Best Massage Chair 2019 – Reviews & Comparison of Top Massage Chairs

Best Massage Chair 2019

Looking out for the Best Massage Chair 2019?

Best Massage Chair 2019

Massage is the oldest technique of relaxing the muscles, curing the sore tissues and eliminating the deeply embedded pain. Now the massaging therapy is not preferred by individuals just for the sake of enjoyment or pleasure. However, our tough and tiring schedule has made this treatment a necessity for the healthy life and workable muscles.

As technology is slowly evolving and computerized system is taking over the world, therefore, the world of massaging has also witnessed the great change. From the introduction of roller based neck massagers to the full body zero gravity massage chairs, the technology is continuously trying to make our life a little better.

If you are wondering that why we are continuously talking about the muscles and the pain then, let me inform you that today we are going to talk about the best massage chair 2019, which should be added into your next ‘to-be purchase’.


What is the Best Massage Chair 2019?

For us, the best massage chair 2019 is the lifesaver!

A massage chair is just like the traditional comfy soft material chair with robotic features which are inserted to provide either the full body, upper body or spine massage to the users.

The traditional massage chairs aim to provide the full support to our back, shoulders, arms, and foots in the most relaxing manner.

The basic purpose of the massage chair is to stretch your body to the fullest and use different massaging modes such as kneading, soft pushing and pressuring for relaxing the muscles. The entire massaging process not only relaxes our body, but it also aims to decrease the mental pressure by putting the targeted muscles to work.

We totally understand that it’s hard for people to understand the importance of the best massage chair in their daily routine because we believe that our body is functional enough to bear the aftermaths which might get evident in the near future,

However, it’s not true because our body is certainly in the need of right muscle treatment which could relax them and drain out the hidden pain. For making your life easier, we have reviewed some of the best massage chair 2019, which could perfectly fit into your budget and also provide high-level comfort to your body.

Best Massage Chair 2019


Why you need the Massage Chair?


Here’s why

Improves the Circulatory System

A good massage significantly helps in improving the circulatory system of our body. A manual massage helps in putting pressure on the sore muscles, however, the automatic powerful vibration of massage chair helps the technology in deep penetration of ways in the muscles thus improving the work system of our blood circulation, nerves system, mental and physical work ability.

Improves the Metabolism and General Health

Metabolism plays a very crucial role in determining the overall condition of our body. If our immune system is working rightly, it means our metabolism is at the right rate. The electronic kneading and yoga stretching allows the fastening of metabolism thus improving the entire health.

Reduce Tiredness and Stiffness of Muscles

If you are done with your daily tough schedule and want some who could massage your muscles with right pressure then, you decide to buy the best massage chair 2019 immediately. It aims to make your life easier by taking away your tiredness and making your muscles flexible.

Long-lasting Investment

It’s impossible to spend hundreds of dollars on the manual therapeutic massage on the frequent basis. Even our schedule doesn’t allow us to do so. However, the best massage chair 2019 could help in achieving the similar therapeutic experience without spending a lot of money and time.

Snapshot of Best Massage Chair 2019

It’s true that the traditional market is loaded with the best massage chair 2019 and it definitely becomes hard for the individuals to pick and choose the best one according to their needs.

We have the list of some of the best massage chair 2019 in all terms, so have a look.

Model Name


Auto Programs


  1. Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair
  • Comes with body scan technology
  • Layered shoulder bags for high comfort
  • Comes with special foot support
6 Auto Programs with 3 stage Zero Gravity
  1. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06
  • Adjustable to the back structure
  • Treats the tsubo points on the neck for the neck massage
  • Good massager at lower price
No auto programs comes with 30 airbags
  1. Best Valued Massage Chair New Full-Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built-in Heat
  • 3-D detect massage for higher comfort
  • The option of heat therapy for back
  • Provides foot massage with 6 kneading options.
4 auto programs with 3 stages zero gravity
  1. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner
  • Aims to work on the blood circulation and metabolism
  • 50 airbags for the entire body
  • Comes with vibration mode.
4 auto massage settings with Zero gravity capsule
  1. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System – Charcoal
  • L-tracking scanner determine the length of your spine for better treatment
  • Provides full body yoga stretching for enhancing flexibility.
4 auto programs with three stage zero gravity
  1. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair
  • Single touch program for manual massaging
  • Provides deep tissue massage with adequate intensity
Three auto programs with no zero gravity stages.
  1. Portable Massage Chair Comfort 4″ Thick Foam Light Weight Best Massage
  • Adjustable seat location
  • Highly portable massager
No auto program with no gravity
  • Professional human-like massage backed by technology
  • Comes with rollers with proper body adjustments.
9 auto programs with 4 zero gravity position


Best Massage Chair 2019:

We know that the decision is a little harder, however, our details can make your life a little simpler.

  1. Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair 2019

Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage chair is the best available product on the market because of its incredible and highly advanced features at the significantly affordable price. If you are looking for the massage chair which could easily become the best entire body massager with the right focus on various body areas then, there is no better option than Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair.

  • Comes with Computer-Based Scan Technology

The computer scan technology of Zero gravity Kahuna Massage chair aims to properly scan the user’s body and determine the seat size which would fit perfectly with your back and spine size. Additionally, this technology helps the users in customizing the massage intensity according to their needs.

  • Yoga Stretching Function for high Relaxation

The zero gravity function aims to make your body weight-less and provide the full-body stretch for releasing the hidden tension from the muscles. The stretching phase further facilitates the improvement in the blood circulation which ultimately impacts the working of metabolism.

Overall, we truly love this massage chair, however, during the stretching phase, some users might feel extreme pressure on their calf leading to minimal pain afterward.

  • Adjustable Functions

The six auto programs backed by the three zero gravity functions aims to provide the best massaging therapy to the users for the adequate time period. If your muscles are a pain then, you can easily adjust the setting according to your choice.



  • Comes with a vibrating option for deep penetration into the skin.
  • The premium quality product at the relatively affordable price.
  • Comes with L-track massage system for better monitoring of therapy session.
  • Can also become the foot massager with dual roller facility.
  • Some users might feel extreme tightness in calf area while lifting
  1. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest 06

Best Massage Chair 2019

If you have just decided to buy the best massage chair 2019 which falls under the category of the medium price range with relatively good features then, we can easily say that this massage chair is the right deal for you.

  • Aims to Improve the Bodily Posture

The basic purpose of this massage chair is to work on your body posture. The lower body massage function aims to work on those muscles which are capable of impacting your entire look. For instance, the pain in your back can alter your standing situation.

Electric full body massage chair provides the stretching support to your entire body thus leading to decent standing posture.

  • 30 air Bags at the Spine Area

Air bags play a very important role in determining the efficiency of the massage chair. During our review, we found out that total 30 airbags are placed in Electric full body massage chair which provides the high-level comfort to your hips, spinal cord and thighs during the raising and reclining phase

  • Automatic System

Although the absence of auto programs and zero gravity mechanism makes this massage chair a little lesser, however, the entire automatic system backed by an adjustable setting provides the good coverage to your entire body. Additionally, the air massage aims to provide the just accurate comforting feel to the ache muscles and the stiffed tissues.



  • Aims to provide full body massage from head to toe
  • Comes with adjustable features which enable the air massaging and different heat level.
  • Limited size availability, can only handle the standard height
  • Lack of zero gravity functions


  1. Best Valued Massage Chair New Full-Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair Built-in Heat

Best Massage Chair 2019

The ideal massage chair is introduced for those people who love to get the professional human-like massage at home without spending a lot of money. Additionally, the advanced zero gravity and heating features allow the users to have the great massaging feels.

  • Stress-free Recline with Relaxing Massage

Recline and the zero gravity function of an ideal massage chair is our favorite. It not only aims to evenly distribute the weight, however, it also triggers those muscles which are unreachable and are responsible for causing the pain.

Additionally, the deep penetration system aims to handle all those muscles which are deeply embedded in our bodies and provides the backup to untimely sores and aches.

  • Allows you to Adjust the Therapy Measures

The automatic system is definitely introduced for those individuals who love to customize the massage therapy according to their choice. As this chair is launched to provide the replacement for human-like massage, therefore, its adjustable features allow you to select the intensity which suits your body the best.

  • Comes with Six Adjustable Kneading Balls

Kneading balls with right pressure can do wonders for your body. It not only handles the muscles, however, it provides the right support to the vessels which ultimately leads to the better posture and great health.

Although this massage chair has relatively good features, however, the customer reviews indicate that the absence of rollers tends to decrease the entire performance and the relaxation level for the user.



  • Allows you to find the best zero gravity position with the help of three customized functions.
  • A moderately priced chair which provides the decent massaging therapy.
  • Good replacement for the human-like massage.
  • Might not be a good deal for the taller people.
  • Lack of control over the leg lift and neck massaging
  • Lack of rollers for a foot massage.


  1. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

Best Massage Chair 2019

Real Relax Massaging chair is designed to provide the maximum ease to users in all terms. Whether you would like to go for changeable massage intensity or level of heating pads, this massage chair aims to equip you with some incredible features.

  • Comes with Fixed Pressure Points

Unlike traditional massage chair, Real Relax works on the basis of the fixed pressure points than rollers. The pressure points aim to grab those points which are responsible for giving birth to a high pain ratio.

Additionally, the zero gravity function helps in the proper distribution of weight which further facilitates the relaxing recline with right pressure on the soring muscles.

  • Adjustable Massage intensity

What could be better than using the massage chair which you can adjust according to your own needs? Real Relax comes with the adjustable massage intensity which empowers you to decide the level of intensity needed for relaxing the muscles.

If you are going through higher pain then, opt for the high settings while for the relaxing purposes, you can easily use the medium speed.

  • Easy to Assemble Massage Chair

If you are a newbie and still learning about the adjustment and operations of the massage chair then, you should deice to go for Real Relax because it comes with the easy-to-assemble system.



  • Comes with a remote control system for better manual settings
  • Zero gravity system allows the accurate weight distribution
  • Comes with the vibration and heating options.
  • Lack of computerized scan technology for customizing massage settings
  • Lack of memory feature for saving the previous settings


  1. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair:Best Massage Chair 2019

RELAXON best massage chair 2019 is one of our favorites because of its advanced system which aims to provide accurate support to the users back, neck, shoulders, and feet. Although the foot pads are lacking the smooth and comfortable feel, however, still this product isn’t a bad deal at all.

  • L- tracking System for Best Treatment

We always like the introduction of the L-tracking system in the massage chair. This feature not only makes the entire treatment worthwhile, however, it also allows the users to customize the therapy intensity according to their needs and demands.

The computerized system allows the system to detect the level of your heartbeat and suggest the zero gravity measurements which could provide the comfort to your heart and relax your muscles to a greater extent.

  • Penetrate Deeply into Skin

Deep tissue massage is the best thing. The penetration of heat backed by the right pressure can improve your health and can boost the working of your metabolism. Additionally, the customized auto and zero gravity setting enable the users to receive the message based on the health of their muscles and how much pressure they are willing to bear.



  • Comes with the useful remote system for better workability
  • Comes with adjustable air pressure for the lighter areas
  • Nicely powered intensity control system
  • Comes with heating pads for better massaging
  • Foot massager is not smooth enough to provide right feel
  • The chair might be a little larger for the traditional household.


  1. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

Best Massage Chair 2019

I won’t call the IJOY massage chair as the best every product, however, I would like to call it’s a daily-use massage chair which is capable of refreshing your muscles and protecting them against the potential fatigue or tiredness.

  • Power Reclining System

IJOY comes with the power recline system which allows the users to adjust the height of the chair according to their convenience. Now you can easily relax, adjust and take the massage in the most comforting manner.

  • Comes with Extra Storage

If you love to have your favorite cappuccino while having the massage then, this massage chair is the right option for you. Additionally, the smaller design of the machine forms a great collaboration with your house furniture for a better look.

  • Single Touch System

The auto system of this massage chair can easily be adjusted with the help ofa single touch. If you are a newbie then, handling IJOY massage chair shouldn’t be a big deal for you.



  • Smaller machine: can easily fit in the standard housing
  • Provides strong massage to the spine and shoulders
  • Automatic system for better control.
  • Poor quality leather construction
  • Can only work up to the certain level: might not provide the right level of zero gravity
  • Premium priced basic item  


  1. Portable Massage Chair Comfort 4″ Thick Foam Light Weight Best Massage

Best Massage Chair 2019

If you are looking for the basic massage chair which you can take anywhere with you without getting worried about the tension of assembling then, we would recommend you to buy this product without any second thought.

  • Firm Construction

The firm construction with higher portability allows you to have the relaxing feel. Although, this massage chair is missing the major automatic and zero gravity function, however, there is no harm in giving a try to the product which is the cheapest in the category with decent features.

  • Easy to assemble and Use

The best massage chair is the right option for those people who are not interested in using the machine which is highly technical in terms of assembling and operation. This massage chair can easily be assembled within in a few minutes after reading the instruction.




  • Highly portable: Carry it anywhere
  • Extremely soft surface for a better experience
  • Cheapest massage chair with decent features
  • Lack automatic setting and zero gravity system
  • Very basic massage chair as compared to other products in the same category



Best Massage Chair 2019

If you have the good experience of the massaging chairs and now you are looking for an upgrade then, we would recommend you to go for Kahuna massage chair with highly versatile features. From automatic system to, different massaging techniques, this chair is capable of satisfying all of your needs.

  • Incredible Automatic Features

This massage chair allows you to adjust almost all of the functions. Whether you would like to change your position in zero gravity feature or select the massaging technique, use the computerized scan technique and avail the opportunity of best-customized massage ever.

  • Six different Rollers

Six rollers of Kahuna Massage chair which are further divided into 3 more categories that allows you to have the great therapy while monitoring your body performance.



  • Allows you to adjust all the functions
  • User-friendly products
  • Comes with zero gravity system
  • Can adjust people of every weight and height
  • Comes with automatic system
  • Premium priced product
Bottom Line

All of the above-stated best massage chair 2019 are indeed the best one. However, the entire list will help you in making the decision based on your budget, usability and the features, which you think, are important for your body.

Make us aware of your final decision and help the readers in making the decision by leaving your comments below.

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