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botox for forehead

How Many Units of Botox for Forehead

As forehead wrinkles or frown lines have become a disturbing factor for both the genders, therefore, now many people are shifting towards the beautifying neurotoxin called Botox. This aims to relax the targeted muscles, lift them and make them look prettier includes injecting botox for forehead.

Though the effectiveness of Botox is free from any doubts, however, still, people are confused about how many units of Botox for forehead are needed and which areas of forehead should be injected for better results.

Today we will discuss units of Botox for forehead and what part does Botox unit play in beautifying your forehead.


Botox and Forehead

If you are planning to take Botox any soon then, you should have proper information about the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) permitted Botox area on the forehead.

According to FDA, only ‘11s’ on the forehead are allowed to be injected with a neurotoxin and other areas such as horizontal forehead lines and crow feet shall be left untouched.

Since usage of Botox is dependent on doctors as well as the patients, therefore, many areas of the forehead are treated off the label. Some doctors not only use Botox to treat forehead, however, it is also used to fix the lip lines, neck and upper third part of the face.

‘11s’ are basically the wrinkle lines which are formed between the eyebrows. The Botox treatment on ‘11s’ helps in naturally lifting the brows, bring softness on the face and make the face look more symmetrical. The usage of units of Botox for forehead is also determined by using the formula of ‘11s’ or upper third face.


Units of Botox for Forehead

Unit of Botox is treated as a parameter to determine the amount needed to fix the targeted area. According to the medical researchers, the units of Botox works as the dose determiner just like (Mg or Ml for other medicines). Botox usually comes in the units of 50 to 200 vial bottles and is packed by the Allergen Company.


botox for forehead


In simple term, units of Botox for forehead would be determined after checking the deepness of the wrinkles, the intensity of the muscles and the targeted area. For instance, the units of Botox for forehead are different from the Botox units for crow feet because the muscles of crow feet are stronger than the forehead.

The decision of units of Botox for forehead is usually made by doctors. However, as a patient, it’s your responsibility to inform your doctor about any past Botox treatment and definitely your expectations from this treatment.


Relationship between Units of Botox for Forehead and Duration

The efficiency of Botox is in the hands of your doctor because they are capable of playing with the units of Botox, which is directly connected with the cost you are paying.

Most of the doctors usually try to accommodate the patients by lowering the cost as well as the units, which ultimately impacts the efficiency of the treatment. Normally, doctors prescribe 16 units of Botox for forehead however, your doctor might try to minimize the cost by lowering the units required.

In that matter, it is important to get proper consultancy before entering into the process of treatment, because you are paying just for the sake of good results.


Precautionary Note!

Overdose of Units of Botox for forehead might impact your face structure in the most adverse manner. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid over dosage because more is not prettier always


Botox Face Structure 


Units of Botox for Forehead-Males

The units of Botox for forehead are further determined on the basis of gender. For instance, the number of Botox units for men is slightly higher than women.  Men muscles tend to be more rigid and harsh.



Glabella is the area between eyebrows, it is also referred as ‘11s’ or vertical frown lines on the forehead. According to the doctors, the normal range of Botox units for Glabella lies between 18-30 units. However, the number can be altered according to the deepness of the line and age of the patient.

For males, it is recommended to take serious advice from doctors before determining the units of Botox for forehead because if Glabella is not fixed properly. Then, the mistake might lead to disturbance in the face planes.


Horizontal Forehead Lines

The area above the eyebrows and below the current hair line is called as the horizontal forehead. Normally, the range of 8 to 16 units of Botox for forehead is recommended to the male patients. This number might vary according to the complexities involved in the lines and needs of the muscles.


Units of Botox for Forehead-Females



There is no difference between the structures of Glabella for the male or female. However, the units of Botox for female are slightly lower. Women tend to have gentle skin type and less rigid muscles.

Normally, women are advised to take 16-28 units of Botox for forehead. However, this number is destined to be altered according to the past history of a neurotoxin. The condition of the skin and need of the patient.


Horizontal Forehead Lines

Most of the women usually prefer Botox treatment for their forehead lines. Because if forehead is symmetrical in nature then, it can augment the look of the entire face. The recommended range of units of Botox for forehead lies between 8-16 units.

As the cost of Botox treatment is directly proportional to the units of Botox received. Therefore, it is recommended to make the wise decision.



As Botox is the strong a neurotoxin, therefore, it aims to build up with the passing time. It is recommended to always inform your doctor about your past neurotoxin history. It helps in determining the units of Botox needed for the forehead in the next sitting.


Before and After Botox


botox for forehead


The before and after results of Botox makes it pretty clear that units of Botox play a major role in transforming your face shape. The units are capable of bringing peace to your face and make your forehead look more even than ever before.

So how many units of Botox for forehead are you planning to consider? Leave your comments below.



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