Big Forehead Benefits – What are The Benefits of Having a Big Forehead?

Benefits of having a big Forehead

Big Forehead is normally associated or called as a beauty flaw which needs to be camouflaged either with the help of cosmetic surgeries such as forehead reduction or by adjusting the different hairstyles.

However, every human feature has its own beauty which should never be underestimated and same is the case with the big forehead. If you are depressed because you have a big forehead and you feel socially awkward while having conversations then, you should continue to read on!

big forehead

Why having a Big Forehead is a Plus Point?

Many researchers believe that apart from beauty discussions, having a big forehead is considered as a symbol of high intelligence. Additionally, people with big forehead are perceived as more understanding and emotionally stable than those who have small or medium forehead size.

The prevailing perception states that people with small or medium forehead are allowed to have different haircuts or hair style, however, the reality is quite contradictory.

big forehead

Shorts bangs complimented bangs

Women as well as men, always like to wear the trending hair styles and bangs are in trend since always. Moreover, the haircuts such as feathers, steps, half bobs are always complimented with bangs.


big forehead

Layers complimented with Bangs

Beauty Benefits of Big Forehead

The rationale benefits of the big forehead are scientifically proved, however when it comes to beauty benefits then, the verdict is also in the favor of big foreheads because of the following reasons:

1. Highlighter is your Secret Beauty Weapon

Not every girl is lucky to have a big forehead, which can easily be contoured or highlighted for achieving the perfect beauty look.

The purpose of the highlighter is to add extra shine to your face and appear its gorgeous look when exposed to the sun or any lightening material. As highlighter cannot be applied to the congested areas, therefore, not every female is capable of wearing the incredible highlighter look.

Ways of Applying Highlighter on Forehead:

  • Before applying the highlighter, you need to smoothen the texture of your skin by using the suitable foundation or concealer
  • Once properly caked, now perform the contouring by drawing a heart from your forehead to cheeks. This step is optional and not a pre-requisite for perfect highlighting.
  • Now apply a small amount of highlighter on your cheek bones. (the color of highlighter should be selected according to your face tone)
  • After cheek bones, mix highlighter with bronzer and apply it on your forehead by leaving the contouring space.
  • Brush the highlighter until it has got naturally merged with your skin tone.

big forehead

Right selection, as well as the application of highlighter + bronzer on forehead, will significantly improve your overall appearance without reducing even a single inch of your forehead.

big forehead

Highlighter Hack:

If you don’t have highlighter pallet then, take a lipstick with darker shades and mix them with glittery eye shadows such as golden or silver and follow the mentioned application guidelines. The texture of lipstick will help in maintaining the long lasting effect.

2. You can play with different Hairstyles

If you have a big forehead then, you are actually free to adopt different haircuts and hair style. Sound strange?

Well, people with short forehead usually struggle with bangs because their tiny forehead is unable to handle them properly thus ruining the entire facial look, however, if you have a big forehead then, you can wear bangs with almost every haircut.

For instance, you can easily for bangs with short bob, feather, layers and step hair cut with short or long bangs. Additionally, it is relatively easy for you to work on your middle hairline without getting worried about its impact on your eyebrows.

Ways of beautifying Traditional Bangs:

  • Add Volume to your Bangs

Adding volume to your frontal bangs with the help of blower dryer can surely intensify your entire looks. The following steps will help in adding extra bounce to your bangs and make them appear healthier.

  • Take a round brush and roll your bangs on it.
  • Now operate the dryer on the mild stage for 30 seconds in order to form hair shape.
  • Separate the hair from the comb and brush them straightly.
  • Now again wrap the hair and repeat the dryer phase for 60 seconds and move the dryer in the rotation for best results.

big forehead

  • Use Curler to modify them

Not everybody is capable of wearing the curled hair on the face and if you have the chance because of your big forehead then, we recommend you not to miss this opportunity.

  • For curled up look; take your bangs and put them entirely on one side of your forehead (optional)
  • Now make portions of separated hair and start rolling curler one by one.
  • Once, all the hair are done, use the setting spray for properly adjusting the hair.

big forehead

  • Outward Blower Dry

Outward dry is another fantastic hair option for people with a big forehead. This hairstyle can easily be achieved by using the hair dryer or manual curlers.

  • Separate your bangs into two portions (equal)
  • Take one side and wrap it around round brush for drying purposes.
  • Use the traditional blower dryer method (30 seconds initial then further).
  • Now repeat the same step on the remaining portion of the bangs.

big forehead

If you have the big forehead then, we advise you to try all those bang styles and cuts which match with your forehead because not everybody is lucky enough to avail them.

3. Experimenting different Eyebrow styles

Who doesn’t love to have perfect eyebrows? Well, perfection always desires some kind of experimenting.

The people with smaller forehead always struggle to set their eyebrows and adjust them according to their haircuts. However, if you have a big forehead then, you are free to wear any eyebrow style without any difficulty.


Never try to alter or shape your eyebrows without practice because this activity might lead to absurd eyebrow shape thus leading to an adverse change in the facial features.

Eyebrow Styles for Big Forehead

Whether it’s about arched eyebrows or glamorous thick, people with big forehead are allowed to wear any style according to their facial expressions and other features.

big forehead

  • Glamorous Thick Eyebrows

People with big forehead are always advised to go for a glamorous thick look with a little arch from 1/3rd eyebrow part for best look however, this look can easily be altered according to the hairstyle you are wearing and other facial features.

big forehead

  • Purely Arched Eyebrow Style

Arched eyebrows are never out of fashion and they are best for the people big forehead since they aim to give a differentiated look without adjusting the length of the forehead.

Additionally, arched eyebrows are preferred by those who have smaller facial features. The proper correlation between the facial features and eyebrow shapes can help in enhancing the entire facial beauty.

So if you are still not satisfied with your large forehead. Then, you need to understand the fact that you have got no control over your facial features. However, you are only capable of adjusting them.

Start accepting yourself as you are because we all are created with perfection.

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