Best Rowing Machines of 2019 – Best Rowers Machine Buyer’s Guide

Best Rowing Machines

Being a fitness freak I always look for some of the best rowing machines available in the market. Since these machines can help you perform a number of exercises in the best ways possible people look upon it as one vital gym equipment. From performing cardio to stretching exercises for legs, hands and back the rowing machines can cater every need in the most efficient manner. Whether you want to lose weight or develop a muscular body, all that you need is a good rowing machine and you are all set to go.

If you are also looking for some of the best rowing machines of the time then the content below will help you to a great extent. Here we have enlisted some of the best and most feasible best rowing machines of the time. Since they are loved by the users to a great extent they are always in a great demand. So check out some of the most influential best rowing machines of the time along with their promising pros and cons.


Best Rowing Machines of 2019

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine:

The rowing machine coming from Sunny Health & Fitness is one of those which didn’t require much introduction. Owing to the fact that they make some of the best fitness machines this product is no exception and endows great benefits to the users.

 Pros  Cons
  • The weight capacity of the machine is 350 lbs and is therefore perfect for everyone.
  • The resistance of the machine can be adjusted as per the needs.
  • Due to the presence of LCD display viewing the time, calories count and other things can be seen.
  • While the seats of the machine are fully padded to give comfort, the foot pedal is large and anti-slippery feature makes them safe to work out with.
  • The resistance provided by it is little less for the legs.


  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine:

The next wonderful rowing machine is again from Sunny Health & Fitness which is perfect to indulge upon to get a great physique. With a great rower, it gives a great work out to the arms to develop the muscular body. The 12 levels that can be adjusted as per the needs are the extra perks one gets with it.



  • It comprises a large LCD display to count the calories burning and the time.
  • The thick padded seat of the machine gives a comfy feeling to the person using it.
  • The pedals of the machine are non-slippery due to which it becomes extremely safe to work out in it.
  • The design of the machine is sleek and is made to provide full comfort to the user.
  • The shock resistance of the machine is found to be not very reliable if you are into hardcore exercises.


  1. Concept 101 Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5:

Coming from a reliable brand this rowing machine is the next wonderful product on the list. Due to its multiple workout levels, it gives a full body exercise and helps in maintaining a great fitness regimen. With its 20 inches high seat it gives you’re a comfortable height to perform different exercises.

 Pros  Cons
  • Being a great indoor rowing machine it is designed in a way that it produces very less noise while performing exercises.
  • Due to the presence of a performance monitor one can view the time and calorie count easily.
  • The monitor arm of the machine is adjustable and is designed ergonomically.
  • Coming with a warranty of 5 years it has the holding capacity of 500 pounds.
  • One needs professionalism to assemble the whole machine.


  1. Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine:

The best rowing machines from Water Rower is the next best machine to look upon. With an ash wood finish and an S4 monitor to look upon your progress, this machine could be your ultimate workout companion. It can hold about 117 pounds of weight and is perfect to splurge upon if you are looking for some water flywheel like a machine.

 Pros  Cons
  • Due to the use of honey oak and solid ash, the vibration and sounds coming while doing exercise get absorbed.
  • It can be stored in an upright position and thus saves a lot of space while storage.
  • Giving a replication of actual rowing feel this machine gives a different yet satisfying feel to the user.
  • The monitor of the rowing machine calculates the heart rate, stroke rate along with the intensity with which you are performing.
  • Sometimes a few technical glitches with water pump can be experienced.


  1. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine:

The best rowing machines with Stamina is the next product which is worth every penny. The presence of free motion arms in the machine makes it extra perky and alluring enough to look upon. From the compact design to the easy assembly, everything about the best rowings machine from Stamina is wonderful.

 Pros  Cons
  • If you want to mimic the rowing in the water then this machine could be your final choice.
  • The presence of hydraulic cylinder endows a perfect resistance to the user.
  • The tension controls of the machine can be adjusted as per the need of the user.
  • From the thick padded seat to the presence of pivot foot plates, everything about the machine is great.
  • One could find difficulty in adjusting the tension cylinder.


  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine:

Coming from Sunny Health & Fitness this is the magnetic rowing machine which has allured people to a great extent. from the ergonomic design to the use of durable materials in the manufacturing, everything is just superb about this machine. The large LCD display adds to the worth of it even more.

 Pros  Cons
  • The 8 different levels of adjustments make the machine modifiable for every user.
  • The seats of the machine are padded to provide the comfortable feel to the user.
  • The foot pedals, on the other hand, are anti-slip which gives them security while working out in it.
  • It can hold up to 250 lbs of weight and is compactly designed to carry anywhere with ease.
  • The pulley of the machine is made up of fabric which seems not very durable.


  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine:

From the comfortable padded seats to the anti-slip footrest, everything about the best rowing machines from Sunny Health & Fitness is worthwhile making it best to ponder upon. For endowing extra comfort and ease there are pivoting foot plates as well in the machine.

 Pros  Cons
  • The resistance of the machine can be adjusted to 12 different levels to make it attuned to the ease of using.
  • The foot straps of the machine are also adjustable.
  • Due to the presence of large LCD display, one can make a count of calories burnt, the time taken and other related things.
  • The quality of the foot straps is not up to the mark.


  1. Stamina ATS Air Rower:

Yet again a wonderful product in the list is Stamina ATS Air Rower which is known to provide great tacking of the workout along with an easy user interface. It gives a great resistance to different parts of the body and helps in developing a muscular body. Being a comfortable machine it can be looked upon by every fitness freak.

 Pros  Cons
  • The ergonomic design of the machine makes it worthwhile for everyone as the harder one rows the better results he could obtain.
  • The upholstery of this rowing machine from Stamina is padded to endow extra comfort while rowing.
  • The foot plates are large sized so that anyone can use it without any hassle.
  • Coming with a warranty of 90 days for the parts and 3 years for the frame this could be your smart choice to splurge upon.
  • The fan of the machine is little louder.


  1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5:

Easy to assemble and even easier to work with, this rowing machine is the best if you want a full body workout in the most effective ways. It endows a low impact full boy workout and gives wonderful results after a regular use.

 Pros  Cons
  • The design of the machine is like a flywheel which endows a smooth and easy fell while working out.
  • Due to the presence of 5 monitors, one can keep track of the calorie count as well as the time is taken to burn the calories.
  • From the adjustable monitor arm to the presence of padded seat with a height of 14 inches, this is machine comprises ergonomically designed handles as well.
  • It can carry about 500 lbs of weight and comes with a 5 years warranty
  • It requires professionalism to assemble the machine perfectly.


  1. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine:

The best in the category of rowing machine is from Stamina which has bestowed the best and most alluring results to the user. The fascinating fact about the machine is it can be folded when not in use so that it can be stored anywhere with ease.

Pros  Cons
  • This rowing machine from Stamina has the dimensions of 23.5 x 46 inches and has a compact design.
  • The gas shock resistance of the machine can be adjusted as per the needs of the user.
  • Due to the presence of monitor one can keep track of the calories burn and time taken along with the stroke count.
  • It’s a great rowing machine but resistance can be improved.


So these are some of those best rowing machines which are loved by people to the most. Due to their durability and long lasting features, they have become the most reliable products of the time. From endowing a great muscular strength to a wonderfully toned body, these best rowing machines can help you in every case. So without wasting much time splurge on the one which suits you the most.



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