Eye Bag Surgery Worth It? Cost, Reviews – Before & After Results

Puffy eyes, tired look, and sad expressions are the very few words which are commonly used to define the eye bags. Unfortunately, the removal process of eye bags is not always associated with balanced diet and proper sleep, sometimes people try their best to sleep 8 hours a day, consume clean food and take proper care of their skin. But they still suffer to find the ultimate solution to their eye bags. So lastly eye bag surgery is the only thing they remain on.

So what’s the best way of getting rid of the puffy and age-increasing eye bags? Well, we shall be discussing the stuff in a little while. But before that, we need to understand the underlying factors behind the eye bags and their creative process.



Reasons behind Eye Bags

The best treatment is the one which is done by understanding the causes behind the eye bags. Some researchers believe that eye bags are caused due to lack of sleep or disturbance in the immune system. However, the presence of eye bags under eyes tend to stimulate due to weakening of fatty


  1. Weakening of Fatty Tissues

Fatty tissues are present all around our face and own the vision of maintaining the youthful/fresh appearance. But as we start aging, the fatty tissues start the deflating phase and start contracting. The contracting of skin results in the accumulation of fat under the eyes and increase the presence of eye bags. Though many people complain about the accumulation of fatty tissues after reaching the certain age. But young adults who have bad skin care routine and increased consumption of junk items are also prone to the danger of losing their fat tissues in younger age.


Additional information:

If you have started to witness the eye bags before reaching the older age, it is recommended to get yourself checked by the doctor because sometimes these eye bags are caused due to the severe underlying medical conditions.



  1. Unhealthy Orbital Septum

Another major reason behind the eye bags under eyes is associated with the unhealthy condition of orbital septum. Orbital is the structure in which our eyes basically rest and septum is the rim which is responsible for providing support to our eyes. Around our eye, there is also an orbital fat which aims to control any sore of swelling or puffiness under eyes. However, the rapid and unwanted increase in the rapid cat could lead to eye bags during early adult ages. The increase in orbital fat is usually considered as a genetic problem. However, it is better to get proper analysis from the doctor to avoid any issues.



What’s the Permanent Solution for Eye Bags?

It is relatively easy to hide your eye bags with the tons of makeup including foundation, coverage powders and tons of bronzes. However, it is not possible to wear all these things for the entire life. We believe that the ultimate and permanent solution of eye bags lies in the eye bag surgery.



What is Eye Bag Surgery?

Eye bag removal surgery is the cosmetic procedure in which the incision is made near the lower eyelash for removing the excess fat. As we have discussed above, the eye bag is the accumulation of fat below the orbital and the eye bag surgery helps in removing the targeted fat. Eye bag surgery is performed under the local anesthesia and sometimes a combination of lower eyelid surgery and upper eyelid surgery is performed for removing the bags.

Under this treatment, the stitching of the skin plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of the treatment. In case of less severe surgeries, only skin is stitched in order to promote the younger and beautiful look. However, if the condition of the patient is severe and eye bag is loaded with the orbital fat then, doctors might prefer to remove the fat with surgical instruments and then stitch the area in order to cover the incision.

Before going for the eye bag removal surgery, you should ask your doctor whether you need the upper lid surgery, lower lid or the combination of both. Sometimes the aggressive working of orbital fat could lead to the generation of fat in the upper lash also. Before making the decision, it is better to check the reviews and the after results of the surgery.

Additionally, not all the patients are ideal for the eat bag surgery because if you are having the eye bags due to underlying medical conditions them, the doctor might not allow you to take the treatment.


Eye Bag Surgery Before and After

The before and after results of the eye bag surgery makes it evident that eye bag surgery isn’t a bad option at all because it surely helps in removing the eye bags and promoting the youthful look.



The eye bag surgery effectively helps in eliminating the tired and sick look by reviving the working of skin tissues without impacting the orbital system.



The surgery can also help n lifting the skin and removing all those wrinkles which are associated with the eyelids and the skin which is being lifted during the eye bag surgery.



Eye bag surgery not only helps in removing the extra fat, it also facilitates in improving the vision which usually got distracted due to the orbital fat.



A perfect and rightly performed eye bag surgery could effectively help in improving the facial structure and changing the expressions in a positive manner.



Eye Bag Surgery Side effects

Every cosmetic treatment comes with certain advantages as well as the disadvantages. Same is the case with eye bag cosmetic surgery. However, the side effects of eye bag surgery are short-lived and tend to go away with the passing time. Some of the side effects of eye bag surgery which should be considered before undergoing the treatment are discussed below


  • Infection

Infection is the most common side effect of the eye bag surgery. The infection is caused due to the wrong stitching process or the use of those anti-septic which are not suitable for the patient’s skin. Sometimes the sensitivity of the skin could also lead to infection.


  • Excessive pain

In some cases, patients have reported feeling the excessive pain even after taking the painkillers. Pain is usually caused due to the movement in stitches. It is better to keep your eye movement lower than normal for less pain.


  • Swelling and Excessive tearing

Swelling with excessive swelling is the major side effect of eye bag surgery. The swelling is the result of the incision and tends to go away with passing time.


  • Difficulty in closing eyes

After surgery, most of the patients have also reported about the closing of eyes especially while sleeping. Most of the times. This problem tends to go away after the dissolution process of stitches or when the recovery time is over.


  • Post-surgery side effects

Post-surgery side effects usually consist of the factors like blurred vision or doubling. Excessive itching in the stitches, pain followed by minimal bleeding and scarring due to the surgery.

If you are suffering from any of the stated side effects. It’s better to contact your doctor and ask for the medicines which will help you to avoid the difficulty.


Eye Bag Surgery Cost

The cost of eye bag surgery varies from doctor to doctor. Some of the doctors include the surgeon costs, facility fees, amount of anesthesia used, and the experience of the doctor. The usual amount of eye bag surgery ranges from $3000 – 5000. If you are hiring the specialized surgeon, located in the best possible area and using the technical tools then, you might have to pay a little higher amount.




Eye Bag Surgery Reviews

The reviews about the eye bag surgery indicate that this treatment is indeed effective, however. The cost is thought as the negative factor. Some of the reviews about the treatment are as follows:

  • Sara from VA described her surgery in following words “My eye bag surgery was successful because of my surgeon. Though the treatment was costly in my opinion. It is worth the money and should be opted by those people who are interested in achieving the youthful look”
  • Michael described her eye bag surgery in following words. “I had to wait for at least 7 months to get by eye bags surgery done. The results are satisfactory but, some of my skin areas are still damaged and tend to impact my appearance”


Bottom Line

We totally understand that presence of eye bag under eyes tend to alter the entire appearance and makes you look older. The purpose of providing information about the surgery was to make you aware of all those options which could help you in finding the solution. However, there is no harm in trying out non-surgical processes and taking opinion from your doctor because. Always remember that it is better to wait for the right thing rather than going through the non-reversible wrong treatment.

What are your views on the eye bag surgery treatment? Make us aware of your thoughts by leaving your comments below.



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