Botox For Hair – Cost, Treatment, After & Before Results and Side Effects


Hair is one of the essential features of a man’s or a woman’s body. However, as we grow old, the quality of the hair starts to deteriorate making it damaged and dull. There are a lot of women who are not satisfied with their hair. Shiny and healthy hair is very important to be considered as beautiful in our society. It is a constant struggle for a lot of women to get the desired volume and texture to their hair. Just like our skin, there are lots of treatments that can be done to bring the hair back to life. One such treatment is the Botox for hair.

Additionally, people living in the cities are faced with the worst hair damage conditions because of the presence of a lot of pollutants in the air. It is extremely common to get damaged and thin hair with age, however, some diseases also leads to the damage of hair follicle. Any change that happens in the body is directly reflected in the hair and stress can even make the hair dull and frizzy. These are long-term problems that cannot be treated instantly and people need an instant solution that can restore their hair and make it look as it was before. 


botox for hair

Botox for Hair is one of the new treatments that are being used to treat hair that has been damaged or has lost its luster due to various reasons. All the salons all over the world provide the facility of botox for hair. So, if you have been suffering from hair damage, then Botox hair treatment is the best for you. Here is all you need to know about botox hair treatment.


What is Botox Hair Treatment?

Hair Botox is the new kind of hair treatment that makes the hair healthier and shinier than it was before. The hair botox treatment involves applying a mixture of some active components to the roots of the hair to restore them. Even though the name says Botox, there is not any trace of Botulinum, which is a chemical that is present in the Botox injections.

However, the effect of this treatment gives the same results as the botox injections. The frizzy and dry hair is no more a concern since the mixture of the proteins, vitamins and different collagens work miraculously on the hair to restore every damage. Botox is a mixture of the ingredients such as Vit B5, caviar oil, Vitamin E, and the collagen complex. The collagen is the main ingredient that helps fix the dry and damaged hair. With the growing age, the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals deteriorates.

As we grow older our body starts producing lesser keratin that it used to before. This can even lead to excessive damage to hair and also bald patches. People have access to all the styling equipment and use them on their hair on daily bases. Heating and styling the hair takes away all the moisture from it. Moisture is one of the essential components in making the hair look and feels healthy. However, there are other culprits also that might lead to the breaking and damage to the hair. The Botox for hair reverses all this damage in just an hour.  


Who should opt for Botox hair treatment?

There are numerous reasons for people to opt for the botox hair treatment. People with the hair conditions as mentioned below should get the botox for hair treatment done on their hair.

  1. Dehydrated and frizzy hair.
  2. Thin hair that has lost their luster.
  3. Dry and damaged hair due to the usage of heat and chemicals.
  4. Hair that has split ends and continually
  5. Chemically treated hair that has gone through bleaching, coloring, curling, straightening and much more.
  6. People with a scalp that has a lot of dandruff.


How is Botox for hair different?

The Botox is different from any other product as it only uses the natural compounds. Unlike the botox injections, it does not use any chemical compound what so ever. This means that it is entirely safe for all hair types and only gives positive results.


How is the treatment done?

The Botox for hair treatment does not require a lot of time. You just need a couple of hours for the whole procedure to finish depending on the length and type of hair. Here are the steps involved in the treatment:

  1. The treatment can only be done on clean hair. Hence thorough washing of the hair is done. The conditioner is not used, and the hair is washed from the roots to the tips to remove any oil or dirt residue.
  2. The second step is to untangle the hair and comb it into sections for the smooth application of the product.
  3. The hair is dried using light heat, and a lot of combing is done to align the hair that is frizzy and unmanageable. This is especially important in the case of curly and thick hair.
  4. The product is now applied to the hair with a brush and is massaged into the hair with hands. This is done so that the product reaches every root of the hair. However, the product should not accumulate on the scalp.
  5. 45 minutes is the maximum time duration for this product to work on the hair. After 45 minutes, the hair is washed off.
  6. Iron is used to dry the hair out and fix the compound into the hair so that it absorbs all the ingredients properly.
  7. The technique to wash the hair is a little different here. The hair needs to be soaked in water for about 7 minutes so that the product gets cleaned off entirely.
  8. Carefully blow dries the hair so that the hair strands do not break or get damaged while drying and combing.

botox for hair

Results and advantages of Botox for hair

The Botox for hair has numerous positive effects such as:

  • Makes the hair look much younger than they are. If the hair has aged and lost its luster, hair Botox can make it more youthful and shiner in no time.


  • The hair gets aligned together making it perfect for the people who like straight hair. The split ends are also treated and do not appear again for the time the treatment is working on the hair.


  • The hair becomes smoother and easier to handle. All in all, no matter what hair issues a person has, hair botox can treat them efficiently.


  • The Botox for hair does not only make the hair look perfect temporarily. It also repairs the damaged hair in the long run. It provides moisture and nourishment to the hair which helps them heal, and the future hair comes healthier than before.


  • Unlike many other treatments that result in the smoothening of the hair, botox hair treatment does not compromise with the volume of the hair. Since it is a 100% organic treatment, the hair will remain the same. Only the texture will become better.


  • In the case of curly hair, the hair is frizzy. Hence botox for hair eradicates the frizz and make the styling much more manageable. However, in some people who have curly hair, straightening can make it look less in volume. However, the botox increases the volume by increasing the thickness of each strand of hair.


  • The best part about using the Botox for hair is that it can be used for all hair type no matter what shape, texture or size. Any person that is not allergic to the products can use the botox on their hair. It also aids in the growth of healthy hair on the scalp.

botox for hair

Side effects of Botox hair treatment

There are many positive results of using Botox for hair. However, there are a few Botox hair side effects. Since the formula is specially designed to suit all kinds of hair and does not have any harmful chemicals, there are no significant side effects that can happen on using Botox for hair. The possible side effects are:

  • Allergic Reactions

Some people might develop some allergies to the products that are present in making the mixture that is used in the treatment. Hence, it is advisable to consult a physician before opting for the hair botox. Additionally, the pregnant women should avoid going through this treatment since the chemicals, and the formulation might be harmful to the developing child.

  • Oily scalp

The keratin present in the botox for hair causes the scalp to turn oily, and your hair ends up looking greasy. Make sure you get the treatment done by a trained professional only. The excessive oil in the scalp happens because a person has applied the product directly on the scalp and not on the hair. You can learn more about scalp issues here

  • Not Permanent

The hair botox sure is a great way to boost the texture and the look of the hair, but the results are not permanent. You need to keep getting your hair touched up every four months. The hair botox lasts not more than 2-4 months, depending on the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use on a regular basis.


How much Botox Hair Treatment cost?

The botox hair treatment cost is a little higher than any other hair treatment that you would get done at a salon or home. The Botox hair treatment cost also depends on whether you are doing it yourself at your home or getting it done by the professionals at the Salon. The price of the treatment can range anywhere between $150 to $300 or above. Many home kits for the Botox treatment are also available in the market for the people who do not want to spend a lot of money in the salon. It is easy to apply, and the results can be seen in just one day.


How To Choose The Perfect Salon?

The botox hair treatment cost varies depending on a lot of factors. You need to keep in mind these factors and only then select the place you want to get your hair done. Some of the things that are responsible for the difference in cost of the botox for hair treatment are as follows:

  1. The Product Used

The first thing that is different in the salon that costs you a high rate for the botox hair treatment and the one with the low price is that the usage of different kinds of products. Since the health of your hair depends on the type of product you use, going for cheap products is not a good idea. Make sure you ask the salon for the name of the product they have been using for your hair treatment. Research on some good companies that make botox for hair and ask the professional to use their products on your hair. Paying a little more is better than permanent damage to the hair.

  1. Type of Professionals

The type of professionals working at the salon also determines the botox hair treatment cost. If the salon has some of the most experienced and highly trained professionals. The value of the treatment will automatically increase. Additionally, if the salon is famous, the price will be higher.

  1. Location

The location also plays a significant role in determining the botox hair treatment cost. If you live in a smaller town. You can get the treatment done at a lot lower price than the bigger cities. Even though the products used will be the same, the treatment cost will vary according to the location.

Hence, make sure you consider all these factors when you decide the salon you want to go to get your botox hair treatment.

Botox for hair can be an excellent solution to make your frizzy and dry hair look presentable and beautiful. However, the hair health can be a direct sign that there is something wrong with your body. Hence it is essential to consult a doctor. It is also important to not stress and make sure to include meditation and yoga in your daily schedule.

Taking the doctor’s advice and prescribed drugs can help you get back the luster in your hair and make them healthier. However, for the time being, botox hair treatment is the best thing to go for. Research your nearest salons and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the treatment. Visit the salon and give your hair the necessary boost.


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