Best Handheld Massager – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide of Handheld Massager

Best Handheld Massager

Our tough routine has made the use of handheld massager very important for our good health. The best handheld massager not only helps in relaxing the muscle ache and sore tissues, it also promotes the better internal health in many manners.

best handheld massager

If you are suffering from the back, shoulder, feet, neck or arm pain due to the uncomfortable body positioning then, we would recommend you to spend a small amount of money on the best handheld massager.

We totally understand that the market for the handheld massager is overloaded with a number of products, claiming the best features. However, we decided to make your life easier by reviewing some of the best handheld massagers which are surely capable of providing the incomparable results.


What is the Handheld Massager?

If you are unsure about the working of the handheld massager and how it can make your life easier then, read on!

Handheld massager works just like the professional massager, however, the difference is only of the device itself. Usually, the massage is carried out in the proper spa and soft human hands are used to put pressure on the muscles in order to cure the soring muscles.

However, the handheld massager aims to use the similar method in more systematic manner. The massage tips are used for curing the muscles and adjustable speed function is utilized for determining the intensity of massage needed by each individual.

In our opinion, the best handheld massager is the most profitable investment because it not only allows you to receive the massage based on your own convenience, it also helps in the recovery of damaged muscles.

Some of the incredible benefits of the best handheld massager are as follows:

  • Helps in making the immune system better
  • Decreases tension, anxiety and workout stress by focusing on the aching muscles
  • Helps in controlling the blood pressure by promoting the oxygen flow
  • Highly portable device
  • Can help in elevating your mood


Why do you need to buy the Best Handheld Massager?

If you are still not convinced that why you need the best handheld massager then, you might need to dig a little deeper into the medical information.


Here’s Why

Lymph Circulation

Lymph is basically the fluid which revolves around our body and is responsible for removing the bacteria, deficient cells, and abnormal substances by traveling through the bloodstreams. The handheld massager effectively helps in fastening the lymph circulation which ultimately leads to a healthy body.

Home-based Rehabilitation Therapy 

Rehabilitation therapy was always considered as the plus-factor which could increase the quality of life by increasing the percentage of comfort and relaxation in the human body.

However, our busy schedule has made this therapy a necessity and the best handheld massager is surely launched to facilitate this function and to make the life of people easier.

Promotes Blood and Oxygen Circulation

Right pressure with an adequate flow of heat, helps the muscles in draining those dead cells which are responsible for malfunctioning.

The elimination of a cell leads to better oxygen circulation thus promoting the better memory, brain capacity, and heart rate.


Best Handheld Massager 2018

If you are running out of time and can’t decide which handheld massager is best for yourself then, here is the snapshot for you.

Model Name

Important Features


  1. Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager Body + Facial (Dual Mode)
  • Cordless design with power motor
  • 3 massage tips for better relaxation
  • Helps in gaining the professional treatment
  1. HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager
  • Comes with dual heads for maximum coverage
  • Provides deep tissue massage
  • Decent product at a lower price
  1. Wahl 4290-300 Deep –Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

  • Comes with speed adjustment
  • Three tips for full body coverage
  • Relaxing feeling
  1. Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager (White)
  • Highly portable massager with easy-to-use system
  • Penetrate deeper into the skin
  • Promotes muscles recovery
  1. Handheld Massager Ohuhu Double Head Deep Tissue Percussion Electric Full Body Massager
  • Comes with adjustable speed and pressure
  • Perfect grip massager at a lower price
  • Facilitate blood circulation
  1. 6 Interchangeable Nodes Massager
  • Sleek design with gripping hammers
  • Six massaging tips for the great experience
  • Comes with customizable heat function
  1. Thumper Sports Percussive Massager
  • Speed control function
  • Best for eliminating deeply embedded pain
  1. Homedics PM-50 Hand Held Mini Massager with Hand Grip
  • Best for the beginners
  • Operate on batteries
  • Adjustable speed and pressure


Detailed Description of Best Handheld Massager

If you have finally decided to buy the best handheld massager and you are looking for the best features then, we have the detailed list for you.

  1. Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Massager Body + Facial (Dual Mode)

best handheld massager

Pure-Wave is surely known for providing high-level services to its client while considering the different income segment. CM7 handheld massager by Pure-Wave is indeed the best one because its flawless design helps the users in getting control over the machine in the first attempt while its useful features help them in having the irreplaceable experience.

Although we agree to the fact that this handheld massager is quite expensive, however, its 3700 RPM motorcycle cannot be neglected

  • Dual Motor Handheld Massager

The 3700 RPM motor with the operating vibration of 10,000 RPM aims to provide the deep tissue persuasion massage to the users so that they can easily get rid of the tiredness and the daily fatigue. The powerful motors help in supplying the right amount of powers to the human body thus resulting in highly relaxed muscles.

  • Provide Professional Therapy

If you are looking for the best handheld massager which could facilitate or mimic the professional therapeutic therapy at home at minimal cost then, your decision should be in the favor of Pure-wave CM7. Additionally, this massager is preferred by the professional therapist because of its high-end usability.

  • Comes with Facial Mode

We have allotted the first position to CM7 handheld massager in our list because of its advanced working mechanism, which allows the users to transform this machine into the facial massager which could easily drain out the pollution, environmental dirt and harmful bacteria.



  • Relaxes the tensed muscles and tissues
  • The lightweight and highly portable device can easily be used.
  • Comes with motor built system, and vibration system
  • Little pricey material.


  1. HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager

best handheld massager

HoMedics has always been known for providing the premium quality products to its users and the introduction of Dual Head handheld massager is the valid proof. From providing easy handling feature too, perfect massaging system, this massager becomes successful in winning our attention.

Though some of the users might fail to get the high-intensity mechanism during the massage stage, however, for average use, this handheld massager is surely the best one.

  • Dual Heads

The dual heads of the HoMedics handheld massager enable the users to tap those muscles which are usually unreachable in nature. Some of our spinal tissues usually go unnoticed by a number of body massagers because of the high-depth. However, the dual heads of HoMedics massager tend to provide full coverage to entire area for best results.

  • Firm Handle for Ergonomic Control

If you are using the handheld massager for the very first time and can’t decide about the holding position and how the massager should be placed on the soring tissues then, we would recommend you to go for this device.

The ergonomic control makes the massaging procedure excessively simpler and resting for the users.




  • Comes with variable speed control for better intensity and treatment
  • Customized Tips for better experience
  • Comes with dual system and heat mechanism which relaxes the tension
  • Provides the persuasion massage at a relatively lower price.
  • Might not be able to supply high-intensity power due to dual mechanism


  1. Wahl 4290-300 Deep -Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

best handheld massager

Wahl handheld massager is not famous only because of its incredible tips feature or the usability of the vibration mode. However, the handling powers of the machine make it the most favorable one because it allows the people to have the firm grip on the device and use it according to their own feasibility.

  • Four Tips function

This handheld massager allows you to select the function based on your body type. Some people have the sensitive skin and they are unable to bear the high-intensity pressure and speed, therefore, for them, the special four tips are designed so that they could decide the level which suits them the most.

  • Speed Variation

The speed variation offered by Wahl is customizable in nature and is designed for those people who are not used to of getting the traditional treatment while keeping up with the standard speed. Through, this device you can easily select the level of speed, based on your own comfortability.



  • Best for relieving the tension and muscles stress to greater extent
  • Incredible handheld massager at a relatively lower price.
  • Might not be able to penetrate very deeply into the skin


  1. Pure-Wave CM5 Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager (White)

best handheld massager

If you are looking for the highest quality massager at the affordable price from your favorite company ‘Pure-wave’ then, we would recommend you to go for CM5. This model is somewhat similar to the CM7 model however, it’s only lacking the high-intensity power features.

  • Unique and Portable Design

For people, who are looking for the sleek design which they could carry anywhere with them, this massager is the perfect deal. CM5 can be the best deal for those people who are planning to take on the best massaging at home while using some of the incredible products.

  • Adjustable Tips with Entire body function

The adjustable tips of CM5 are not limited to certain and reachable parts of our body. However, its proactive system backed by proper vibration aims to penetrate perfectly in every tissue and drain out the maximum stiffness and tiring factors.



  • Lightweight and easy to handle device for the beginners
  • Can easily be recharged in few minutes
  • Provides professional massage treatment at home
  • The battery of the device might fade quickly.


  1. Handheld Massager Ohuhu Double Head Deep Tissue Percussion Electric Full Body Massager

best handheld massager

Handheld massager by the OHHUH Massager is another our favorite pick because of its customizable features which are capable of providing the decent treatment at a relatively lower price.

Though this device might not be able to exceed the expectations of customers in terms of vibration or deep massaging, however, it can significantly help in dealing with the daily fatigue and muscles tension.

  • Customized Speed and Tips

Ohuhu Massager enables the customers to perfectly customize the speed and intensity of the massager according to their needs. For instance, the new users are recommended to go for low speed with the most suitable deep according to their body type

And same goes for the previous users.

  • Promotes Good Circulation

If you are looking for the best handheld massager which could help in better oxygen and blood circulation inside the body then, we would recommend you to make your final decision in the favor of this product.

The massage capabilities not only relaxes the muscles, however, this massage helps in creating space for better flow of fluid.



  • Provides the best grip in order to avoid slipping
  • Premium quality product at a relatively lower price
  • Provides the full-body massage with dual system
  • The size of this handheld massager is quite big
  • The vibration system is little slower


  1. 6 Interchangeable Nodes Massager

best handheld massager

  • Provides professional Percussion Massage

During our review we found out that the best handheld massager is the one which could provide maximum usage, professional treatment and best comforting experience to its clients and we found out that Nurse handheld massager is indeed capable of complying with the comfort demands of its customers with the help of its adjustable speed features, vibration mode, and deep-tissue penetration function.

  • Incredible 6 Nodes function

The 6 incredible nodes of this handheld massager are designed for those individuals who are interested using one massager for all of their body parts. Starting from the soaring neck tissues, to the stiffed calf, this massager can bring life to your entire body.



  • It Comes with the adjustable speed option.
  • Comes with different massaging option
  • the ability to relax muscles
  • The device might be little hard for some people in terms of application and handling


  1. Thumper Sport Percussive Massager

best handheld massager

If you are looking for the massager which could actually insert the energy inside your muscles and fuel up your tissues for better workability then, I would say that your discussion should be in the favor of this best handheld massager because of the following reasons.

  • Comes with Greater Balance For Beginner’s

Although the past users might find it difficult to handle the device according to their needs because of the lack of control on the handle side, however, all those people who are still struggling to learn the handling, this massage could be a decent and usable addition for them.

  • Helps in hitting to the hardcore muscles

The mechanism of Thumper is designed while considering the number of layers inside the skin. The intensity power modes allow the device to deeply penetrate inside the skin and work on all those muscles which are damaged in any form.



  • Known for delivering the most decent performance
  • Promotes the lymph circulation and better growth of the blood cells
  • The handle might not be very firm and gripping for many people.


  1. Homedics PM-50 Hand Held Mini Massager with Hand Grip

best handheld massager

The people who are looking for the basic design which could easily fit into their lifestyle this handheld massager is the thing for them. Though some of the features are not based on the market compatibility, however, still we name this handheld massager a good deal.

  • Comfortable Outlook and usage

This massager has the most comfortable outlook further backed by basic yet appealing features. This product might not be able to provide highly advanced features to its users, however, if you are looking for the basic design which could satisfy your massaging needs with decent vibration mode then, your decision should be in the favor of this massager.



  • Lightweight massager; can easily be handled by non-professionals
  • Tend to relax the upper tissues of the body in the most relaxing manner.
  • The soft vibration mode provides the maximum ease.
  • Comes with trendy colors and outlook.
  • Very basic design with lack of adjustable tips.
  • Lack of control over the vibration option
Bottom Line:

For us, all of the mentioned handheld massagers are the best one. However, it depends on you that which best handheld massager suits your pocket the best and could satisfy your needs.

Make us aware of your final decision by leaving your comments below.


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