Eye Bag Removal – Causes, Creams ,Treatments & Home Remedies

Eye Bag Removal

Swollen eyes, tired look, and puffy eye bags are surely unbearable. We usually try different cancellers, color correctors and coverage powders to hide our age increasing eye bags. However, all these things don’t provide the permanent solution to the problem. It is relatively easy to shed the body fat because you can eat clean and put your body to work. But when it comes to shedding the eye bag fat then, you are definitely supposed to look out for different non-invasive treatments, remedies and what not. But the question arises, what’s the best eye bag removal treatment or remedy?

Eye bag Removal


We shall be answering this question in a little while but first, we need to understand the factors which are responsible for giving birth to eye bags.

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What Causes Eye Bag?

According to the renowned makeup artists, the creation of eye bags around the eye can easily be classified into two broad categories.


  1. Permanent Eye bags

Permanent eye bags are caused due to the cushioning of fat around the eyes. The permanent eye bags are free from the restriction of age. The occurrence of eye bags is the result of fat accumulation around the eyes. The fat is usually invisible, however, the merger between fat and weak collagen tend to make the eye bags prominent. Additionally, the dark circles under eyes act as the destructive tool and start ruining the entire facial looks.

The second opinion indicates that eye bags are usually caused due to the malfunctioning of fat, however, sometimes the underlying health issues are also responsible for making the skin tissues puffy thus leading to swelling under the eyes.

At times, when our skin is losing its deepness, it starts making the skin appear darker and puffy. This type of swelling is caused due to the loss of elasticity and tend to get away with few eye bag removal remedies.


Eye Bags due to Sinus Problem

Eye bag Removal


If you are a sinus patient and have also started to develop eye bags then, you should prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Sinus is indeed capable of making the appearance of dark circles stronger and tend to alter your facial look from fresh to sick and extremely tired.

Sometimes, eye bags are caused due to sinus issues but tend to go away with proper sleep and medications.





  1. Temporary or Reaction Based Eye Bags


Eye bag RemovalTemporary or reaction based eye bags are the ones, which are caused due to the health factors like dehydration, lack of proper sleep, nausea or the excess consumption of salt. It is relatively easier to work on the temporary eye bags because the patient is only supposed to control their food consumption or pay extra attention to their routines.

The reaction based eye bags are not caused due to the accumulation of fat, it’s basically the swelling which tends to normalize after some time. Some of the patients usually complain about swelled eye bags in the morning, that’s also the reaction of the immune system.




Detailed Process of Eye Bag Removal:

The process of removing eye bag is not always about going through invasive techniques, there are a number of methods, treatments, and remedies which can effectively help you I’m getting rid of eye bags without spending thousands of dollars.


How to remove Eye Bags without surgery?

Technology has surely brought new advancements and because of the same reason, now eye bags can be removed without hurting your eyes with scarring tools and procedures. Some of the most useful non-surgical eye bag removal techniques are as follows


  1. Tear Trough Treatment


Tear trough treatment is the technique in which dermal fillers are used to rejuvenate the collagen which usually gets merged with the fat tissues and results in the sagged skin. Under this process, the proper puncturing technique is used to melt down the fat tissues.Eye bag Removal

During the first attempt only injections are injected into the skin and then, the proper massaging technique is used so that the filler could start its healing process. The dermal fillers procedure takes up to 10-15 minutes and the results last for more than 2 years.


The tear trough treatment is famous because of its less pain fuel procedure and relatively lower cost. Additionally, this treatment is best for those people who don’t like to take the chance of general anesthesia, day off from their work or any other efforts which are usually included in the process of surgical treatments.


Eye Bag Removal Cream

It is not important to go for expensive and invasive treatments for eye bag removal, you can also go for some of the best eye bag removal creams, which can surely help in getting the best results.


  1. Pure Biology Eye Bag Removal Cream


Pure Biology Eye Bag cream is the all-rounder solution to your eye problems. The cream is famous for generating the instant results without affecting the tissues instead of the skin.Eye bag Removal


Some of the features of pure biology eye bag removal cream are as follows:

  • Non- greasy Application Procedure

Pure Biology Eye bag removal cream is the best option for those people who are interested in the non-greasy texture of eye bag removal cream. The combination of Baobab tree extract with other natural ingredients makes this cream most effective with no potential side effects.

  • Aims to tighten, lift, and cure the Skin

Pure Biology not only provides the full-coverage to eye bags, it also aims to tighten the skin tissues and lift the skin in the most drastic manner. It also works as the wrinkle remover and aims to cover all the skin flaws in the one go.

  • Can also be used as Makeup Concealed

If you are looking for the makeup concealer as well as the eye bag removal cream then, you should give try to pure biology cream because it’s all-purpose formula is capable of providing the most alluring results for the longest period of time.



  1. MEDIDERM Firming Eye Bag Removal Cream

The organic and unique formula of MEDIDERM is the ‘must have’ thing for those people who are struggling with the eye bags, dark eye circles, and spots under the eyes. The perfect combination of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals help in achieving the flawless skin without damaging the internal skin layers.Eye bag Removal


  • Aims to Moisturize skin with its Special Formula

MEDIDERMA is indeed the best moisturizer and aims to provide 100% coverage to the skin in the one go. The formula of MEDIDERMA is different from all other moisturizers because it aims to work as the healer as well as the rapid concealer.


  • Removes the dark circles and Eye Bags

The most important function of MEDIDERMA is its dark circle and eye bags removing function. It aims to revive the working of collagen and reproduce the tissues which are capable of skin stronger.



  1. Michelle Eye Bag Removal Cream

Eye bag Removal


Michelle consists of the right amount of regional. Eye gel and Vitamin C which is highly crucial for the healing process of eye bags. As eye bags are usually formed due to the accumulation of fat. Therefore, a proper combination of ingredients is needed to relax the fat and reviving the working.

Michelle Eye cream has all those features which could help in achieving the flawless, free from eye bags look.





Before and After Eye Bags Removal

Before and after results of eye bag removal treatments makes it evident that non-invasive and home treatments are indeed capable of providing the most efficient results and can help in achieving the best results in the lesser period of time.

You should always select the treatment based on the nature of your problem. If you are suffering from the temporary eye bags then. You might need to go for topical treatments including eye bag creams or the home remedies. However, if you are struggling to find the solution for permanent eye bags then. You should consult your doctor and ask them about the best possible solution.

Eye bag Removal

Eye bag Removal

Eye bag Removal

Eye bag Removal


Home Remedies for Removing Eye Bags

If you are done with trying all of the treatments and still feel the puffiness then. You might need to go for home remedies for eye bag removal. These remedies which we are going to discuss are suitable for all the people. However, if you are allergic to any of the product them, it is better to avoid them for betterment.


  1. Application of Potato

Eye bag Removal


Potatoes play a major role in curing the puffy eyes and relaxing the muscles in the most natural manner. For treating your eyes with potatoes. Take 1 chilled potato. Cut it into circles, place it on your eyes for 15-20 minutes and then, wait for the magic to begin.




  1. Take help from Cucumbers

Eye bag Removal


Cucumbers are called as the natural relaxant because they tend to absorb the problematic toxin from the skin and aims to revive the fresher look. For treating your eyes with cucumber. Take one chilled cucumber slice. Place it on your eyes for 15-20 mints and then, clean the treated area with Luke warm water. Repeat steps once a day for best results.





  1. Time to Apply Chilled Green Tea Bags

Eye bag Removal


The natural properties of green tea help in bringing back the normal look of the skin and reduce the appearance of eye bags. Take two chilled green tea bags and place it on your eyes for at least 20-30 minutes for best results. Repeat steps daily in order to gain the accurate outcome




  1. Cotton dipped Milk

Eye bag Removal


Milk is indeed the natural moisturizer and helps in reducing the size of extremely puffed eyes. If you are suffering from the permanent eye bags then, you should use the milk regime on daily basis. Take 5 tbsps of extremely chilled milk. Dip the clean cotton pads in the milk and place them on your eyes. Leave the pads on your eyes at least for 25-30 minutes.

Dip the pads again in the chilled milk once the pads are dry.




  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Eye bag Removal


Staying hydrated should be the first and the most important option. Most of the skin issues are caused due to the lack of water and if you are really interested in getting rid of the puffy and tired eyes then. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day with a right amount of food and necessary nutrition.




Bottom Line:

Whether you are planning to go for non-surgical treatment or the home remedies for eye bag removal. Always remember that the best treatment is the one which suits your skin type and aims to provide the best solution without influencing the working of internal skin layers

So which treatment are you planning to go for? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.


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