Blackheads Extraction on Forehead – Methods of Blackhead Extraction

Blackheads Extraction on Forehead

Blackheads also called as comedones are the part of the pre-acne development stage which is formed on the forehead due to the malfunctioning of sebaceous glands resulting in the formation of clogged hair follicles. Therefore, the blackheads extraction on forehead plays a vital role in skincare and beauty.

The clogged hair follicles further transform their shape into black spots and dots after getting into interaction with the air, which supplies the oxide and changes the pores into blackheads.


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead

Combination of Black and Whiteheads on Forehead


As blackheads are the mild type of acne, therefore, it is crucial to extract or treat them on time in order to reduce the chances of developing acne.

Few manual, as well as the skin care methods, can be used for proper extraction purposes, which we will be discussing shortly.


Manual Methods of Blackhead Extraction

Many people try to extract blackheads by scratching them with sharp nails or other unsterilized material, however, this practice should be replaced immediately with the properly medicated procedure to avoid chances of inflammation, infection or scarring.


1. Extraction through Comedone Tool


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead


Comedone extractor tool is the metal-based material with different size loops on the front and back of the stick. The loops are used to identify the right position of blackheads extraction on forehead.

Comedone extractor is a common beauty tool so it can easily be found at any drug store or pharmacy.

As comedone extractor holds the potential chances of leaving scars on the targeted place during the blackheads extraction on forehead, therefore, the proper guide should be followed.


Steps before Extraction


Sterlizing the Comedone

  • The tool should be properly sterilized (germs free) before getting in contact with the skin.
  • Take 2 glasses of water and let them reach to the boiling stage.
  • Put the comedone extractor into the water and let it boil for at least 5 minutes.
  • Once cool, drain the water, clean the tool with tissue and use it (Avoid direct handling of tool after boiling)


Preparing Skin

  • Preparing your skin before extraction is very important because it helps in smoothening the pores and removing excess dirt from the skin for extraction purposes.
  • Properly wash your face with water or soft cleaners for removing the dirt.
  • Take steam for opening the pores and less painful extraction. (Use steamer or boil water at home and lean over with towel while maintaining the adequate distance)
  • If you are not interested in steam then, take a hot shower and follow the extraction steps.


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead


Make your Forehead Gentle

  • After following the skin cleaning steps, now it’s time to soften the clogged pores by putting some pressure.
  • Take a slightly wet hot tissue and wrap it around your index fingers (1st and 2nd). This step will help to control the spreading of acne to other parts of the skin.
  • Place your fingers near the blackheads on the forehead and move them in an opposite direction or perform ‘rounding’.
  • Now apply slight pressure around the black head area. You should not touch your blackheads because touching might lead to inflammation or bumping.
  • Repeat the procedure for 2-5 minutes before extraction for best results.


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead


Extraction Procedure

  • Once all the pre-requisites of skin are done then, next step is about the appropriate placement of extractor loop on the face of the black
  • Place the loop on the blackhead you want to extract and apply gentle pressure to the one side of the loop.


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead


  • Gently press the loop downside without putting excess pressure. The sliding down will help in the extraction of the black head from the desired place.
  • As blackheads are hidden inside the skin, therefore, there might be a little bleeding.
  • Once all the blackheads are properly extracted, clean the area with water or apply an ice
  • If you are unable to properly use the extractor then, don’t hurt your skin and follow other extraction methods.



Never apply excessive pressure to your skin this might result in scarring afterward.


2. Extraction through Blackheads Removal Strips


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead

If you are interested in blackheads extraction on forehead by using the less painful and relatively effective method then, blackhead removal strips are surely for you.

Blackhead removal strips basically aim to extract the excess oil from the targeted area and pull the blackheads out. These strips can easily be found at any drug store or pharmacy as they are manufactured by a number of cosmetic companies.

Nowadays, the charcoal mask is also being used by beauty hackers to extract blackheads from different parts of the face, however, the efficiency of the charcoal mask is backed by a painful history of removing the mask.


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead

Traditional Strips

Steps before Application

  • Properly wash your face with a soft face wash in order to remove all the excess dirt or makeup.
  • Dry the face with a tissue. Avoid applying strips or mask on the wet face.
  • Cut the strips according to the size of your forehead.

Application and Removal

  • Paste the strips on your forehead (Properly follow the instructions on the strip package)
  • Leave the strips on your forehead for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • If you are using a charcoal mask or wet mask then, follow the similar skin cleaning routine.
  • Apply the mild layer of wet charcoal mask on the black heads.
  • Let the mask dry completely (until it reaches the peel off condition)
  • As for mask: you are supposed to leave it on the face for at least 20-30 minutes for best results.



Blackheads Extraction on Forehead

Charcoal Pack



  • For Strips: pull the strips out in an opposite direction for extracting the black heads.
  • For Mask: slowly and gently remove the mask from your forehead. Apply little pressure while pulling for better extraction.
  • According to the reviews, the pulling out of charcoal mask can be little painful however, it is difficult to achieve results without a little pain.

This method will help in removing all the dirt from the forehead which will ultimately result in blackheads extraction on forehead



Don’t apply mask or removal strips on a frequent basis. It is advised to practice the method for two times a week in order to extract stubborn blackheads.


3. Extraction through Moisturizer


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead


The removal of blackheads through moisturizer is the easiest and painless technique of blackheads extraction on forehead

The moisturizing technique basically revolves around the concept of providing heat to the clogged pores so that they can leave their position and come out smoothly.

To execute this method, you will be needing:

  • A plastic wrap
  • Soft skin tissues
  • Hot washcloths
  • Moisturizer

Method of Extraction

  • For better results, follow the extraction steps after taking a steam or showering with hot water.
  • Apply, heavy or strong moisturizer on your forehead or at the blackheads. Moisturizer will exfoliate the skin and soften the oil in the blackheads.
  • Now tightly wrap the plastic cover (cellophane) on your forehead. This step will control the supply of oxide to the skin.
  • Take two washcloths and dip them in hot water.
  • Once all the water is drained, apply the clothes on the blackheads and leave them for at least 5 minutes.
  • Keeping putting gentle pressure on clothes.
  • Now remove the cloths and plastic wrap from the forehead.
  • Wrap a hot facial tissue around your fingers and place them on the forehead.
  • Now gently squeeze the targeted area without putting too much pressure.
  • Repeat the squeezing step for at least three times in order to properly clear the skin.
  • Once all the blackheads are extracted, clean the area properly with water.



Don’t squeeze your skin more than 3 times because repetition can result in inflammation on the forehead and can also damage your skin.


4. Professional Procedure  

The professional procedure is another way of extracting blackheads from the forehead however, this method isn’t very common due to its expensive nature and several sitting procedure.

Under this method, doctors usually recommend two type of procedure to the patients.


· Laser and Chemical Treatment

Laser treatment is the effective way of blackheads extraction on forehead. This method basically aims to supply sufficient energy lights to the targeted area, which results in the drying out of sebum glands and removal of blackheads.

As blackheads are associated with the acne, therefore, mild resurfacing laser treatment is preferred for better results. In this procedure, the non-ablative technique is used to treat the upper or top most layer of the skin.

Firstly the area is properly cleaned and maximum heat is supplied for changing the working of present collagen. Collagen further supports the working of skin cells which regulate the supply of oil glands and result in extraction of blackheads.

As this procedure cannot be done in one sitting, therefore, patients are supposed to visit the doctors at least 3 times.

The cost of this treatment is dependent on the experience of the professional and his techniques, however, on average, a person is supposed to pay $100-$200 per session.


·  Professional Extraction using the Extractor


Blackheads Extraction on Forehead


In professional extracting, doctors usually follow the same steps as the home extraction, however, the procedure might be quite different.

Firstly they will recognize the nature of blackhead and then, follow the procedure of extraction. For instance, if blackheads are stubborn then, they might increase the stem time or apply moisturizer during the softening process.

In short, they aim to follow each step professionally.


Which method are you planning to go for? Share with us by leaving your comments below.



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