Botox Lips Guide: Procedure, Flip, Side Effects & Cost

Botox Lips

Today’s discussion would concern wrinkles around the lips and how Botox lips have changed the lives of women worldwide in the past decade. If you’re considering this option to step-up your beauty game, this piece of writing would definitely serve to be a big help in your knowledge.

botox lipsIt’s a common opinion out there that aging gracefully is both an asset and an honor. However, a recent research conducted in a Western university brought forward some very startling statistics. One out of five women stresses about fighting the signs of aging even before she hit her thirties. That’s both alarming and depressing at the same time!

There’s no surprise in the fact that skin loses its elasticity with time and gets prone to develop wrinkles and blemishes. However, stressing over the way your skin looks as you age is no solution to your problem. No matter how intensive your beauty regime is, wrinkles are an inevitable sign of aging that might find their way to your face sometimes in life. As devastating as this sound, you don’t have to worry anymore. Medicinal science has crossed such barriers of technology that we have the best treatments at our disposal today.


What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and Botox is a certified product that is made up of a purified form of botulinum toxin. Although the naturally produced neurotoxin is responsible for the causation of diseases like tetany. Its purified form is used in a minor concentration to yield cosmetic benefits. After decades of research and vigorous laboratory testing, Botox was officially launched in the market in 1989 and has been used extensively since then in both medical and cosmetic fields. Although it was originally certified for treatment of medical conditions like strabismus, blepharospasm, hyperhidrosis and hemifacial spasm, experts have deemed it as an excellent approach for curing wrinkles and facial creases. The appearance of wrinkles and lip lines can be attributed to excessive smiling, laughing, frowning, constraint facial expressions, smoking and kissing.

botox lips

Mechanism of Action:

Just like the parent compound causes flaccid paralysis of the muscles, the purified form of the toxin is used to relax the muscles of the face. It’s a common observation that wrinkles and smokers’ lines are caused by overactivity or sometimes spasm of the small facial muscles. By injecting the toxin into these muscles, their contraction is halted which ultimately reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.



The procedure is undertaken after installation of local anesthesia. A narrow bore needle attached to a syringe is filled with the purified form of botulinum toxin and then injected into the target muscle. Botox can be injected anywhere on the face – between the eyebrows to improve frown lines, above the lips to treat smokers’ lines, around the eyes to remove crow’s feet lines and even on the cheeks to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. The entire procedure takes about ten to fifteen minutes and the effect lasts for around three months.

botox lips

Consultation with an Expert:

Your first visit to your dermatologist is an integral part of the entire treatment as it would help clear all your queries regarding the procedure. It’s best to ask your doctor about all your concerns and fears during this visit. It’s also advisable to disclose your medical history at this point so your dermatologist can figure out if you’re a suitable candidate and make you aware of the pros and cons of the situation. Your doctor is the ideal person to offer you guidelines. Hence it’s essential that you keep the first visit totally interactive and discuss all your options with him. It’s absolutely fine if you wish to demand your doctor for a couple of pictures of his previous patients so you can better adjudge the results. A few of the significant things that you may ask your doctor are listed below.

  • How successful, Botox lips have been in your previous patients?
  • Are your patients satisfied with the outcome?
  • How long would the procedure take?
  • What products would be used on my face and would they be extensively tested for sterility?
  • What after-care would be provided to me after the procedure?
  • How long would I have to stay in the hospital?
  • What side effects should I expect after the treatment?
  • How much would the entire treatment cost me?
  • Would I have to come for follow-ups?
  • What other options are available to me other than Botox lips?

Are you a Suitable Candidate?

Since Botox lips have minimal side effects and no long-term restrictions post-treatment. It is suitable to be undertaken by the majority of potential candidates. Botox is a skin rejuvenation treatment with a goal of reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Hence, any individual who is bothered by the pesky signs of aging can opt for this approach.

Who is not fit enough for Botox lips?

A complete medical history and thorough physical examination are necessary by a dermatologist before commencing on the journey of Botox. Any individual who is known to have pre-existing muscle complaints or damaged nerves should not undergo this procedure. People who are born with inborn diseases of the muscles and nerves should also dismiss the idea of Botox. Although not an absolute contraindication, it is advisable to avoid Botox if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding your baby. Medical professionals suggest that although there are no known hazards for the mother or the baby. It’s good for pregnant ladies to return for consultation after delivery or once they’re done with breastfeeding.

How Effective are Botox Lips?

The cosmetic benefits of Botox lips are widespread. By weakening the tone of oral muscles, it eradicates the appearance of creases around the upper and lower lip. It can even elevate the corner of the mouth thus restoring your beautiful smile. Other uses of Botox include removal of marionette lines, correction of gummy smile and augmentation of lips. The effect of the injection entirely depends on the site where it is injected.


Botox Lips Side Effects:

Botox is a non-invasive procedure with no major side effects reported so far if performed under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. Although every dermatologist is keen enough to follow safety protocol. The patient may experience mild discomfort and swelling a few days following the treatment due to contact with facial skin with the needle. There may be numbness at the injection site or tenderness in the operated area. Few individuals can also suffer from minor bruising but it can be easily concealed by a good foundation or compact powder. Other minor side effects include a headache, nausea and lip swelling. The patient is advised to resume their daily activities right after the treatment and no bed rest is recommended. It’s also safe to travel post-treatment and no restrictions are imposed from the doctor’s side unless the wound is infected.

Since Botox is a toxin. It may spread to other surrounding muscles, rendering some serious side effects in a minority of patients. The paralytic effect of the toxin can hinder activities such as whistling, sucking, biting, chewing, speech and even enunciation. It is advised to seek immediate medical attention in case of any such symptom.

botox lips

Botox Lips Flip – The Advanced Technology:

The use of Botox for reduction of wrinkles is a story of the past. With advents in the field of medicine and cosmetology. Medical professionals have gone a step ahead to introduce the new technique of Botox lips flip. The primary objective of this procedure is to enhance the appearance of lips and make them look larger.

The procedure involves administration of several Botox ampoules into the center of the upper lip area. Due to muscle relaxation in that area, the upper lip naturally curls upwards, giving a fuller appearance to the lips. This is an exceptional technique to virtually add volume to the lips without having to inject any lip fillers. However, the lip flip procedure can also be combined with a filler injection to add plumpness to the lips. The notable point is that this procedure gives temporary results for a period of around three weeks thus it has become a popular choice amongst individuals who want a special look for some big occasion.


Botox Lips for a Gummy Smile:

botox lips

Ever realized what’s a gummy smile? Stand in front of a mirror and smile with your teeth showing. If your upper gums are also visible during smiling, you’re said to have a gummy smile. While this particular facial expression suits many individuals. Quite a few people are too conscious about the revelation of their gums.

Botox for gummy smile involves the administration of the toxin into the cupid’s area which is the middle part of the upper lip. Anatomically speaking, this is the Orbicularis Oris muscle that’s meant to be relaxed by this procedure. By this weakening or relaxation, the upper lip will fail to curl upwards when you smile, thus covering the gums. 


Botox Lip Injections Cost :

Botox lips is an aesthetic procedure, the cost of which is not covered by most health insurance companies. The cost of the treatment widely varies depending on your dermatologist. The hospital setup, the quality of products used and the after-care provided in the clinical setup. From your first out-patient visit to the discharge from the clinic, an average Botox procedure costs around $50 to $1500.

High-end hospitals might even charge more for their additional services while private clinics can do the job at a much reasonable cost.





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