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Best Handheld Back Massager

In this article you will find Best Handheld Back Massager of 2018:

best handheld back massager

Whether you are traveling, sitting, working or even working out your muscles, backache has become the most common thing. It’s interesting to see that this tortuous backache is not restricted to any age limit.Even the youngsters above the age of 15 are also faced with an unbearable backache due to the improper sitting position, continuous use of laptop and maybe cell phones while sleeping.

You must be thinking that what is the ultimate solution to this problem? Well, our research states that the problem can only be solved with the help of regular or maybe a weekly massage.Now you must be thinking that it’s not possible to take a massage on a daily basis because it’s expensive, time-consuming and requires a lot of efforts. But we have got the affordable yet ever-lasting option for you.

We are talking about the best handheld back massagers. The best handheld back massager is the must-have massager for every individual. We can easily say that this massager can make your life super easier and eliminate the word back-ache from your life. You can also find best neck massager of 2018 here.


Why you need the Best Handheld Back Massager?

If you are still not convinced that the best handheld back massager is the best thing for you then, here is the medical and scientific information for you.


Here’s Whys?

Professional Therapy at Home A professional therapist who charges thousands of dollars usually tries their best to squeeze out the lymph fluid from the muscles by putting pressure on the skin. The handheld back massager tends to perform the very similar task. Its adjustable system of the machine helps in customizing the pressure level with adjustable speed.

If you want to have the tremendous comforting massage experience at home with one-time investment then, we would recommend you to buy the best handheld back massager.

Can help in dealing with Anxiety and Headaches equally Most of the people have this perception that the workability of the handheld massager is only limited to our back. However, the medical research indicates that the veins which are present in our spinal cord are usually interlinked with our brain. The veins are responsible for blood circulation and the massaging therapy can significantly decrease the headaches and anxiety by promoting the healthy flow of blood.

Snapshot of Best Handheld Back Massager

If you are running sort of time and couldn’t decide that which best handheld back massager would suit your needs perfectly then, here is the screenshot for your with the price range and features.

Model Name

Important Features


  1. Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Electric Massager
  • Consists of powerful massage motors for better treatment
  • Reaches to all the pain-causing areas
  • Comes with extra-long cord for better reach
  1. Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager Electric Back Massager with Heat
  • 6 nodes for better treatment.
  • Comes with multiple speed action for customization
  • Powerful motor for better control.
  1. RENPHO Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager
  • Sleek yet comfortable design
  • Comes with an automatic system for higher safety
  • Aims to increase the flexibility of spinal cord.
  1. VIKTOR JURGEN Double Head Electric Full Body Massager
  • Problems professional pressure with intense motors
  • Comes with dual heads for better coverage
  • Helps in reducing fatigue
  1. Premium Super Wave Cordless Massager By Bruntmor
  • Comes with 9 interchangeable nodes
  • Comes with best speed variation and adjustment
  • Premium Quality Material.
  1. Kemier ET-01 Physio Deep Tissue Massager
  • High-speed motor
  • Promotes better circulation for higher relief
  • Comes with wrist strap for easy to use feature
  1. CNHIDEE Massager Handheld Wand Massager
  • Massager wand with no automatic system
  • Highly easy to use
  • Can serve multiple purposes.


Best Handheld Back Massager

There is no harm in checking information about those products which are capable of satisfying some of your needs. Some of the best handheld back massagers which are capable of complying with your demands are as follows.

  1. Percussion Handheld Deep Tissue Electric Massager

best handheld back massager

LIBA has always been the most incredible brand in the market. Whether you talk about premium quality or justification for the price, LIBA products are able to satisfy its customers to the greater extent. The handheld back massager is one of the finest products with maximum usability

  • Dual Heads with Three Headers Adjustability

LIBA handheld massager comes with the dual heads which are designed to provide cure all of the back muscles. This feature not only helps in better coverage, however, it tends to save a lot of time because dual heads will be able to make the penetration faster.

Additionally, three differentiated headers enable the users to pick and choose the best massaging tip which would suit their body perfectly.

  • Comes with Speed Customization

Customization plays an important role in altering the decision of the users. Most of the people are more interested in using those items which could help them in selecting the settings according to their ease and we are very happy with the customization of LIBA handheld back massager.

Whether you want to switch between speed or select the operating option, this massager provides the maximum ease to its customers.



  • Lightweight handheld back massager can easily be controlled by beginners
  • Now you can easily get the spa-like massage at home
  • Provides adjustable setting to customers.
  • Persuasion might be little too strong for some people.


  1. Naipo Handheld Percussion Massager Electric Back Massager with Heat

best handheld back massager

From neck and shoulder massager to the back handheld massager, Naipo is surely known for the versatility it creates in the market. We are totally allured by the performance mechanism of this best handheld back massager because it is designed to comfort the soring muscles without extracting the natural strength of tissues.

  • Variation of Nodes

The 6 interchangeable nodes of Naipo handheld back massager, are made up of Silicon and Plastic. The variation allows the users to select the node based on the pressure they require. For instance, for deep tissue penetration, we would recommend you to go for plastic and for minimal massage, you can easily go for Silicon.

  • Powerful Motor

The powerful motor, consisting of 3800 pulse speed, allows the users to put the right amount of pressure on the back without entering the limit zone.

  • Best for Both the Genders

Naipo Handheld back massager is the right decision for both the genders. Most of the people believe that only men can use this handheld back massager because it might get a little heavy with the activated motor. However, during our research, we found out that females can also get used to of this motor just by using it once.



  • User-friendly handheld back massager with lightweight.
  • Provides ease to the entire body including back
  • Comes with better protection options.
  • The rubber tops are unable to provide the intense therapy


  1. RENPHO Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

best handheld back massager

RENPHO deep tissue massager is the best handheld back massager because it comes with the intense motor system which allows the customers to adjust the level of pressure on their back based on their own ease. We totally like the extensive features of this newly introduced massager because they tend to empower users in the most decent manner.

  • High on Safety

This massager is known for its safety feature which tends to turn itself on after 20 minutes in order to control the heating system. Additionally, the power-speed of 3600 pules tends to increase the overall massaging experience.

  • Enhances the Flexibility of Muscles

Most of the electronic massagers tend to extract the natural fluids from the tissues thus leading to an adverse situation in the future. However, RENPHO handheld massager comes with the unique mechanism which helps in increasing the overall flexibility of muscles and make them stronger.



  • Penetrates deeper into the skin and resolves the muscles issue.
  • You can easily take this handheld back massage without you anywhere.
  • Best for the entire body.
  • Little pricey as compared to other products in the same category.


  1. VIKTOR JURGEN Double Head Electric Full Body Massager

best handheld back massager

VIKTO JURGEN handheld back massager is known for its incredible design which consists of the dual heads. The dual mechanism helps in providing the full coverage to the back thus reducing the maximum percentage of pain.

  • High Speed and Safety

5000 pulse speed of this incredible VIKTO JURGEN handheld back massager has won our heart. It’s not only good in terms of power however, it also aims to provide high-level safety with its automatic operations.

  • Helps in Relieving the Pain Fasters

VIKTO JURGEN handheld back massager is the right choice for those people who are looking for the handheld back massager which is capable of providing most appropriate results in the fastest way possible.



  • Consists of the soft heads in order to reduce the chances of excessive pressure
  • Unique design which can easily be handled by everyone.
  • The motor might not be able to bear very heavy pressure.


  1. Premium Super Wave Cordless Massager By Bruntmor

best handheld back massager

It won’t be wrong to call Premium Super Wave handheld back massager Bruntmor as one of the smartest massagers. Starting from the sleek design to the incredible workability, this massager has surely won our hearts.

  • Comes with 9 interchangeable Nodes

Premium Superwave handheld massager comes with the 9 interchangeable nodes which empower the users to decide on the massaging experience according to the intensity of pain and the level of relaxation.

  • Consists of 6 Auto Setting

The automatic system of this massager which is further backed by six adjustable speed setting makes this device the best one. We believe this massager is the only machine which allows its users to select from a number of settings and adjust them according to their body type.

  • Amazing design

If you are looking for the smartest, and sleekest handheld back massager which you can easily use without getting worried about the damaging of the product then, we would recommend you to for this premium quality handheld back massager, which can surely make your life extremely easier.



  • Helps in enjoying the best massaging experience at home
  • Comes with an auto mode for maximum ease
  • High-quality massager with a high-speed system.
  • Attachments or headers might be little hard.


  1. Kemier ET-01 Physio Deep Tissue Massager

best handheld back massager

If you have just started to use the handheld massager for treating your back and can’t get the proper grip then, we would recommend you to go for Kemier ET handheld massager. This equipment is developed for beginners who are planning to make the muscles of their back better and flexible.

  • Comes with the Hand Wrist Straps

The hand wrist strap feature of Kemier ET handheld massager has made this product our favorite one. Most of the people usually fail to get the proper grips on the handles which ultimately leads to the falling off the machine.

However, now you can make your life easier with Kemier ET Massager.

  • Dual Heads for Decent Experience

The dual heads of the Kemier ET handheld back massager work exactly like other massagers in the same category however, we were allured by the appropriate intensity of the machine and how it aims to maintain the balance between two muscles.



  • Easy to use and grip handheld back massager
  • You don’t need third-party support for massaging your back
  • Nicely relaxes the muscles in lesser time.
  • A little too pricey handheld massager.


  1. CNHIDEE Massager Handheld Wand Massager

best handheld back massager

If you are not interested in using the highly sophisticated or maybe complicated handheld massager then, you need to consider the option of buying CNHIDEE massager, which claims to provide the right level of comfort to your back and various other body parts

  • Comes with Vibration System

This handheld back massager comes with the vibration system which allows the customers to select from the 20 different vibrations according to their needs. For instance, if your back is paining badly then, you can go for high volume with speed control option.

  • Consists of Heavy Motor

Although this massager has the very limited workability, however, it is still capable of providing high speed with its heavy motor. The motor can be recharged and can be taken anywhere without the worry of battery drainage.



  • Comes with speed control options
  • Easy to use massager which is capable of providing advanced usability
  • Extremely lightweight handheld back massager.
  • Comes with the waterproof technology for higher safety.
  • The very basic product at a higher price.
  • Lack of adjustable options.



You should always make the decision about the Best Handheld back massager based on your own ease, affordability, and usability of the product. If you are not satisfied with using the complicate machines then, you can easily go for the manual ones

Which best handheld back massager suits your budget the best? Make us aware of your decision by leaving your comments below.



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