Essential Oils For Runny Nose: Stuffy Nose, Runny Nose, and More

Essential Oils For Runny Nose

The continuous increase in the environmental issues has given birth to numerous health problems including chronic allergies. Viral infection and runny nose. A runny nose is often classified as the viral infection and tends to go with the help of over the counter medication. However, we did some research and found out that essential oils for runny nose are capable of curing the runny nose in the fastest manner.

From promoting the better immune system to, help to improve the blood circulation. The best aromatic essential oil can be your winter mate.

essential oils for runny nose


The essential oils for runny nose which can impact your health in a positive manner are as follows

  1. Eucalyptus Essential oil
  2. Niaouli Essential oil
  3. Peppermint Essential oils for runny nose
  4. Camphor Essential Oil
  5. Ravensara Essential Oil
  6. Lavender Essential Oils for Runny Nose
  7. German Chamomile Essential Oil
  8. Blue Tansy Essential oils for runny nose
  9. Thyme Essential Oil


What is a Runny Nose?

A runny nose is a condition in which nose start releasing the brain fluid. This condition is usually assorted with cold and influenza. It is true that runny rose is quite irritating but it gives an indication of the healthy immune system and its proper working system.

Additionally, the viral infections, cold and flu symptoms usually attack our nose at first. Our immune system tends to provide the shield against the triggered viral infections and allergies by releasing the fluid through nostrils.

Most of the people usually prefer to take over the counter medicines for curing the runny nose. However, there is no harm in opting for medical treatment but research shows that aromatic treatment is better, effective and consist of no potential side effects as compared to the over the counter treatment.

On the side note. If you are having a runny nose and it’s not curing with any of the treatments/remedies then. It is better to get yourself checked because sometimes your runny nose might be giving you an indication of the underlying health issue.

essential oils for runny nose

How does Essential Oil Help in Controlling Runny Nose?

Essential oils play a crucial role in impacting the condition of your runny nose by looking after the immune system. The recent research indicates that the aromatic oil has chemical properties which help in making the immune system stronger and proactive.

Additionally, the anti-bacterial properties help in fighting against the viral germs and anti-inflammatory chemicals aim to heal the affected parts thus poring the 360 degrees coverage to our body.

If you are suffering from a runny nose and looking for the natural essential oils which are capable of promoting the better circulation inside the nose and throat tissues then, you shout not wait for a second.

Some of the best essential oils for a runny nose are as follows:

essential oils for runny nose

Best Essential Oils for Runny Nose

It is true that all the essential oils are best for curing runny nose, however, before using any of the oil, make sure to see whether its properties are good for your health or not.

  1. Eucalyptus Essential oil

Eucalyptus is the best essential oil which is known for its incredible properties which helps in protecting the respiratory system against the fungi, viral infections, and the seasonal allergies.

For stopping the runny nose, eucalyptus essential oil aims to stimulate the immune system and eliminate the chances of general fatigue which are usually caused due to the cold, flu and influenza. Additionally, the healing properties of the oil make it favorable for the clean and deep breathing process.

It is recommended to take the eucalyptus essential oil treatment once in a month in order to kill the potential germs inside the body.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Niaouli Essential oil

Just like Eucalyptus essential oil, Niaouli is the best aromatherapy which is used to kill the germs inside the nose and clean the mucus. This essential oil is known for its richness in 1, 8 cineole which helps in curing the runny nose with its strong aromatic capabilities and unique powers inherited from the Eucalyptus plant.

Niaouli essential oil consists of the anti-inflammatory properties which aim to disinfect the air and clear it from the potential diseases. If you are looking for the strong aromatic oil for curing the runny nose then. Niaouli should be your first priority.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Peppermint Essential oils for Runny Nose

The Peppermint essential oil is usually preferred to relieve the congestion created in the throat, nose, and chest due to the excessive fluid release. Peppermint consists of the natural menthol which is capable of relieving the tension in the muscles and promoting the better circulation.

This oil can help in treating the nasal muscles by allowing the body to release the toxins which are in store in the form of allergens and mucus in the body.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Camphor Essential Oil

Camphor essential oil is extracted from the tree of Cinnamomum camphor and is used to cure the underlying problems associated with a runny nose. This aromatic therapy is best for those people who are suffering from the sinus problems.

Additionally, this essential oil can help in protecting the nose against the problems like the stuffed nose, blocked nostrils, headache due to the blocked nose and inflammation.

If you are going for traveling in the long winter nights with blocked nose then. This essential oil should be your travel buddy.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Ravensara Essential Oil

Ravensara essential oil for a runny nose consists of the anti-viral properties with the incredible scent that can be a treat for your nose. This oil aims to make your immune system so that it can fight against the seasonal diseases and adjust to the environmental changes.

Ravensara consists of the combination of different chemicals which are used to cure a runny nose and all those adjacent factors which are capable of giving birth to the stuffed throat. This oil can also help in balancing the composition of oil inside the body thus providing the healthy outlook.

 essential oils for runny nose

  1. Lavender Essential Oils for Runny Nose

A Lavender essential oil is the best oil for cleaning the nostril and massaging the throat in order to open the stuffed pipeline and viral infections inside the body. & Lavender oil is not only known for its anti-bacterial qualities however, its amazing accent can bring a lot of ease to those people who are suffering from a runny nose.

Lavender essential oil can also help in controlling the congestion inside the chest thus leading to an amazing experience.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. German Chamomile Essential Oil

The German Chamomile essential oil is the anti-bacterial oil which is capable of curing almost all of the problems. This German Chamomile can help cure the mucus stored inside the nose and removing it with the help of fluid release.

If you are suffering from the problems like body swollen. Issues with the gallbladder, and clearing the fatigue associated with the environmental factors.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Blue Tansy Essential oil for runny nose

There is a very good combination of the blue tansy effects and the allergies caused by a runny nose. Blue Tansy oil is extracted from the indigo color flower. Which is antiseptic in nature and can provide the shield against the viral.

Blue Tansy essential oils can also help in clearing the mucus from the respiratory tract and clearing the nose from different diseases.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Thyme Essential Oil

This Thyme essential oil is the ultimate solution to your runny nose. It consists of the healing properties which are capable of fighting against the viral diseases. This oil can also facilitate in killing the germs and balancing the hormones disturbance accordingly.

essential oils for runny nose

How to use the Essential Oils?

There are a number of ways through which you can use the essential oils and get benefits from its aromatic properties. People tend to use the electric diffuser for inhaling the aroma while others prefer to go for a hot bath.

Here is the list of best methods for using the essential oils in order to gain the best possible results.

  1. Inhalation Method

Inhalation method is the best yet easiest method which can help in gaining maximum benefits. For this method:

  • Soak 4-5 drops of the essential oil on a cotton pad or a soaking cloth
  • Now put the cotton caped into a bottle
  • Now open the bottle and inhale the oil for 5-7 minutes every day.
  • You can also use the inhaler and follow the same process
  • Repeat the process till your nose is fully cured.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Electronic Diffuser

The diffuser can help in killing the internal germs, fungi, and viruses. For this method, you need to buy an electronic diffuser and follow the steps:

  • Add 5-8 drops of essential oil in the water recipient if the electronic diffuser
  • Now perform the diffusing step for at least 30 minutes
  • In case of the extremely running nose, reports the process twice a day or till it is properly cured.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Massaging Method

The massaging method is the best relaxation therapy with aromatic oil and can help in relaxing the tensed muscles of the chest and the throat.

  • Take the essential oil in your hands
  • Nos properly massage the oil over our chest, throat and around the nose
  • Keeping performing the task until oil is properly rubbed.
  • Repeat the steps before going to bed and after taking bath
  • Never insert the oil directly into your nose as it could lead to inhalation problems.

essential oils for runny nose

  1. Hot Baths or Steaming Method

Hot baths and steaming method are called the all-rounder because it helps in not only curing runny nose. It is even capable of improving the condition of skin better. Removing the dead cells from the nail skin and making the hair healthier.

  • Put the few drops of essential oil in the steaming tub
  • Now take the deep breathes in the hot steaming water and try to inhale the maximum air
  • Repeat the steps daily for 10-15 minutes for curing the runny nose

essential oils for runny nose

Bottom Line:

Essential oils are not only cured a runny nose, however. They can also prevent the birth of other problems which are associated with old and influenza. We are totally satisfied with the performance of essential oils now it’s time to give a try.

Make us aware of your experience by leaving your comments below.


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