Eyebrow Piercing Guide – Pain , Care, Healing Time & Cost

Eyebrow Piercing Information

Eyebrow piercing is the process of micro-needling the eyebrow tissues for creating a space for the piercing hole. The foundations of eyebrow piercing were established in 1960’s and until that time, eyebrow piercing is known as the stunning fashion trend adopted by both the men and women.

If you are a planning to undergo the process of Eyebrow Piercing anytime soon then, we would like to recommend you to acquire every bit of information because lack of proper handling and negligible aftercare can lead to permanent scarring, infections and pain followed by bleeding.


Eyebrow Piercing Male & Female:

Eyebrow Piercing is the piercing type, done by using the sterilized needles either on the horizontal location (said to be the trendiest one) or on the vertical location.

For piercing any location, the two adjacent points are identified known as entry or exit, further used to insert the needle and make the hole inside the skin tissues.

Initially, the trend of Eyebrow Piercing was the fashion statement for females, however, now males are also aggressively taking part in this fashion procedure and changing the fashion trends for the upcoming generation.


Types of Eyebrow Piercing for Male & Female:

The types of Eyebrow Piercing are classified on the basis of piercing location, the type of jewelry and deepness of the hole.


  1. Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing:

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercing is also known as sideway piercing is done in the upper area of the brow ridge.

  • In this method, the perpendicular entry and exit points are identified.
  • After proper identification, the needle is inserted horizontally to pierce the area across the upper brow ridge.
  • After achieving the desired deepness, the jewelry such as curved barbells and traditional barbells are used for maintaining the hole.

The fashion of horizontal eyebrow piercing is particularly liked by males because it helps them in achieving the trendy look without compromising on their decency.


  1. Vertical Eyebrow Piercing:

Vertical eyebrow piercing is the trendiest type of piercing and is done by identifying the entry and exit points vertically at the end of eyebrows.

Most of the people prefer the sideways vertical eyebrow piercing, however,
it can also be located in the middle or start of the brow ridge.

The piercing procedure of vertical eyebrow piercing is same as the horizontal one, however,
the different jewelry structures are used for achieving the deepness and the perfect look.

The trend of vertical piercing is common in females because of jewelry and eye enhancement options.

Additionally, the people with vertical eyebrow piercing sometimes complain about the migration of holes from one location to another. This behavior usually occurs due to the growth of hair follicles near piercing point or jewelry structure.

It is usually recommended to go for proper barbell or captive bead rings for achieving the required deepness and eliminating the chances of hole migration.

Double Eye-brow Piercing:

The traditional vertical eyebrow piercing can also be changed into the double one by making two piercing holes at a time and filling them with right jewelry.

It is not necessary to go for a double eyebrow piercing in one sitting, it is recommended to have one in a first go and after proper healing, go for the second one.


  1. Anti-Eyebrow Piercing:

Anti-eyebrow piercing is not directly done on the eyebrows however, it is considered as a part of facial piercing just below or above the eyebrows.

  • For anti-eyebrow piercing, a location below the eyebrows and on the cheekbone is determined for making the holes.
  • Anti-eyebrow piercing is also called as teardrop piercing because of its location and hole types.
  • The surface bar is used to perform the piercing.
  • Usually, anti-eyebrow piercing is horizontal in nature because it is used to complement the entire face however, some people also prefer the vertical shape.

Anti-eyebrow piercing is favored by both male and females because of its uniqueness and less traditional look.


  1. Bridge Eyebrow Piercing:

The Bridge eyebrow piercing is not the very common type of piercing because not every candidate is allowed to undergo the bridge piercing procedure.

  • This bridge piercing is done across the nose and at the ending point of eyebrows.
  • Candidates with flesh on the nose bones are called as the ideal ones.
  • For performing this method, the straight surface bar or curved barbell is used to pierce the targeted area.
  • This method is quite painful because of the nearness to the eyes and sensitivity of the bones.
  • Alternative: if you are not the suitable candidate for bridge piercing then, you can go for artificial ornaments which can be pasted anywhere and can help in achieving the stunning look.



It is recommended to take proper consultation from the beauty professional before undergoing the bridge eyebrow piercing because piercing at the wrong or sensitive zone can increase the chances of crooked look, extended holes and scarring (if the procedure is messed up).


  1. Spiral Eyebrow Piercing:

Spiral eyebrow piercing is another trendiest type of eyebrow piercing where spiral jewelry is used for making the holes on the eyebrow.

  • In this method, two or more holes are made at the same time with the help of special spiral jewelry.
  • The number of holes varies according to the needs traditionally, people usually prefer two consecutive holes at a time.
  • Once the holes are properly made then, the jewelry is used to achieve the deepness.

The fashion of spiral eyebrow piercing is liked by men because they are usually free from the tension of eyebrow threading or makeup.


Process of Eyebrow Piercing:

The overall procedure of eyebrow piercing is quite simple in nature and can be performed at home
(if you have a high tolerance for pain).

Normally it is recommended to take proper consultancy from the beauty professional and then,
book an appointment for the eyebrow piercing.

Booking a professional brow piercer will not only help in achieving the desired look, however,
it will also reduce the chances of piercing infection due to the lack of proper sterilization,
entry of the jewelry and deepness.


Initial Measures:

  • The professional piercer will determine the exact location and mark the area of entry and exit.
  • He/she can guide you about the deepness of the flesh and type of jewelry for eliminating the chances of infection.
  • If you have a low tolerance for the pain then, the professional piercer will numb the area by using the medicated numbing gel or ice.



Sterilizing of the Jewelry or Needle:

  • No jewelry or needle should be inserted in the skin before the proper sterilization process.
  • If you are getting the treatment from the professional then, ask them to take out the newly packed needle and clean it with sterilized cotton.
  • At home, take the jewelry or needle and put it in the hot water for at least 10 minutes or until it starts (Never touch the material right after boiling, let it cool down and check the temperature with tissue before handling)
  • Sterilization will help in removing all the dirt from the material thus reducing the chances of infection.


Piercing Phase:

  • Determine the entry and exit points (According to the types such as Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Take the sterilized needle or jewelry and insert it across the area. Pass from the entry zone and drag it to the exit
  • Leave the jewelry at the pierced location, in case of bleeding, dab the cotton swab on the area but don’t rub it.
  • In needle piercing, the needle is removed from the area and straight jewelry is inserted for maintaining the deepness of the pierced holes.


Recommended Jewelry after Eyebrow Piercing

The professional piercer usually pierces the eyebrow area with the help of 12g captive bead bell for reducing the sensitivity of the area and chances of swelling. During the initial piercing phase, it is recommended to go for CBR or slightly curved barbell.

The jewelry will help you in maintaining the trendy look while reducing the chances of bruising or swelling. As you can’t change the jewelry after the 6 weeks of piercing, therefore, it is recommended to make the right decision based on your skin type.


Captive Bead Rings (CBR, 12 gauge)


Slightly tilted Barbells


Pain and Healing Time:

The entire procedure of eyebrow piercing is surely painful in nature because the tissues and skin of our eyebrow area are mild to extremely sensitive in nature.

However, the pain of piercing is temporary and tends to decrease, once the entire procedure is done.

Though some patients complain about the pain even after a week of piercing,
The intensity of the pain is dependent on the area of piercing and sensitivity of the tissues.


Healing Time

The estimated healing time for eyebrow piercing is 6-8 weeks. After 8 weeks people are allowed to change the jewelry and insert another one for changing the fashion.

However, if you have faced any sort of swelling or bleeding in midst of the healing process then,
the total healing time is expected to be extended. In case of problems, maximum 3-4 months are required.


After Care:

Aftercare after eyebrow piercing is equally important for both the genders. If you fail to take care of the area properly then, this factor can lead to adverse conditions such as swelling, bleeding, and formation of blood clots around the area.



  • Always wash your hands properly before cleaning the pierced area. This factor will help in reducing the chances of infection.
  • Before taking shower, clean the piercing area with the help of liquid anti-bacterial soap in order to clean the impurities or dirt.
  • Clean the surroundings carefully, without touching the pierced area.
  • Before going to bed, take a cotton piece soaked in hot water with anti-skeptic and lightly apply on the piercing area.
  • Clean the area with saline salt and water twice a day. Take 1 tablespoon of saline solution, mix it in 1 cup of water and apply it on the pierced area with the help of cotton piece.


  • Never remove the jewelry from the area before the healing period is completed (3 months maximum). In case of bleeding or swelling, contact your professional consultant immediately.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol during the healing process as Alcohol can slow down the healing.
  • Try not to apply any sort of OTC topical medicines on the area.
  • Skip going to swimming for at least 8 weeks.
  • Avoid eyebrow waxing or threading during the healing process.
  • Don’t sleep on the side of the pierced
  • Don’t touch the piercing area, as this behavior can increase the chances of infection.


Cost of Eyebrow Piercing:

The total cost of eyebrow piercing for males and females is dependent upon the piercing professional,
cost of jewelry and any down payment for the aftercare.

Usually, the cost of eyebrow piercing starts from $20 and increased based on the demands of the piercer.

  • Cost of Horizontal Eyebrow piercing for men and women is $30 to $100
  • Vertical Eyebrow piercing $20-$60

So when are you planning to go for eyebrow piercing? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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