Essential Oils For Cough – Types & Usage of Essential Oils For Cough

Essential Oils for Cough

essential oils for cough

Essential oils work as the natural healer, they not only protect the skin against potential problems, it also aims to provide a shield against a number of diseases including a cough, chills, body pain, sneezing and you name them. Nowadays, the treatment through essential oils has become an important part of non-medicated treatment, commonly labeled as AromatherapySome of the incredible essential oils for cough treatment are as follows:



  1. Cinnamon essential oil
  2. Nutmeg essential oil
  3. Thyme essential oils for cough
  4. Rosemary essential oils for cough
  5. Lavender essential oil
  6. Peppermint essential oil
  7. Oregano Essential Oil
  8. Eucalyptus Essential Oils for cough
  9. Tea Tree Essential Oil
  10. Lemon Grass Essential Oils for Cough

As winters are just surging up, therefore, it has become necessarily important to talk about all those natural remedies and treatment which are far superior to the traditional medical treatment.

Though the Over the Counter medication can help in curing the cough and our winter problem. However, every medical treatment comes with certain disadvantages, which plays a role in temporary destroying your health.

On the side note, if you are suffering from the excessive coughing, we recommend you to see your doctor in order to avoid any adverse results.

Coughing that stays for less than a week is associated with the minimal changes in the environment or body. However, the coughing that lasts for more than 3 weeks is the part of acute diseases and might be associated with dangerous lungs issues such as tuberculosis or other respiratory problems.

Types of Cough and Causes:

essential oils for cough

Condition of lungs while coughing

The best treatment is the one which is performed by properly observing the underlying factors behind the problems. Most of the times, the change in weather, consumption of cold and soar items give birth to the congestion in lungs thus leading to the coughing.

Before applying the essential oil, try to understand the nature of a cough in order to determine the best essential oils for cough.




  1. A dry Cough:

essential oils for cough

Pipeline while having dry cough

A cough and its symptoms are always associated with the respiratory infection. Though coughing could lead to the irritation in the pipeline or the painful throat, however, coughing is also important for the health of the lungs. Coughing helps in supplying air to the lungs by clearing out the mucus, which is usually created due to the illness.

A dry cough is the common coughing type caused due to the cold or influenza. This type of a cough is usually associated with throat and nose infection.



  1. A whopping Cough:

essential oils for cough

How a whooping cough is formed

A whopping cough is another form of cold coughing however, it tends to get worse with passing time. This condition is usually associated with the underlying issues in the respiratory system. If not cured on time, could lead to issues like asthma and improper breathing patterns








  1. Wet Cough:

The wet cough is caused when there are any issues in the lower respiratory tract. This type of a cough is usually caused due to the viral infection or consumption of unhealthy food items

  1. Croup Cough:

A croup cough is caused due to the swelling of the upper windpipe trachea. A croup cough is usually associated with the barking voice because it is found beneath the vocal cords, this type of a cough is caused due to the viral infection and tend to go away with proper medication or the herbal treatment with the help of essential oils

Side Note: if your cough is not curing after a number of medical and essential oil treatments then, it’s better to go through the medical tests in order to understand the underlying causes.

Essential Oils for Cough:

The Essential oils for cough can effectively help in relieving the cold and influenza symptoms. These Essential oils are usually blended with the different bath diffusers in order to kill the pertaining germs on the body or relaxing the infected muscles.

  1. Cinnamon essential oil:

Cinnamon is the common herb which is used as a brown spice in cooking. This herb has the history of killing harmful bacteria inside the body and relaxing the lungs muscles which are affected by bronchitis.

Cinnamon essential oil can help in providing the shield against the respiratory infections, which is responsible for giving birth to the coughing cells.

How to use it?

  • There are two ways of using the cinnamon essential oil, you can either use it with defused air or use the steaming process.

For Steaming:

  • Put the steaming pot to work and add few drops of cinnamon essential oil after 2-3 minutes
  • If you are using the manual steaming process then, add the cinnamon essential oil after 2 minutes of opening the stove.
  • Now lean over the steaming pot with a towel on your head.
  • Start deeply inhaling the steam-air with minimal exhaling. Take long breaths for 5-7 minutes
  • Repeat the process every day after taking bath or before going to bed for best results.
  • You can take the steam for consecutive 4-5 days.

essential oils for cough


  1. Nutmeg essential oil:

The Nutmeg essential oil works as the best sedative and aims to relax the congested muscles in an excellent manner. This Nutmeg is the anti-inflammatory oil which controls the respiratory problems and also relieves the congestion caused inside the chest due to excessive dry coughing.

How to use it:

  • You can use the nutmeg essential oil either in the form of air defused pipe or you can apply it directly to your cheats or throat


  • Take the medicated diffuser and out few drops of nutmeg essential oil in it.
  • Now start inhaling the air and try to take the long breaths
  • Repeat the process for 3-4 times. You can use this method 3 times a week for best results.


  • If you are not satisfied with the diffuser then, take the few drops of nutmeg essential oil in your hand
  • Now properly massage the oil over your chest and throat
  • Repeat the step in the morning time and before going to bed.
  • In case of harsh coughing, it is allowed to use this allows on daily basis.

essential oils for cough


  1. Thyme essential oils for cough:

Thyme essential oils come from the family of mint and aim to deliver almost the same benefits. The aromatic properties of the thyme essential oils help in killing the bacteria inside the chest. For many years, thyme has been used to cure a whooping cough, sore throat and lungs infections caused due to the excessive coughing.

According to medical research, rhymes helps in fighting the respiratory problems.

How to use it?

  • Take the few drops of thyme essential oil in your hands.
  • Now apply the oil to your chest and the throat.
  • Keeping massaging the oil until you start feeling some relaxation
  • Repeat the step thrice a week for best results

essential oils for cough


  1. Rosemary essential oils for cough:

The Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the famous rosemary tree which aims to provide the relief to the paining muscles. This Rosemary essential oil also helps in calming down the sore muscles in trachea thus providing the effective cure for the coughing.

How to use rosemary essential for a cough?

  • You can easily dilute the rosemary essential oil in the steaming water and inhale it for curing the coughing.
  • Just like cinnamon essential oil, put the few drops of essential oil in water before boiling and take steam for at least thrice a week

essential oils for cough


  1. Lavender essential oil:

Lavender essential oil is not only famous for its incredible aroma, however, this essential has numerous benefits which help in soothing the pain and relax those muscles which are causing congestion in the throat. Additionally, lavender oil helps in curing the initial stages of asthma.

How to use it?

  • Dilute the few drops of lavender essential oil in the steaming water
  • Now start taking the steam and continue for 5-7 minutes
  • Take the steam daily for best results.

essential oils for cough


  1. Peppermint Essential Oil:

Peppermint essential oil is an anti-inflammatory oil which helps in treating the underlying infection and the major causes of bronchitis. This oil helps in reducing the cough which is caused due to the accumulation of the mucus in the chest.

Peppermint also consists of the menthol which is usually present in most of the over the counter medications and aims to provide the shield against the underlying health issues.

How to use?

  • Dilute the few drops of lavender oil in the steaming pot.
  • Now take the steam for 5-10 minutes with a towel over your head.
  • Repeat the steps daily for best results.

essential oils for cough


  1. Oregano Essential Oil:

Oregano is the all-rounder essential oil for cough which consists of anti-fungal properties which help in fighting the cells of a cough, and all those factors which are responsible for giving birth to cough cells. Some of the commonly targeted factors are associated with sinus, asthma, congestion, sore muscles or pipelines which are passing through the throat.

How to use it?

  • You can either apply directly to your sore throat it or dilute it in it steaming water for aroma purposes.
  • Adjust the quantity of the oil according to its reaction on your throat.
  • Repeat steps twice a week for receiving the best results.

essential oils for cough


  1. Eucalyptus Essential Oil for cough:

Eucalyptus essential is the best treatment for the coughing. This oil is usually found in the medicated cough-treating items like Vicks. Eucalyptus is the only essential oils for cough which consists of the anti-Tuberculosis properties and can help in providing the relief to the paining throat without any side effects

How to use?

  • Dilute 12 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the steaming pots
  • Now start inhaling the oil aroma at least for 5-10 minutes
  • Repeat steps till your throat are clear and cured.

essential oils for cough


  1. Tea Tree Essential Oil:

The benefits of tea tree oil are countless for our body. It can works wonder for our skin and also for our paining throat. The healing properties of the tea tree oil can effectively help in curing the congestion and infection in the lungs thus leading to a health throat state.

How to use?

  • Take few drops of tea tree oil in your hand and massage it over your throat.
  • Keep massaging until the oil is properly absorbed
  • Repeat the steps daily before going to bed for best results.

essential oils for cough


  1. Lemon Grass Essential Oil for Cough:

Lemongrass essential oil basically works as the antibacterial oil, which aims to kill the pain by forming an interaction with our immune system. The properties of lemongrass oil are divided into two broader categories. The first category is associated with ‘Citral’ properties and the ‘geranial’ properties which aim to prove the extreme comfort to our throats.

How to use it?

  • Use can either diffuse the lemongrass essential oil in the air diffuser for inhaling purposes or you can dilute it in steaming water
  • Don’t exceed the usage of the oil, as it could lead to throat rashes.

essential oils for cough

Bottom Line:

Though there are n clinical statements about the effectiveness of essential oils for cough, however, the results and customer reviews make it clear that these oils can perform wonders for those people who tend to use it rightly.

No matter which essential oil you plan to use, always remember that it is better to get yourself checked by a doctor for better information.

Are you thinking to cure your cough with any of the essential oils? Make us aware of your plans by leaving your comments below.

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