Best Derma Roller: Micro Needles 2019 – After & Before Reviews

Best Derma Roller

Who doesn’t want to have flawless skin which is free from wrinkles, skin marks, breakouts and bumping acne? Well, if you are not interested in wasting a lot of money on highly expensive beauty treatments but still want to achieve the features of flawless skin. Then you might have to consider the derma rolling session. Ans today in this article we’ll be discussing what is derma rolling? What is the best derma roller? how derma roller works? Reviews of best derma roller? and also the before and after results.

The small handheld device with numerous needles have got a lot of attention from people because of its magical working mechanism which actually helps people in curing the hyperpigmentation, reducing the chances of premature aging, curing skin cellulite and other adverse skin conditions which are capable of making your appearance less impact full


Best Derma Roller

Best Derma Roller – It’s Working – Reviews – Results After & Before


The entire process of micro needling or derma rolling might sound a little scary and less secure but we believe that there is no harm in checking the stuff ourselves and find out the reality.

So let’s begin!



What is Derma Roller?

Derma roller is a small handheld machine which consists of the small needles on the entire body of the roller. The size of microneedles vary from roller to roller however, the most common range starts from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

The needles on the derma roller are properly rolled over the skin which results in the skin puncturing. The puncturing process helps in repairing the skin and helps in regulating the working of skin collagen.

Skin collagen plays a major role in deciding the wellness of our skin. Collagen is the natural protein which is embedded in our muscles, bones, skin, and vessels. Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin and hair healthy, improving the skin condition by producing those Vitamins which are necessary for the reviving the elasticity of the skin.

As the working of collagen is dependent on the skin cells, therefore any external factors such as rapid changes in the environment, facial injury or scares might also contribute to the less effective working of the skin collagen thus leading to the deficiency in elasticity cells.


Best Derma Roller

What is Derma Roller?


But the working of collagen gets restricted with the growing age which ultimately gives birth to wrinkles, skin stretches, red marks, and unwanted acne. 

The microneedles on the derma roller are basically designed to revamp the working od dead skin cells and boost the working of skin collagen.


How Does Derma Roller work?

The entire working process of the derma roller is dependent on the puncturing process which is backed by the micro needling. The short device aims to generate the short-term wounds on the skin in order to revive the firmness of the skin, strengthen the muscles and bring back the facial elasticity.


You must be thinking that why wounding is the crucial part of the derma rolling process?

The collagen is embedded into the deeper skin layers and further joint with the connective tissues. The wounding process helps in triggering the deeper skin cells and facilitate the growth of skin collagen. This process pins the working of the skin muscles and forces the targeted muscles to supplement the growth of buried skin cells

It is important to understand that the puncturing process is similar to the healing processes. Whenever our skin or body incurs any sort of injury, it tends to heal itself by giving birth to the newer skin cells which consist of the new collagen and required elasticity


Best Derma Roller

How Does Derma Roller work?


Even if you don’t apply a medicated item on the wounded part, it would heal itself after some time and new skin will cover the wounded area. The Same concept is applied to the working of the micro needling and for the very same purposes, the needle containing roller is rolled over the skin.


Why Derma Rolling Process?

Although there are many cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, forehead surgeries and transplantation mechanism which serve the same purpose and aims to beautify the features of your face when it comes to the costing process, the mentioned treatments might force you to sell your homes because they are pretty expensive

However, the process of derma rolling is introduced for those individuals who want to achieve a healthier and revamped facial look without undergoing temporary beauty treatments and without being heavy in their pockets.

Additionally, the working of derma roller is not just limited to puncturing the layers of the skin for repairing the skin cells however, it is capable of performing the duties of all the natural oils and skin ointments,

With the passage of time, our skin becomes less reactive to certain topical medications which are capable of enhancing the skin efficiency but if you are going for the derma rolling treatment, it would be easy to detect the effectiveness of any serum and determine its impact on the face.


Best Derma Roller

Why Derma Rolling Process?


Comparison between Micro-Needling and Peeling Process

The peeling or microdermabrasion claims to satisfy the demands for flawless skin with the help of its advanced peeling process which tends to work on the upper layer of the skin only thus leading to a temporary change in the skin color and removal of acne scars.

This process is also restricted to the people who have fair complexation because the system of microdermabrasion might lead to scarring and decoloring of certain parts of our skin. Additionally, the healing time associated with the microdermabrasion is quite long because, in this process, the skin is properly peeled off with the help of crystals for achieving the flawless skin looks.


Best Derma Roller

Comparison between Micro-Needling and Peeling Process


In contrast, the procedure of derma rolling is much simpler and effective in nature. Some of the benefits of derma rolling will also help us in understanding that every procedure has certain limitations but it depends on the using person that how he/she tend to minimize the limitations by following those procedures which are less harming and aims to generate the better results.



Before buying a derma roller, get your skin properly checked by the dermatologist in order to determine the skin conditions and the frequency of the derma rolling treatments. People with high skin sensitivity might have to reduce the treatment range for better results.



Advanced Benefits of Derma Rolling Process:

The efficiency of the derma rolling is free from potential doubts because this manual process if all natural in nature. No chemical or mixture is used for revamping the procedure, only the natural healing concept is utilized for enhancing the facial features.

Some of the highly productive benefits of best derma roller are as follows:


  • Helps in reducing the Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As the derma roller aims to train the muscles of the skin, therefore, this step helps in reducing the intensity of the fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. When the working of the collagen is triggered then, it starts working as the filler for the fine lines thus removing the major wrinkles which are caused due to the lack of elasticity.


  • Improves the Skin Texture

The texture of our skin is determined after keenly analyzing the internal working of the skin. If skin fat is releasing the required amount of protein and skin cells are reacting appropriately to the signals, it means that skin texture is strong and is capable of bearing the external factors such as environmental changes

With the continuous increase in the age, our skin tends to lose the capacity of bearing the external factors and the best derma roller aims to provoke the working of the cells thus leading to better skin texture and improved skin power.


  • Blend The Skin Tone

The treatment of derma roller helps in reviving the skin tone by adjusting the sunburns or other skin-damaging cells which are caused due to the malfunctioning of the sebum. Additionally, the efficiency of this treatment is not restricted to any time period because you can always use the derma roller for reviving the facial beauty.


  • Stretch Marks are Partially Closed

The stretch marks cannot be removed any of the treatments however, their intensity can be reduced to some extent. To stretch marks on our body or face are not caused due to the lack of elasticity, they are caused due to the excessive tugging or stretching. For instance, during the facial massages, the professional often tend to stretch the face for relaxation purposes.

The procedure might seem highly relaxing at that time but continuous stretching could lead to the stretch marks.

The Best Derma roller aims to cure those stretch marks which are caused due to the unproductivity of the facial collagen.


  • Reduces the Chances of Reverse Aging

Reverse aging is the concept in which our skin cells start reacting in the reverse direction and start to deregulate the working of the skin collagen. For instance, your skin might have the adequate percentage of collagen but still, your face won’t be reacting to it.

Additionally, in reverse aging, your skin starts losing its natural texture and give birth of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles which eventually aims to decrease the entire facial appearance in the most adverse manner.

This concept is highly relevant in the case of chemical and highly professional treatments like Botox or microdermabrasion.

Micro-needling or derma roller aims to decrease the chances of reverse aging because this treatment is potentially free from any sort of chemicals which might impact the working of the skin.


  • Enhances the Overall Pore Size

The bigger the pores are, the better your skin is!

The common perception states that enlargement of pores is not an ideal condition because this factor make the skin worse, however, the medical research states that the larger pores size enables the better skin conditions because our skin becomes less prone to the external factors and start reacting to applied topical treatments

For instance, the efficiency of any topical mixture is dependent on the pore size. If you have big pores, it would be easy for the epidemic to absorb the applied mixture start protecting the skin. But if the pore size is small, the skin would take a significant time in order to generate the favorable skin results.

Derma roller procedure helps in enhancing the pore size by regulating the working of the clogged pores. The closed pores not only leads to less productivity, however, but they are also responsible for contributing to the birth of acne and different facial problems.


Best Derma Roller

Before and After of Derma Rolling Process


Disadvantages of Derma Roller

Every element has certain limitations and same is the case with a derma roller. Though the limitation can’t be minimized it is important to gain information about it, so that you could avoid it.


  • Double Usage

As the procedure of derma rolling can easily be done at home, therefore, most of the people plan to use one derma rolling for removing the wrinkles line or scars on multiple. It is recommended that one person should use one roller at a time. The double usage could lead to a high level of infection.


  • Chances of potential bleeding

The excessive usage of derma roller could lead to potential bleeding and may lead to infection. It is recommended to use the machine once a week. Avoid the excessive usage for better results.


  • Not recommended for raised scars

If you have raised scars on your face then, it is not recommended to use the derma roller. The rolling on the raised scars could lead to bleeding, irritation, and inflammation of the skin. Always remember that excess of anything could lead to adverse conditions.


  • Several treatments for better results

Although derma rollers can help in protecting the fading effects of wrinkled skin there’s no certainty that derma roller will emit all the irradiation. For the effective results, the user is supposed to roll the derma roller on the skin for several months. For instance, through Botox treatment, you would be able to detect results after a few weeks, however, for detecting the results of the best derma roller you might have to wait for several days.



Bottom Line:

Derma roller is preferred by people because it is less expensive and easy to roll. But before using any device you should check whether that particular device is the perfect solution for your skin or not.


From where to buy the best derma roller?

Finding the best derma roller is indeed the hardest job. Because the market is indeed loaded with numerous products belonging to the different companies.

If you are struggling to find the best derma roller. Which could satisfy your skin needs and reduces the chances of skin scars. Then, you might need to establish your account on the Amazon as soon as possible.


Best Derma Roller

From where to Buy the Best Derma Roller?


  1. Derma Lite Titanium Microneedle Derma Roller for Skin Care

According to the customer derma roller reviews. The latest derma lite is the best derma roller because it tends to provide full flash coverage to our skins without causing any sort of damage. Additionally, easy to handle packaging of the device makes it easy to perform the sterilizing process in order to make it safer.




  • Aims to push the working of Blood Vessels

This device is unique because it triggers the working of blood vessels and collagen at the very same time. This procedure helps in promoting the better skin recover and professional treatment at home.


  • High-Quality needles for better performance

Needles which are used in derma lite are highly proficient because it goes deeper into the skin layers. Thus targeting all those areas which don’t consist of collagen or suffering due to lack of elasticity.


  • Suitable for all skin types

This newly introduced device can easily be used by everyone because it is capable of pairing with every skin type.



  1. Healthy Care New 540 Micro Needles Titanium Microneedle Derma Roller Needle

The health of the customer should always be given the first priority. Healthy Care new 540 derma roller is launched with the same vision. The advanced working system of Healthy care microneedles aims to injure the upper layer of skin cell by causing less damage.



Some of the highly prominent and usable features of healthy care 540 microneedles are as follows:


  • Dermatologically proven device

Derma roller is approved by the dermatological department which means it’s safe to use and doesn’t consist of any infections.


  • Aims to boost the working of Skin Pores

Skin pores play a major role in determining the productivity of skin and how collagen is performing its task. If skin pores are tolerable then, your skin will be in good condition and this derma roller aims to serve this purpose.


  • Aims to penetrate all around the skin

Derma roller is said to be the best one because it aims to penetrate all over the skin. It tends to cover even the small and hidden skin area thus leading to flawless skin texture and tone.


  1. 9Oine Medical Grade Skin Care Tools 0.5mm/ 1mm /1.5mm

If you are looking for a device which can satisfy all your skin needs with help of highly advanced needling tools. Sterilized system and the right blend of needles then, you should try the 90ine Medical grade skin care tool.

This machine not only provides the coverage for our skins. However, it also aims to cover those areas which usually go unnoticed during the beauty treatments.

Some of the important features of 9Oine medical grade skin care tools are as follows




  • Comes with derma rolling kit

The derma rolling kit is the supporting item which makes the rolling process quite simpler. The kit allows you to switch the roller and adjust the needles according to your skin type. For instance, if you have sensitive skin then, you can reduce or increase needle skin easily based on bearing power.


  • Less expensive

9Oine medical grade skin care is also famous in the market due to its affordability quality. Which allows the individual to get their hands on the device and revive their facial beauty in the most effective manner.


  • Aims to cure Crows feet, Wrinkles and deep stretch marks

Not all the best derma roller claim to cure the crow feet, deep wrinkles, and stretch marks. However, the customer reviews for 9Oine helped us in understanding the device. It’s capable of reviving the working of dead skin cells thus leading to the reduction in wrinkles and stretch marks.


  • Cure the unevenness

After reaching a certain age, our skin starting losing its natural texture which ultimately leads to unevenness. The unevenness is often caused due to the scars and breakouts on our skin. 9Oine medical grade skin care tools cure the unevenness by removing scar marks and providing the healing base for breakouts.


  1. Micro Needles Derma Roller Microneedle Skin Care Face Care Beauty

It is definitely hard to label one derma roller as the best. Because different rollers are launched to serve the different purposes. Some are designed to cater to the problem of sterilization while other focus on reviving the facial beauty. However, according to customer reviews, the best machine is the one which could provide both options in the lesser price

The microneedles derma roller can easily be called an all-in-one micro-needling device. Because it helps the individuals in curing their skin problems at home in the most inexpensive manner.

The instructions given on the packaging of the machine are clear and are capable of reducing the chances of potential errors. So if you are looking for the best derma roller then, microneedles derma roller is the answer to your problem.


  1. Derma Roller Skin Care, New 540 Titanium Micro Needle Roller

The newly introduced titanium technology in derma rollers empowers individuals to perform tasks of rolling without getting help from professional. The titanium technology also allows you to determine your skin and then. Decide on the procedure of micro needling by checking the intensity of scars on the skin.


For providing the following features and the same purpose skin care launched derma roller:




  • FDA and Dermatologically approved the device

FDA and dermatologist approve tools that are highly important to use. There are a number of companies in the market that supplies the unhealthy devices to its customers at cheaper rates.

Those cheaper devices are attractive only in the terms of money. However, when it comes to human safety and rights then. Those cheaper devices tend to generate certain adverse results such as excessive bleeding. Infection in the particular skin area and uncontrollable irritation.

FDA ensures the device’s quality and safety to recommend it’s usage.


  • Comes with derma roller and beauty massage tool

Derma roller skin care comes with beauty massage tools. Which help in eliminating chances of any sort of irritation after the first attempt. Massage tools help in reducing the feeling of irritation, that some people might feel


  • Comes with a proper instruction guide for better results

Despite having less technical factors. It is still very hard to use the device without getting any sort of guidance from the professional body. Instruction books usually come with the derma roller. Skincare aims to provide ease to customers and empower them to use the device in a smooth manner.


The best derma roller is one which is capable of adjusting skin features without causing any damages. It is important to understand that not every device is suitable for every skin type. Some people tend to see the results of the mechanism earlier while others barely see any results.

the dermatologist will have a proper checkup on you. In order to avoid the chances of uncertainty which might be caused due to the wrong usage.

If you liked our work on the best derma roller then, do share reviews in the comment section below. 


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