15 Best Eyebrow Pencils 2019 : Features & Product Reviews

15 Best Eyebrow Pencils 2019

As the beauty trends are gradually evolving, therefore, it has become highly important to stay updated for achieving the fine polished look.
If we look at the changing trends of eyebrows then, brows are getting bigger and thicker with the passing time. The trend states that brow grooming has now become the crucial part of beauty category which needs to be updated on a frequent basis.
Whether it’s about the color of eyebrow pencils or trendy arches, everything needs an update so does your eyebrows makeup accessories.


Eyebrow Pencils.


What is the Eyebrow Pencil?

Eyebrow pencil is the matte liner which aims to give natural look to the brows by covering those areas where there is no hair growth.

The eyebrow pencils with blendable texture and waterproof facility are considered as the ideal ones because they tend to provide coverage for the longer time.

Eyebrow pencils are not only used for covering the hair-less area however, but they can also work as the entire eyebrow makeup.



Eyebrow Pencils


Best Eyebrow Pencils for 2019:

Well, your traditional eyebrow pencil might not be of any use in 2019 because these newly launched eyebrows makeup pencils are surely the best ones.


  1. Goof Proof Brow Pencil by Benefit


Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencils



The brow pencil by Benefit is famous not because of its long-lasting working mechanism, however, it is allured by masses because of its creamy texture which aims to fill all the patches on the brows and give long tail for properly defined brows.

Goof Proof is definitely a best waterproof brow pencil which comes with the facility of smooth brush that can be used for ensuring the perfect consistency of the texture on the brown skin.

Additionally, Goof Proof is very handy as you are not supposed to carry the entire eyebrow makeup kit with you for achieving the attractive looks.



Goof Proof is slightly expensive and you might not be able to find any A+ dupe of this product in the drugstore.


  1. Crayon Sourcils by Terry


Crayon Sourcils by Terry



The brow definer in the form of Crayon Sourcils is definitely a 5-star eyebrow pencil because of its multiple features.

  • Crayon Sourcils is a long-lasting matte brow definer with a crayon pencil and smooth brush.
  • This product allows the natural shaping and filling of the patchy spots on the eyebrows.
  • Additionally, the pigment powder allows the adjustment of colors without adding extra layers of crayoning on your brows.



The efficiency of Crayon Sourcils is surely free from any doubts, however, if you are looking for a perfect brow color pencil with no combinations then, this product might not be able to satisfy your demands.


  1. Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills


Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills



Brow Wiz by Anastasia is another hit eyebrow pencil because of its dual functionality which not only allows you to perfectly brush your brows however, you can also give your brows the boost of trendy arch or tail ending with the help of its colored marker.

Brow Wiz is the right option for those people who are currently learning the tricks of making finished eyebrows.



Brow Wiz is not very friendly with the expert makeup artists because of its marker texture. The drawing side of the pencil also fails to fill the patchy spots.


  1.  My Brow Eyebrow Pencil by Precisely


My Brow Eyebrow Pencils



  • The Ultra-thin looks of my brow eye pencil by Precisely not only allows you to achieve the natural look within the one go, however, you can also use its smooth brush for filling the empty spots.
  • This product has the best waterproof texture and comes in different shades starting from golden to the darker ones.



Despite having the premium price range, the results of my brow pencil by Precisely are not very long lasting. Users have reported that the product stays on the skin only 7-8 hours or sometimes less depending upon the skin texture.


  1. Micro Brow Pencil by NYX Professional


Micro Brow Pencil by NYX Professional



If you are looking for an easy-fix solution for your eyebrows which can be used without using a lot of eyebrow makeup then, you should give a try to the Micro Brow by the NYX professionals.

The waterproof texture with high gripping facility allows you to easily draw your brows and fill the remaining patches.

Additionally, the color variety empowers you to achieve the perfect natural look for the longer time.



The Micro brow pencil is the right option for the people with thin hair texture, however, if you have thick brows then, you might only enjoy the filling facility rather than the proper shaping.


  1. Double-Ended Pencil by Shavata


Double-Ended Pencil by Shavata



Double-ended eyebrow pencil by Shavata is less-expensive brow fixture with right the formula and adequate features.

  • Double-ended Shavata usually comes in two-sided crayon pencils which allows you to achieve the perfect color for your eyebrows.
  • The product is durable in nature and tends to stay active for at least 12 hours with water exposure.
  • The multiple color combination helps the customers in deciding the right colors.



Double-ended Shavata eyebrow pencil doesn’t come with the eyebrow brush or any other tool which can help in identifying the places which need to be filled.


  1. Brow Definer by Christian Louboutin


Brow Definer



  • Brow definer by Christian Louboutin is indeed the best eyebrow pencil because of its superior functions, amazing results, and long-lasting results.
  • The review suggests that this product is partially waterproof, however, in case of less or no water interaction, this brow definer can stay activated for the entire day.
  • Additionally, the Brow definer can help in achieving the finished looks and filling the patchy areas.



The less water resistant feature of Christian brow definer makes this product a little less worthy. Moreover, the premium pricing of this product is also an issue for many people.


  1. Brow Sculptor by Tom Ford


Brow Sculptor Eyebrow Pencils



Brow sculptor by Tom Ford is known for its groomed brow look. The unique brush style of this product is the best option for those people who like to enhance the edges of their brows with the help of calligraphic tips.

This eyebrow pencil not only allows you to achieve the perfectly shaped brows, however, but you can also carry this eyebrow makeup tool with you anywhere and design your eyebrows perfectly.



Though Brow sculptor by Tom Ford is potentially free from any sort of cons, however, the premium price of the product is still perceived as a negative point.


  1. Chocolate Brownie Pencil by Too Faced


Chocolate Brownie Pencil by Too Faced



The waterproof eyebrow cocoa pencil by Too Faced is multi-function brow tool which can surely be used for achieving the flaw-less eyebrow look within the one go.

This eyebrow makeup pencil is differentiated from other products due to its long-lastingness and the chocolaty scent that can easily be felt after application. Additionally, the color variations empower you to give the all-natural look to your brows for at least 12 hours.



Customer reviews suggest that when it comes to the proper application of the pencil then, beginners or DIY-people might find it little hard to properly apply the pencil due to the extreme thinness of the drawing brush.


  1. Arch brow by Hourglass


Arch brow by Hourglass



The triangular shape of the arch brow by Hourglass makes this product stand out and promotes the concept of easy application. The perfect combination of matte powder with creamy wax aims to make the filling task super easier and gives a naturally groomed look to your eyebrows.

The 9 different color variations of arch brow help in selecting the perfect eyebrow makeup combo while considering the skin shades.



Arch brow by Hourglass can stay on the skin for at least 12 hours, however, the interaction with water might reduce the overall time.


  1. Universal Brow Pencil by IT


Universal Brow Pencil by IT



The brow power by the IT is the perfect option for the people with extremely thin and light colored eyebrows. Additionally, this product is famous for its less-smudging features which allow the pencil to stay at the applied location for the longest period of time.

This brow power eyebrow pencil is also known for its sweat-resistant facility which is capable of suiting all skin types.



Power Brow by IT is indeed a usable product however, some people have a complaint about the drying out of the marker. Additionally, few customers believe that this product fails to work as the brow filler.


  1. Browtec by HD Brows


Browtec by HD Brows



The super-slim, easy to use and retractable are some of the known features of Browtec. This eyebrow makeup product is definitely as hit pencil which can allow the perfect mimicry of the eyebrows and natural filling without any exaggeration.

Additionally, the slim tip of this eyebrow product makes it easier to identify any sort of skin patches for the overall groomed look. Browtec can easily stay on your eyebrows for 12 hours and can provide an effective shield against water.



The lack of color variation in the product makes this eyebrow pencil a little less worthy as this product is not the perfect fit for all the skin colors.


  1. Veluxe Brow Liner by MAC


Veluxe Brow Liner by MAC



The pigmented brow pencil with five different colors allows the proper filling and grooming of the patches on eyebrows and help in achieving the perfectly groomed look within the one go.

This eyebrow pencil is famous because of its rich powder formula which aims to stay on the eyebrows for at least 8 hours.



  • The lack of pencil brush makes the application a little tricky task for the beginners
  • The absence of darker and ashy tones reduces the reach of the product.


  1. Long-wear Brow Pencil by Bobbi Brown


Long-wear Eyebrow Pencils by Bobbi Brown



The long wear eyebrow pencil by Bobbi Brown is the award-winning makeup tool which is known for its incredible workability, gel-based texture, proper definition, and pigmented formula.

Additionally, the dual-functionality of the product makes the application procedure easier.

If you are looking for an eyebrow makeup tool which can be applied without creating the foundation base then, you should give a try to this brow pencil by Bobbi Brown.


  1. Brow Beater with Pencil and Brush by Urban Decay



Browbeater by Urban Decay is called as the emergency eyebrow makeup tool which can be used for the fast fixing of the brows. The water-resistant and less-smudging formula of this pencil allows the proper replication of the current eyebrow hair.

The sharp tip with smooth brush help in the proper identification of replicating area and how hair should be marked for achieving the natural look.



The sharp tips of Browbeater are not very durable in nature as they tend to break after a few applications.

Brow Beater with Pencil and Brush by Urban Decay


All of the mentioned brow pencils are not only famous because of their amazing workability. However, but they also tend to provide you with a smooth, natural look with satisfying results.

So which eyebrow pencil are you planning to grab any time soon? Let us know by leaving your comments below.




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