1. Tie Double Knot with Thread

  • Take two ends of the thread.
  • Combine the ends in the shape of ‘x’
  • Now put one finger in the middle of the ‘x’.
  • Grip the thread and tie a small knot at the end.
  • Check the grip of the thread by wearing the tied knot on your index finger and thumb.


Eyebrow Threading


  1. Make the twisted ‘X’ with Knot

  • Hold the thread with the index finger and thumb of both of your hands.
  • Keep one hand constant and move the finger of another hand in ‘Anti-clock wise direction
  • Roll it for at least 5 times, continuously


Eyebrow Threading


  1. Pre-test with Fingers (Test the Grip)

  • After forming the balanced ‘X’ shape, pre-test the grip by moving the thread with your fingers.
  • If you are doing your own eyebrow threading then, you should use index finger and thumb for placement.
  • If you can grip the thread with other fingers then, it is not necessary to use the two fingers only.


Eyebrow Threading



  1. Brush-up the wanted Hair

  • If you are doing eyebrow threading for the very first time then, it is recommended to brush up the wanted hair in order to uncover the light and unwanted hair.
  • This step will also help in identifying the hair rows which should be threaded.
  • Brush up your eyebrow hair upward either with the washed mascara brush or any other combing item.

Eyebrow Marking

  • The marking of the eyebrow with eyeliner pencil can help you in choosing the right shape for your brows and then, thread the hair accordingly.
  • For marking purpose, draw either a line or brow on the current hair and then, follow the next steps.


Eyebrow Threading


  1. Place the ‘V’ Knot on Eyebrows

  • After brushing, if you are afraid of extreme reddishness or pain then, you can apply any cream or puffing powder to smooth the zone.
  • It is recommended to apply the dry material in order to avoid the slipping of the thread due to sweat or moisture.

V Knot:

  • Place the ‘X’ knot made in ‘Step 3’ on your eyebrows.
  • Try to place the knot on the hair which you want to thread.
  • Now put the slight pressure on your eyelids with fingers and start moving your fingers and thumb.

Eyebrow Threading by Beautician

  • If a beautician is doing your eyebrow threading then, they might ask you to place your fingers on the eyelids to increase the thread grip.
  • Since the hairs of eyebrows are little hard, therefore, a strong grip is needed to avoid rashes or skin irritation.


Eyebrow Threading

Gripping eyelids


Eyebrow Threading

Placement of ‘X’ Knot


  1. Pull the Excess hair or Use Opposite Direction

  • Once you have placed the ‘X’ knot rightly on the eyebrows then, next step is pulling the hairs by putting pressure.
  • You need to wide open the fingers of one hand, which will result in squeezing of hair.
  • Once you have got the right grip then, all you need to do is pull the hair out.
  • You need to clean both the upper part of the eyelid and upper part of the eyebrow hair.
  • Since this step is quite painful, therefore, you might lose the grip in the midst of threading.
  • To reduce the pain, place the thread in a row and then, pull the hair out.
  • The individual pulling might cause more discomfort than rows.


  • After pulling out all the excess hair, you can easily give a shape to your eyebrows by removing hair individually.
  • For instance, if you want to have 1/3 thick eyebrows with thin ending then, you need to pull the hair from the middle of brows to end.
  • You should always choose the shape of brows according to your face cut.
  • Always remember, both the eyebrows are not twins but sisters, therefore, it is important to draw the line and, then shape brows.


Eyebrow Threading

Brow Styles



  • If you are using threading tool for the very first time then, it is recommended to practice the technique beforehand.
  • You should practice the movement of fingers and twisting either on your legs or someone else’s legs or hands.
  • Above step will help you in understanding the grip of thread and how to control its movements for removing more hair.
  • Since eyebrows are little tricky to handle and shape, therefore, the first try should be avoided.


Eyebrow Threading


  1. Clean the Area

Once all the excess hair are removed then, you need to clean the threaded area to re-check the zone. Sometimes, it is difficult to grip the small hair follicles, so in that condition, you can use the tweezer to pluck the hair out.

Moreover, the small hair can also be covered with the help of face foundation therefore, it is not highly important to clear them out. After all the checking, clean the area either with the soft brush, tissue, cotton balls or puffs.

In case of extreme reddishness or rashes, wrap an ice cube in the tissue and slowly tap it on the irritating zone. Repeat the step for 5 minutes or until reddishness is reduced.


  1. Apply Soothing Lotion

Eyebrow soothing lotion or after threading lotion helps in opening the pores of the threaded area and reduce the chances of hair growth. As moisturizers nourish the skin in an effective manner, therefore, it is recommended to go for light moisturizers for relaxing the skin.

Always go for those moisturizers which do not consist of alcohol or perfume. These ingredients can increase the chances of irritation.

Moreover, you can also apply chilled rose water, coconut oil or packaged Aloe Vera on your skin for relaxation purposes. These ingredients help in soothing the skin and relaxing the tensed muscles in a matter of minutes.



Since it is hard to tight your eyelids with one hand and thread with other, therefore, it is recommended to get your eyebrows done by the experienced person.


Eyebrow threading vs waxing

Waxing is a temporary hair removal technique in which excess hair is removed from the eyebrows or other body parts with the help of soft wax (Strip wax) and Hot wax or hard wax known as stripless.

In eyebrow waxing, usually, a paper strip with wax is placed on the excess hair on eyebrows, pressed for a while and then, pulled out for removing the hair follicles from the root. Both strip wax and hot wax method are used for removing the hair depending on the skin type and preference of the client.

You must be thinking that which method of removing hair is the best choice for you?


Eyebrow Threading

Strip Wax


Waxing Pros

  • Hot waxing is the best option for the people with sensitive skin because, in this method, the wax is quickly applied to the skin and pulled out at once for reducing the discomfort.
  • Waxing allows the removal of hard hair easily.
  • This method aims to provide a clean and sharp look to eyebrows in a single go. (You are not supposed to apply the wax repeatedly for removing hair)
  • An ideal choice for those who have heavy or fluffy brows.
  • The results of waxing last for 4 or 6 weeks. (Some people might be able to witness hair growth just after a week of waxing because of the difference in hair growth texture and skin type).

Waxing Cons

  • Strip wax on eyebrows might increase the chances of irritation or reddishness.
  • This method doesn’t allow the removal of small hair from the eyebrows.
  • Wax usually consists of certain chemicals which are not suitable for every skin type. Some of the common harmful chemicals are artificial perfumes, resins, carcinogenic parabens and several harmful dyes.
  • Since waxing doesn’t remove all the short hair, therefore, you might need to clean the area with eyebrow threading for achieving the results.


Eyebrow Threading

Stripless or Hot Wax


Threading Pros

  • The quick cosmetic technique of removing hair follicles.
  • Aims to pull all the small hair from the threaded zone.
  • This technique is free from any sort of chemical ingredients.
  • Since threading doesn’t remove the hair directly from the root, therefore, this method is best for those people who wish to avoid reddishness or wax bumps
  • If hairs are properly threaded from the eyebrows then, the result of this technique can last for at least 4 weeks or more.
  • Eyebrow threading is ready-go-method because it doesn’t involve any sort of pasting or stripping.
  • The inexpensive technique with wide suitability for all the skin types.

Threading Cons

  • Not the ideal option for people with forehead acne. The thread might cause a lot of irritation and pain for the people with acne.
  • This method requires a lot of practice and exact movement of hands for better results.

The decision of the selecting the right method is totally dependent on the client however, you should always make the decision by considering the sensitivity of your skin, the longevity of the results and the expenses involved.


Eyebrow Threading Machine

For last 100 years, people have used the traditional technique of strands cotton to remove the excess hair, however, due to technology, several other methods have been introduced to ease the process of removing hair from eyebrows and make them look super attractive.

According to the research, eyebrow threading machines have now become the part of the latest trend because these equipment empower the people to thread their brows easily without getting worried about the odd shape or jumbled look.

Some of the effective yet easy to use eyebrow threading machines are as follows:


  1. Philips NT9110/30 Multi-purpose Trimmer

Philips NT9110/30 is charging based (AA battery) eyebrow trimmer, which comes with the technology of adjustable angles. The technology for eyebrow threading empowers the people to remove all the unwanted hair from eyebrows without establishing a direct contact with the skin.

This eyebrow threading machine is an ideal option for those who wish to change the shape of their brows without getting involved in threading or waxing procedure.
Since Philips trimmer comes with automatic hair grip, therefore, it is easy to get rid of all the hair near the eyebrows without the danger of reddishness or inflammation.


  1. Helix Eyebrow threading Kit

The Helix eyebrow kit consists of all the necessary items, which are required to thread the eyebrows. A Helix eyebrow threading kit is the manual way of removing hair from roots however,
this kit is introduced to reduce the chances of hand injuries, cuts, and rashes during the threading process.

This kit consists of the plastic threading equipment for protecting the hands and to facilitate the fast threading process, threading cotton reel, comb for brushing the eyebrows,
brown eyebrow color for contouring purposes and eyebrow gel for the perfect soothing touch.

Moreover, Helix eyebrow threading equipment enhances the overall safety of the procedure by eliminating the human interaction with the skin of another person.


  1. Braun FG 1100

The Braun FG 1100 is named as the best threading and hair removing machine because this machine allows the removal of hair from the highly sensitive parts in the most soothing manner.

It is a battery based technology which comes with precision cutting accessories and standard cutting accessories to facilitate the perfect threading and shaping of the brows.
The standard equipment can be used for removing the excess hair however, precision cutters help in achieving the perfect shape and look.

For amazing results, you can take help from the beauty templates of the Braun FG 1100.


  1. Standard Tool for eyebrow threading

Though the market is loaded with branded machines and tools, mwhich facilitate in removing hair from eyebrows, however, the standard tool is the best option for those who are looking for the inexpensive yet easy-to-use tool.

Standard eyebrow threading tool comes with plastic handles which are attached with the thread. For threading purpose, all you need to do is move your fingers in the right direction and pull the hair out.

The efficiency of the standard tool is free from doubts because it works just like the traditional threading.


  1. COCOJOJO Electric Eyebrow threading Machine

The coco Jojo electric eyebrow threading machine comes with the attached cotton inside the threading stands. Since this machine comes with the electric based technology, therefore,
you are not supposed to put your hands in tension for removing the hair from eyebrows.

Moreover, coco Jojo eyebrow threading is the safest eyebrow equipment because it eliminates the potential chances of any sort of irritation on the skin caused due to trimming or rubbing of thread near the eyebrow area.


Threaded Eyebrows Before and After

The before and after results of eyebrow threading makes it evident that cleaned and properly shaped eyebrows help the person in getting a neat and clean look.

Moreover, the threaded eyebrows empower the people to wear a different type of makeup looks without getting worried about extra hair follicles on the face.


Eyebrow Threading


1/3RD arched eyebrow with slight fall starting from the galea. This eyebrow look is the preferred by those who have thick and slight fluffy eyebrows. You can easily alter this shape according to the fashion by increasing the thickness of brows and reducing the arch with a brow pencil or brown eye shade.



Eyebrows are not only threaded and shaped by women, however, men are equally involved in the process. Since men usually have thick hair texture with a dark color, therefore,
it is easier to shape their brows by using different tools.

The thick eyebrows are always in the trend because they enhance the overall face features and conveys the bold yet attractive look.

The thick eyebrow look can easily be achieved by cleaning the upper and below eyebrow areas and then, removing excess hair from the middle of the brow. Moreover, the perfect ending can be made by using eyeshades.


Eyebrow Threading


Cleaned and thick brows with a little arch from the ending of the eyebrows are the best option for the people with medium size forehead and oval face shape.


Eyebrow Threading


Light and no arch brows are designed by using eyebrows scissors and pencil for achieving the finished look. Since this look, doesn’t involve any sort of arch, therefore, first fluffy hair is trimmed properly with scissors and then, excess hair is removed with the help of threading. This look can also be made by using the eyebrow wax or electric trimmers.


First time Eyebrow Threading

Getting your eyebrows threaded for the first time is actually an emotional stage where you might be clearing the eye water falls after every minute.

For a lot of people, the first time eyebrow threading experience isn’t very pleasant but we believe that after results of threading are worth all the pain and happy crying.

If you are going for the eyebrow threading for the very first time then, you might need to prepare yourself up by reading about some of the pre-requisites of threading and by keeping few essentials with you.


Eyebrow Threading


  1. Pain with Twist

Pain is the first and foremost element experienced by those who are getting their eyebrows threaded for the very first time. Most of the clients complain about pain during the twisting and pulling stage.

The major reason behind the pain is the sensitivity of the area. According to many clients, during their first try, they desperately wanted to stop the beautician in middle of threading because of pain and pulling.

Though the pain is the constant thing when it comes to eyebrow making, however, the intensity might be a little low in the second attempt.It is relatively difficult to reduce the chances of pain however,
you can still try some of the soothing or-ss before eyebrow threading lotions for minimizing the level of discomfort.


  1. Sneezing and Eye watering is Common

Don’t forget to keep a pocket packet of tissue with you before eyebrow threading because sneezing and eye watering is the common thing.

Most of the people believe that watery eyes are the result of immense pain during threading, however, according to the survey, the sensitivity and activity around the eyes lead to watery eyes, not the pain.

Moreover, when your hair starts falling down from the eyebrows then, they might get in contact with your nose thus leading to minimal sneezing. This factors can be reduced either by putting tissue on the nose or by immediate cleaning of hair after one row is done.


  1. Decide your Eyebrow shape beforehand

It is better to check out some of the tutorials before entering the room of beautician. The tutorials will help you in deciding the shape of brows which will suit it. You can also take some recommendations from the experienced person for avoiding any odd shape.

For the first time, it is recommended to go for cleaning only, once the cleaning is properly done then, it would become easy to decide the exact shape.


  1. Hold your eyelids tight

Holding your eyelids tightly is the only option or remedy you have to reduce the pain associated with the experience. Since our eyelids have sensitive tissues and muscles, therefore, it is important to put some pressure on the eyelids so that hair can be extracted from the roots.

Don’t be too harsh with your eyelids, a little pressure is enough for the effective results.
Additionally, if you are unable to hold eyes then, you can also ask your beautician to arrange someone who could perform the holding.


Eyebrow Threading


  1. Scissoring for Fluffy Brows

Once your eyebrows are cleaned and shaped then, your beautician might ask you about the scissoring. Not every eyebrow texture requires scissoring, however, fluffy and extremely heavy hair is sometimes trimmed for achieving the right results.


  1. End Results are Worth It

Done with brows? Take a long breath and now dig deeper into the handed mirror and start analyzing the shape of your eyebrows.
Most of the people usually forget to check the details and regret later, however, you should zoom in and zoom out the mirror a number of times for checking the end results.


If you are not satisfied with the results then, you should ask for cleaning.


Eyebrow Threading


  1. Touching with Soothing Lotion

Some beauticians are kind enough to offer you soothing lotion or Aloe vera gel after completing the eyebrow threading, however, if they forget to then, there is no harm in asking for it.

The soothing lotion will help in reduce the pain and eliminate the chances of reddishness or irritating after the threading. Additionally, you can also go for eyebrow massage after the threading for feeling the ease.

So are you planning to do for eyebrow threading for the first time? Make us aware by leaving your comments below.


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