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Brow Lift Worth it? Reviews, Cost, Pictures

What is a brow lift? Do you know that your eyebrows are proficient enough to inform others about the state of your mind, your increasing age and your attitude?

Eyebrows are the biggest facial expression builders because they tend to reflect or alter the entire personality of the person in a totally different manner.

For instance, if you have a happy-go-lucky personality but your eyebrows are dropping and pretty scary then, others might perceive you as a scary person.

There are a number of ways through which you can easily get rid of your drooping eyebrows and one of them is called as Brow lift.


What is Brow Lift

The brow lift, which is also commonly known as browplasty or forehead rejuvenation is the cosmetic treatment which aims to enhance the appearance of the person by fixing the baggy eyebrows, wrinkles across the forehead and frown lines in between the eyes.

Moreover, this treatment is recommended to cure the obstructed vision, which is caused due to drooping of eyelids and eyebrows. Under this situation, a brow lift is performed with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and entirely covered by the state insurance.

In the surgical process of brow lift, an incision is made across or some time at the current hair line for removing the saggy tissues or muscles.

Once the excess tissues are removed or determined skin is trimmed then, an incision is closed either with the help of sutures or medicated staples.

The proper treatment of brow lift revolves around the removal or weakening of corrugators (eye muscles) and depressors muscles in order to restrict the growth of facial expression linked with brow lifting.

The longevity of the procedure is basically dependent on the working of depressors and corrugators inside the skin. If the muscles are handled properly then, the patient might not feel the need of getting brow lift again in their life time however, glitches can negatively impact the results of the treatment.


Why is Brow Lift needed?

As brow lift is the cosmetic treatment, therefore, it is needed to fix a number of aging issues such as forehead wrinkles, and  unwanted frown lines which make you look tired and sad.

The major reason behind forehead wrinkles and lines is the improper growth of natural collagen (elastic material) inside the skin, which further attack the sensitive skin parts such as forehead and eyes thus leading to unwanted sagging around the eyes and harsh expressions.


Types of Brow Lift

There are two common types of brow lift treatments, which are performed to get rid of extra skin on the face.


  • Classic Brow Lift

Classic brow lift, also known as coronal brow lift is the surgery in which the longer incision is made from one ear to another for the skin lifting purposes.

This surgery is labeled as the traditional or historic one because it involves more complexation and relatively higher chances of bald patches, continuous itching, and numbness across the incision area.

However, some surgeons try their best to eliminate the chances of potential risk by opting for relatively smaller incision at the scalp mid.

The recovery time for the traditional as well as the endoscopic brow lift is more or less 2 weeks, however, this number is subject to be increased if patients are unable to follow the guidelines such as the lifting of heavy materials, excessive physical activity, bad sleeping position and improper diet.


brow lift

Coronal Incision

brow lift


  • Endoscopic Brow Lift

The purpose of endoscopic brow lift is same as a coronal brow lift, however, the efficiency and less invasive procedure of this treatment are comparable free from the potential risk and complications.

The word endoscopic is derived from the origin of endoscopy or endoscop, which is used for getting the proper view of the internal parts of the body. In endoscopic brow lift few small incisions are made on the scalp and above the current hair line (an inch long).

After small incision, an endoscopic instrument (camera and light) is inserted into the skin from one open incision for getting a view and another incision is used for making the proper changes and removing the extra muscles or tissues from the scalp in order to elevate the eyebrows and forehead.

On the completion, the small incision is further covered with the metal posts, which are removed after the 10 days of endoscopic brow lift surgery.

brow lift


Though, both the brow lift procedures are capable of generating the efficient and long lasting results, however, the majority of the doctors prefer endoscopic brow lift because of its fast treatment process, low down time and less scarring.

Precautionary Note!

In case of excessive swelling or body temperature more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, call your doctor right away and ask for the appropriate medication. 


Brow Lift worth It? Reviews

So the main concern of many people is that brow lift worth all the pain, efforts, scarring, and money?

As brow lift is the tested procedure of lifting one-third texture of the eyebrows, therefore, it is preferred by a number of individuals. Some patients believe that brow lift is the only treatment through which people can get rid of aging wrinkles, loose skin and arched eyebrows for a significant period of time.

Moreover, doctors hold the opinion that efficiency and longevity of the brow lift procedure are dependent on few variables such as the height of brow and shape of the brow if connected with the orbital rim.

If a surgeon is capable of determining the exact position which should be elevated then, the chances of getting proper results are relatively high, however, if a doctor is unable to identify the right position for the incision of brow lift then, this issue might lead to the trimming of necessary tissues thus leading to further complications.

Additionally, the worth of brow lift is determined on the basis of longevity of the treatment. For instance, the classic or traditional brow lift method is a worthy decision for those individuals who are interested in long lasting results.

According to the research, the classic brow lift is capable of holding the brow muscles for at least 5 years. Some people even reviewed that Brow lift helped them throughout their lifetime (starting from the surgery time) and helped them in maintaining the elegant look on their face for the longest period of time.

Whereas, some people had the opinion that the efficiency of brow lift can only be witnessed for 3 to 5 years maximum and after that tenure, the wrinkles or brows will start reacting in the older manner.


Bottom Line:

The sum up of reviews suggested that temporal brow lift (endoscopic) is the best option for those people who are interested in changing the one third outer shape of their eyebrows because, under this procedure, the typical incision is made near the eyebrows for lifting purposes.

However, the coronal brow lift method should be opted by those who wish to get rid of aging wrinkles, drooping eyelids and eyebrows. Age of the patient also plays a crucial role in determining the best treatment because different patients have different cells which should be handled accordingly.


Benefits of Brow Lift

The ideal candidates for brow lift would be able to witness some amazing benefits of the treatment after few months of the surgery but those benefits are worth the wait.

  • Youthful appearance and relaxed facial expression are the biggest benefits of the brow lift
  • Brow lift tends to relax the targeted muscle and boost their capacity to resist the stress
  • After an endoscopic brow lift, patients would be able to get rid of scars in a lesser period of time than a classic brow lift.
  • The option of hiding the incision in the most graceful manner and boosting the natural looks.
  • Less recovery time with long lasting results of more than 5 years.
  • The best treatment to fix the droopy eye brows, eliminate the aging wrinkles and enhance the facial features with the best


Bottom Line

The reviews and experience shared by patients of brow lift helps in establishing the bottom line that this surgical procedure is worth a try because this method not only helps you in achieving some of the amazing beauty goals, however, it empowers you to move confidently in the world without getting worried about the potential harsh look due to aging.


Precautionary Note!

You should always take proper consultancy from your doctor and judge their expertise before under-going the surgery in order to reduce any potential errors.


Before and After Brow Lift

The before and after results of endoscopic and coronal brow lift makes it very clear that after the surgery, patients would be able to feel a drastic change in their facial expressions.


brow lift

Temporal Brow Lift with younger patients

brow lift

Coronal Brow lift for Patients above 50 age

brow lift

Brow Lift surgery for raising the eyelids in younger patients (preferred is temporal)

brow lift

Brow and Eyelid Lift


Cost of Coronal and Endoscopic Brow Lift

The cost of the coronal and endoscopic brow lift lies in the same bracket, however, the estimated cost is expected to go up based on the expertise of the doctor, the clinic, pre and post operation treatment.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the estimated cost of Brow lift is $3500+ partially including and excluding the cost variables.

Before deciding on the surgery, you should get proper consultation on the cost of the treatment in order to relax your pocket as well as your facial expression.

So are you planning to go for this surgery any soon or are you already an experienced person? Let us know by leaving your comments below.



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