Best Treatment for Deep Frown Lines [A Complete Guide]

Best Treatment for Deep Frown Lines

While signs of aging are a significant reflection of grace and wisdom, not everyone appreciates the perks it has on their personality. And yet, even more, devastating is when young individuals are forced to fight the menace of beauty spoilers like blemishes and frown lines. You might find this piece of writing a real life saver if you have suffered from embarrassing public appearances just because you envision your skin being a lot older than it actually is. Deep frown lines are nothing to worry about as we have compiled a complete set of instructions that you may find as best treatment for deep frown lines.

best treatment for deep frown lines

Defining the Concept:

It’s quite necessary to clear one myth at this point – frown lines are not the wrinkles that appear on your forehead right above the eyebrows. They’re actually called worry lines. Then what exactly is a frown line?

Frown lines are small, vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows in the glabella region, hence commonly referred to as the glabellar lines. If you want to understand the definition more clearly, stand in front of a mirror and make a frowning face. Notice how the bridge of your nose suddenly has a set of wrinkles above them. These are called frown lines and they appear naturally with the aging process.

Getting to Know the Causes:

Frown lines are not just an output of aging. While aging seems to be the biggest contributor, multiple other factors play an important role in the formation of frown lines, especially in younger individuals. People who are excessively exposed to the harmful rays of the sun are more likely to develop frown lines even in their thirties or forties.

Malnourished individuals and those with a deficiency of Vitamin C in their diet also fall into the category where frown lines appear before the aging process even starts. Above all, recent studies have shown that increased incidence of smoking worldwide has contributed a lot to the process of skin aging and hence the development of frown lines.

Understanding the Physiology:

What internal processes result in the formation of frown lines? It’s imperative to get a little knowledge of skin physiology here. Human skin is composed of an outer layer epidermis that coats an even thicker inner layer, the dermis. The inner layer is interspersed with molecules of collagen and elastin.

These two structural proteins are majorly involved in maintaining the strength and integrity of the skin, providing elasticity and keeping the skin taut. Any process that disrupts this natural barrier of the skin makes you susceptible to developing frown lines and wrinkles.

For instance, sunlight exposure breaks down collagen and elastin which results in thinner, flabby skin. Aging slows down the regeneration process and there isn’t enough structural protein to maintain the tautness of the skin. Smoking causes the protein fibers to loosen which makes the skin lose its elasticity. And lastly, Vitamin C is important for the production of collagen and elastic. Malnourished individuals can never have a healthy looking skin.


Knowing the Effects:

It’s no surprise that a healthier looking skin has a positive impact on the overall personality. It imparts self-confidence and makes you feel contented inside out. Individuals suffering from untimely frown lines may not be comfortable in social gatherings and become excessively conscious of their physical appearance. Frown lines automatically change the entire outlook of the face – it makes you look sad, upset or even angry when in fact you really aren’t.

However, irrespective of age, frown lines are nothing to worry about. There are hundreds of treatments out there to help you get rid of this health obstacle and make you feel beautiful again.

Consulting an Expert:

What’s a better way to get an expert opinion on your skin-related issues than consulting a dermatologist? A specialized skin doctor should be your first go-to person whenever you experience frown lines.

A doctor’s diagnosis can reveal a lot about your overall skin condition and they would also guide you about how to proceed further. Amongst the many treatments that are available in today’s world, your dermatologist would recommend the safest option after going through your entire medical history.

What do Doctors say?

As the saying goes that prevention is always better than cure, almost every doctor would emphasize more on the preventive measures rather than prescribing loads of medicines. However, with the growing age of technology, the latest treatment that most doctors have deemed highly effective is the use of absorbable injectable fillers. These fillers contain ingredients that are naturally present in the skin – collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite and Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA).

Instilling them into the skin corrects the frown lines in a natural way while the side effects of this treatment regime are minimal. If not effective after multiple attempts, doctors proceed towards more invasive procedures like surgery and forehead lift.


Lifestyle Modifications as the Best Treatment for Deep Frown Lines:

Bringing your lifestyle towards a healthier spectrum is not only the best treatment for deep frown lines but will also target other medical issues you’re suffering from.

  1. Sunglasses and Sunscreen:

Make a habit of wearing sunglasses when going out in bright light. This would prevent excessive squinting and thereby reduce the formation of frown lines. Sunscreen, on the other hand, protects the skin from the hazardous effects of ultraviolet rays and maintains a proper ratio of collagen and elastin.

  1. Stay Hydrated:

Water is the best medicine for every skin problem. Staying hydrated can do ninety percent of the job of keeping the frown lines and ugly wrinkles at bay.

  1. Antioxidant Foods:

Adding foods like kidney beans, artichoke, dark chocolate, blueberries, pecans and cranberries to your diet protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are ions that break down skin cells and accelerate the appearance of frown lines. By adding antioxidants to your diet, you’re basically halting the aging process.

  1. Sleep:

Getting eight hours of sleep is mandatory to keep your body functioning properly. Sleep also stimulates the release of growth hormone which in turn assists in the formation of collagen and elastin.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Actions:

Some individuals have a habit of involuntarily frowning while working, thinking or contemplating something. Such habit promotes the development of frown lines. It’s good if you practice to keep your face neutral even in stressful situations and be aware of your actions at all times.

  1. Massages:

Going for a facial massage regularly is a good approach to kick-start a beautiful looking skin. Massages relax the facial muscles which ultimately lead to the disappearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. Coffee Intake:

Caffeine is a potent diuretic that makes your body lose water in the form of urine. Limiting the intake of coffee keeps your body hydrated and your skin luminescent.

  1. Pillowcases:

Sleeping on satin pillowcases dramatically is one of the best treatment for deep frown lines by reducing friction between your skin and the fabric. It’s time that you discard your cotton pillowcases and replace them with a smoother fabric.

  1. Supplementation:

If your diet is not balanced, you can maintain the intake of essential nutrients in form of supplements. Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin A are skin saviors in its true meaning.


Home Remedies for the Best Treatment for Deep Frown Lines:

  1. Exfoliation:

Regular moisturizing and scrubbing exfoliate the skin and help brighten up the complexion. The ideal practice is to apply a mild exfoliator twice a day while limiting the scrubbing regime to once a week. Always use the circular motion of hands while working any product on your skin as it maintains the tautness and gives strength.

  1. Toning:

Using a toner is as important as moisturizing. Apart from cleansing and controlling sebum production, it tones the skin and keeps the pores tight. Adding a good toner to your beauty regime can do wonders for reducing frown lines and wrinkles.

  1. Essential Oils:

Coconut oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil have been used for centuries in beauty hacks because of their admirable effects on the skin. They reduce wrinkles and frown lines, keep the skin firm and smooth and diminish the signs of aging – all courtesy of the antioxidants that are present in these oils.

  1. Face Masks:

An egg white face mask is a phenomenal home remedy for curing wrinkles and frown lines. Egg whites are loaded with structural proteins that give your skin freshness and firmness.

  1. Yogurt:

Make a face mask using yogurt, vitamin E tablet, honey and lemon juice. Apply to the frown lines and wrinkles, let it rest for ten minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. You’ll notice your frown lines disappearing in a couple of weeks.

  1. Oil and Vinegar:

Modify your cleansing regime by mixing olive oil and apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 2:1. Apply this mixture to your wrinkles after every time you wash your face and enjoy a healthier looking skin in no time.


Medical Approach for the Best Treatment for Deep Frown Lines:

best treatment for deep frown lines

  1. Retinol:

Scientific studies have termed retinol as the most effective therapy for any skin related issue. It belongs to the family of steroids and works by providing suppleness and elasticity to the skin. However, this treatment option is the last resort and should only be used by individuals above forty years of age.

  1. Microdermabrasion:

This procedure is a non-invasive approach to remove the superficial layer of skin that houses dead cells and debris. The probe consists of tiny crystals that tend to exfoliate the skin and boost collagen production. Read the complete guide on Best Microdermabrasion Machines.

  1. Synthetic Peptides:

Any individual whose normal skin is unable to produce enough structural proteins can benefit from synthetic peptides.  These are available in form of oral tablets or injections and are easily available over-the-counter.

  1. Botox:

One of the most commonly employed practices today, Botox is emerging as an effective tool to correct frown lines. Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin that when injected into the muscles causes them to become flaccid. As is already mentioned that frown lines result because of excessive muscle contraction in the forehead area. Botox treatment can render those small muscles paralytic and thus make the frown lines disappear. It’s an invasive procedure and should only be undertaken in a specialized setup under the supervision of a qualified professional.


The Final Words on the Best Treatment for Deep Frown Lines:

Irrespective of your age, a proper skin care regime is essential to maintain your overall beauty. Do not wait to start working once the frown lines are visible. Instead, work on your skin to prevent it from falling victim to such issues. If you’re already in the category where you require medical assistance. It’s best to consult an expert, study all your options and make an informed decision about your best treatment for deep frown lines after going through all its pros and cons.

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